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Can u please participate in this ?
link publicado hace más de un año
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Here, have a apoyo from someone long dead. I'm back. publicado hace más de un año
mirafabia dicho …
Maaaarryyyy how have tu been??? <333 it's such a long time xD
How are you? Are tu still on fanpop? :D I missed tu guys so much >< publicado hace más de un año
mirafabia comentó…
still no comentario when I return haha xD hace más de un año
emerald_32 comentó…
she's forgotten her password, sadly, and that's why she cant log in D: hace más de un año
6DaniiElaa9 dicho …
Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey !!! Do tu remember me? :) Miss tu sis!! ^_^ publicado hace más de un año
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Jong Lover I'm here! I'm alive xD publicado hace más de un año
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tu are CUTE !
tu are COOL !
tu are GREAT !
tu are SWEET !
tu are BRIGHT !
tu are PRETTY !
tu are CARING !
tu are AMAZING !
tu are AWESOME !
tu are FLAWLESS !
tu are BEAUTIFUL !
tu are WONDERFUL !

AND tu JUST SHINE AND SHINE AND SHINE !!! publicado hace más de un año
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I'll be active on tumblr, after 20th April that's when my exams end :D This is so amazing we're active on the same day, after almost 2-3 years xD Make a new account? please? *Puppy Jong eyes* :( add me from the new fb account? :(
Yes I know it feels great to have Oppas here, well wanna hear a good news? They're coming tonight! :D Yes! I amor 2NE1! My fav is Dara <3 she's a Doll , I adore her! :') publicado hace más de un año
fun_olwayzzZ comentó…
Yes I do, and the best part is I was his crush for almost 4 years before we got together xD we both were REAAAALLLY shy :') hace más de un año
fun_olwayzzZ comentó…
awww, my school has ended, I just need to go 8 o 9 times más to write my exam then I'm done forever :P But I would miss school tremendously :( It was so much :( hace más de un año
fun_olwayzzZ comentó…
Listen, I need to go..have to have cena then study, I'll try my best to come back in two weeks,I cant come before that! wait for me Buddy ♥ hace más de un año
fun_olwayzzZ dicho …
Hey! :D publicado hace más de un año
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Hahaha :D It's so nice to hear from you, it's been más than a año we had an exchange of messages. I do have a tumblr, it's - minhogitlforever , yeah right? forever :D Tell me yours! but I'm not active on tumblr, but I will definitely come there to talk to tu :') but pls, try to come on facebook once in a while, I'm very much active there like every single day.
Do tu have instagram? if yes let me know your nombre de usuario ^_^
BTW DO tu KNOW WHO'S COMING TO INDIA? GUESS!!!! publicado hace más de un año
fun_olwayzzZ comentó…
MINHO! along with Changmin, Kyunhyun, Suho, Jonghyun of CNBLUE! Just imagine! But the saddest part is they are coming to the city which is too far from where I live, but still I'm super duper happy! :') hace más de un año
fun_olwayzzZ comentó…
Btw did I tell tu I have a boyfriend? :D If I didnt I'm extremely sorry :P It's been más than two years now that I'm with him ♥ Tell me about yourself! How's everything? is my Jong lover happy in her life? what are tu doing these days? I hope everything is geat! let me know in detail ^_^ I have my examinations coming up, I'll be finishing my final año f high school then college! :D I'll be packed till Mid April, so I may not be able to reply,but yu defintely have to reply :P hace más de un año
fun_olwayzzZ comentó…
btw it's minhogirlforever , I wrote it wrong above. Stupid me -.- hace más de un año
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hola BUDDY!
Remember me? Well tu ought to :P I wont let tu forget me so easily :P
Damn! I missed tu <3 It's been almost 7 o 8 months since I came on here. Well we all knew , times would come when wont be active anymore. But tu know what? Last night I slept at 3 all I was doing was lectura all the muro post made por tu and many others. And all the memories flashed back. :') We've shared so many things,exchanged so much love,being crazy over TVD and SHINee. Adoring GAGA.What not! publicado hace más de un año
fun_olwayzzZ comentó…
I miss all those crazy moments. I even messaged tu on facebook last night. I wish to be in contact with tu forever.I'm not sure it'll happen but eventhough I stop hearing from you...Always remember you're a very special friend to me and I'm never gonna forget you. Damn I'm being emotional now :'D Come online soon alright I miss tu so much now ♥ Take care ♥ hace más de un año