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Have a prop. c: publicado hace más de un año
AquaMarine6663 apoyar por mí a my answers
Here, Kid-kun. This apoyo is for being my friend and stuff. :)
(I tried picking the most symmetrical one) publicado hace más de un año
-DeaththeKid- dicho …
It seems I've been using this site for over a año now....what have I been doing with my life? publicado hace más de un año
AquaMarine6663 comentó…
...being a Shinigami. I dunno, I've probably been doing less than you. :P hace más de un año
-DeaththeKid- comentó…
Less? How many users do tu converse with here? Allow me to count the ones I talk You. I really do lack a life. hace más de un año
AquaMarine6663 comentó…
It's not all true. tu just can't take a compliment. :3 hace más de un año