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This will be a mix of KPop and KHip-Hop~

There are a ton más I listen to daily but these ones were my favourite of the year, in no order:

'Save Me' por BTS

'Russian Roulette' por Red Velvet

'TT' por Twice

'Very Very Very' por IOI

'Pretty U' por Seventeen

'The Last' por Agust D

'I Am You, tu Are Me' por Zico

'Hate' por 4Minute

'All In' por Monsta X

'Get Down' por Boys Republic
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Idk, Zeppie is this fine?

The Hwa Yeon Yang Hwan was a trilogy. So I'm just going to put all the songs in groups of three based on conceptual similarity of lyrics.

Prologue: Hwa Yeon Yang Hwan/ Never Mind/ Epilogue: Young Forever

This one's sort of obvious (all of them are but). Based on MV concepts 'Young Forever' would be better suited to belong with Run/I NEED YOU.
Lyrically though, all three songs deal with the three different stages of youth; which is, the running (keke. running...sorry) concept for the trilogy.
HHYH deals with giving up dreams and ambitions and even personal successes...
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Bangtan Boys have gone through many concept and style changes throughout their música career.

The guys always look amazing for each era!

Although for each member I always see at least one o two Bangtan Boys era's as being a stand-out for that particular member of the group. This includes the make up/hair and clothing style and also the attitude and personality in the mv of each era. Just the en general, general vibe they have in the música video. Each member has a different style and I think that specific concepts made certain members really shine.

This lista just might become outdated soon with their new album T-T But oh...
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But.... it needed to be done.

Here is my ranking of my favourite Bangtan Boys songs. I originally planned to do a parte superior, arriba 20. Lol. That changed quickly. I feel the need to lista the songs beyond 20 all the way up to 50 because they are seriously so amazing.

The rules are:
-Japanese tracks included
-Cover songs with 3+ members included
-Intros and Outros included (even mainly solo ones)
-Solo covers excluded
-Skits excluded

I'm excluding solo covers because my bias would affect the ranking greatly and that isn't fair :P So no Kookie covers, no Rapmon's mixtape etc. But I'll keep the...
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Time to look at some of the nicknames of the amazing and talented Jeon Jungkook from BTS!

Golden Maknae / Triple Threat
Triple threat: he can sing, he can dance, and he can rap. Even on parte superior, arriba of that he can act, draw, interacts well with fans, is loved por his fellow members and just in general has a likable personality. He is the golden maknae for being young yet so incredibly talented (and so adorable~).

Jeon Jungkookie
His fellow members like to call him this. An example was when Jimin was searching for Jungkook in a link and constantly canto out "Jungkookie~~ Jeon Jungkookie~!" ♥
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Ah... I feel like making a fun articulo that is mainly just pictures hahah
In my kpop nicknames mini-series, let's look at the many different titles dado to my ultimate bias Cho Kyuhyun from Super Junior!

♥ Kyu
Kyu is pretty much the standard and most used nickname that Kyuhyun has. Easy to type, easy to say, sounds adorable x3 It also becomes the basis to the majority of nicknames he has as tu will soon see...

♥ EvilKyu / Evil Maknae / Sharp tongue / TrollKyu
Don't let his innocent-looking face fool you! Kyuhyun is secretly evil.... always bullying his hyungs and using his quick wit...
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posted by Zeppie
So I decided to make this because Riku's articulo had me thinking that my club cannot go on without an introduction :v

So I'll share some really basic things about me to introduce myself:

Name: Zeppie
Zeppie is the name I use as my online identity. There is a variation ZeppieKyu for when the name Zeppie has already been taken por someone :v
I came up with the name Zeppie as it was the name of my first cat. The cat was named por my Dad who literally wanted to name the cat Led Zeppelin... but Mum refused to be yelling out "Led Zeppelin! Dinner!". So eventually they decided on Zeppie. The name Zeppie...
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