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posted by AmyRosefan4eva
Me: *at a navidad party with some misceláneo video game characters*
Tails: *at the right of me*
Felicia: *at the left of me*
Sonic: *across from me*
Me: *eating turkey, not saying anything*
Tails: So... um... how are things going Zane?
Me: Meh... not so good. I'm having some anxiety issues. *whispers* But it's ok... I amor the girl sitting siguiente to me, I think she's aware...
Tails: Huh, that's good.
Me: Yeah.
Felicia: *just eating meat*
Me: *finished with my food* *trips over a dog on the way to the garbage can* Why is there a DOG here? *has comida all over myself*
J. Talbain: *turns back into werewolf form*...
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