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Does anyone know how tagging people with “@someone’s account name” works? I’ve seen people do it successfully.

I’ve seen people tag my name while replying to me and it does come out colored blue as a link and says a person directly “replied” to me in the notifications. But every time I try doing it, it doesn’t work. There’s probably a process that goes along with but there’s barely any tutorials for that. I can’t even discover that process trying to google it. Please help.

 MasterChief58 posted hace 9 meses
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2ntyOnePilots said:
I honestly have no idea if the method used is successfull. For as long as I’ve known, @-name- was used to mostrar a response, not to directly link to the person. I’m curious now... IS there a way that works? (Sorry I wasn5 much help lol)
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posted hace 9 meses 
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