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Opinion by speedy106 posted hace más de un año
fan of it?
Okay. I know all fans can't help themselves, but I really think this is confusing. So most of tu think Kid Flash and Artemis go together. Also,some fans(including Robin_Love) think Robin and Artemis go together.Kid Flash and Jinx(from Teen Titans) is one of my favorites.Artemis and Red arrow they're a good couple,but I personally think Red arrow and Cheshire go together. Even though tu know they have a kid.(---Sorry if that was a spoiler. That thought is sorta disturbing ----)You know how it is after tu think about it awhile. Please comentario and see my profile.I'll remind myself to enable it to you. I think that Artemis is funny somewhat. I like Robin,Aqualad,Kid Flash,and Speedy/Red arrow from Teen Titans better.