Justicia Joven Who would win?#2

lolfan88 posted on Apr 30, 2011 at 04:24AM
Here is antherone it a very good won & not as lame as the last one.Ok. Who would win in a fight Artamis or Red Arow?

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hace más de un año RavenclawQueen said…
Hmmmm... that's a toughy. From the looks of it, I think that Red Arrow has more experience, but I could be wrong.
Roy is still a jerk, though.
hace más de un año nymph_tonks said…
red arrow, probablby, even though i absolutley hate him.
hace más de un año RavenclawQueen said…
hace más de un año Skittles98 said…
idk so i make pro can list of each
Pro of Artemis: quicker,martial artist, most likly smarter
Con of Artemis:bit less experience, Roy knows her secret

Pro Red arrow:+expeirience, blackmail
Con: jerk,2 independant
hace más de un año rosedawson1 said…
I think Artemis would win. She would actually have more experience than Red Arrow because she would have been trained by her dad and mom since she was little then by Green Arrow and Black Canary. Red Arrow on the other hand would have only been trained by Green Arrow because he didn't join the team.