Justicia Joven Create A Justice League

ivor696 posted on Feb 20, 2013 at 03:37PM
here`s mine:

superman-Henry cavil
batman-christian bale
wonder woman-Angeline jolie
martian manhunter-Dwayne Johnson
flash-Matthew Morrison
green lanterns-Hal Jordan-Ryan reynolds
john Stewart-samuel l jackson
aquaman-Justin hartley
Dr fate-oded fehr
lex Luther-un decided
red tornado-un decided
cpt adam- un decide
green and red arrow[different people]-un decided
black canary-un decided
cpt marvel-un decided
blue devil-un decided
icon-un decided
hawk man and women- un decided
green beetle-un decided
plastic man-un decided

all from young justice series 1 and 2

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hace más de un año Black_Robin_13 said…
green arrow-stephen amell
last edited hace más de un año
 green arrow-stephen amell
ivor696 commented…
send in a picture of him please hace más de un año
Black_Robin_13 commented…
there hace más de un año