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TheOnlyBoss posted on Jan 23, 2013 at 07:04AM
have you got a new member of the team? share them and how you created them there powers there lovers! everything :D

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hace más de un año ecoelo said…
Ok heres mine:
Story: He grew up with the name Tyler but when he grew older he found out his true identity as a man slayer. He left his family at the age of 7 improving his sword skills then worked for an evil company when he was 10. Then one day he denied a mission that could kill many innocent children. So the company kicked him out. The young boy spent his life doing many bad things. When he was 15 broke in mount justice where the team helped him be a better person and thats how he became a part time member. Heres the info:
Secret identity: Yahiko
Original secret identity: Tyler
gender: male
Age: 16
Name: Basotai (this was before he joined yj)
best friends: Bart, Jaime, Tim
personality: Cheeky, funny, flirt, smart
crush: Tiffany
weapon: blade
hair: black spiky
I might make one about Tiffany because that's another one I made up.
TheOnlyBoss commented…
nice! hace más de un año