Justicia Joven RP: DC Universe Meets Real?

Glitterific posted on Dec 07, 2012 at 12:16AM
This is kind of a stupid idea... but why in the hell not?

Basdically it's what the title says.

Our World: Strange violent storms have been occuring across the globe they cause no physical damage but after the storms dissappear kids and teenagers dissappear along with them! Where have they gone? They've been transported to the world of superheroes!!

Rules and Guidelines:
~No killing other peoples characters
~Please not too much gore either
~You can curse but don't go overboard
~You can play as a person from the "real world" or a YJ Character or superhero/villian, you can also be your own character
~You can play as many characters as you want as long as you can handle it
~No Godmodding
~We are always accepting

Character Information:

Alias if superhero:
Origin World:

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hace más de un año Glitterific said…
Name: Olivia Tyson
Alias if superhero: Not a superhero
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Height: 5ft 4in
Weight: 114 lbs
Appearance: (picture)
Origin World: real world
Personality: friendly enough, a bit sarcastic, kind of 'normal', funny sometimes, caring of others, a little bit of a neatfreak, dependable
likes: organization, cats and dogs, animals, nature, traveling
Dislikes: chaos, unpredictable situations, getting lost, giving up
Family: Mother- Penelope Tyson, Father- William Tyson, Little brother- Adrian Tyson
Birthday: June 12
BF/GF: None
Bio: She's about as normal as one can get. Lives in suburbia with a mother, father, and little brother. Her life really isn't all that exciting. No love life either. She's been bored and wishes for some excitement, but now she may just get what she wished for.
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 Name: Olivia Tyson Alias if superhero: Not a superhero Age: 16 Gender: Female Height: 5ft 4in W
hace más de un año brown-eyed-girl said…
What is this for?
hace más de un año Glitterific said…
Well basically it's just a roleplay with the stated above situation (people from the real world crossing over to the DC Universe). I originally came up with the idea for a fanfic but couldn't really think of a story or plot so I decided to make it a roleplay for fun just to see what would happen.

Umm... Does that answer your question?
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hace más de un año Glitterific said…
Hello? Nobody? Aww... :(
hace más de un año Glitterific said…

Olivia: *sits in her room trying to study but can't really focus with the thunderstorm happening outside* Ergh!! I have a History final tomorrow! *suddenly the lights in her bedroom shut off* What a power outage? Screw you, Mother Nature! *grumbles a bit as she rummages around for a flashlight. Suddenly her bedroom windows fly open*Gaahh! *Olivia tries to close the windows but the wind is too strong and she's knocked backwards. Rain sweeps in and papers and etc fly everywhere. On the outside Olivia spots a dark swirling vortex that heads straight for her window! Then everything goes black*

Olivia: *wakes up with a pounding headache in the back of her skull* *thinks: Ugh... what happened?Why is there so much* .... wind? WHAT?! I'M FALLING?! *screams as she realizes she's dropping down from thousands of feet up in the air*
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