Justicia Joven LISTEN! OC thingy-magigy!

ShadowYJ posted on Jun 23, 2012 at 03:54AM
I want to know ALL the OC's (from top to bottom-yes)

So just put your FULL bio of your OC here!

(don't have to-but i would like to get to know all of use-make life easier)

Thanks XD

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hace más de un año Black_Robin_13 said…
Name: Salem
Alias: Quick Silver
Age: 15
Power: Technopathy sword master
Personality: shy, loner, family-oriented
Appearance: Black hair, ice blue eyes, pale skin, skinny, 5'2', silver leotard, black leather jacket, a ninja-to at her side, a black messenger bag, and a whole ninja mask. Always has her laptop, Epsilon, with her.
hace más de un año Gunfire said…
Name: Gunfire
ID: Twan
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Appearance: blond hair and blue eyes.
Civie's: Black leather jaket, blue jeans, sneakers red T-shirt.
personality: a bit shy, bit of a low zelf estaem, truswordy, friendly,curios (mostly about aliens,tecknolgie, wapons, history).
City: Gotham City.
Status: Ex-villan/ Hero.
Power: None
Skils: knowledge of (gotham's) crimenal underword, Contacts in gothom's crimanal underword, Basic Acrobatics, expert with guns and explosives,masster marksman, Understands teknolegie ( thanks to the fackt thad he is a shi-fi geek.)
Wapons/equipment: Smal explosives, a pair of high tehc modefid pistols (thad can fire a grabbling hook and have a flametrower mode),Amunation thad rangses from standerd and rubber bullets to trik bullets like smoke and gas bullets.
Moral code: don't kill,Never let a friend down.
Realtionship to team: Member of the team, experd on crimanals and wapon expert

Gunfire was just a normal geek who got bulied his intire life. Until at age 12 hi desided to hit back. So he bouth a pair of guns and swore to protecht the supprest and the inocent and punisch the suppresers. He got to school the next day and hold his bullies hostags. But before he got complete his plan Batman and Robin stopt him. He got send to Ahrkam Asylum(wher he was the jonges imate in its history) wher he met supervillans like Joker who togeter with Harly Quin though him al th skills he would need to survive Gotham's underword. When he was releas from Ahrkam at age 13 he workd 2 monts as freelancer fore the mafia. Who hired him te eliminate rivals but instad of killing them wat would be agens his moral code, he made sure they coedent fith back and handet them over to commisener Gorden who he new thanks to his classmate Batba Gorden.
After the 2 monds he decidet to focus on protecting the inocents of Gotham, This meant he ofen had to fitgh gotham's supervillans who treatend the city.
Thanks to this he ofen workd alnog side the bat team. After a few monds Batman and Robin where finaly confinst he rally wand to redeem himself.
At age 16(gunfires age) Robin introduced him to the Team (young Justice team). When he coud finnaly join the it alrady existe fore 3 monds. At first the didn't trust him thanks to the fact thad he is an ex-villan. But they became to trus him after he had proven many times to do anything to help the rest of the team. He soon became friends with Artemis thanks to the fact thad she was les suspisjus toward him thanks the the fackt thad seen nowes from her mom how hard it is fore a villan te redeem himself. There is a profenal rivalry between Robin and gunfire becaus the have been old enemies and the don't alwais agree, Mostly about the treadment of crimanals.
 Name: Gunfire ID: Twan Age: 16 Gender: Male Appearance: blond hair and blue eyes. Civie's:
hace más de un año Jade_DragonYJ said…
Name: Mulan Fa (Fa Mulan in Chinese)
Alias: Jade Dragon
Age: 14
Power: power sensing and recognition, flight, high density polymerized titanium Japanese fans, has a way with healing herbs and prefers them over modern day medicines, very intelligent, bonds with the Ancestors, professional martial artist, jade dragon astral projection
Personality: shy, soft-spoken, polite, strong willed, loyal, caring
Appearance: straight, long black hair, brown almond shaped eyes, 113 lbs, 5'4
Costume: basic black martial arts outfit with jade accentures, hair in tight bun, jade green aura when flying (sorta like a green lantern)
Civvies: When dressing casually, white blouse with dark jean shorts, jade bead necklace. When dress formally, long blue kimono with blue fan.
 Name: mulan Fa (Fa mulan in Chinese) Alias: Jade Dragon Age: 14 Power: power sensing and recogni