Justicia Joven Fanfic wanna be in it?

Mclovin_69 posted on May 21, 2012 at 12:28PM
so if you want to be in my fanfic you can tell me stuff about your OC XD k thannks i take a limit but yeah i might make room for more

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hace más de un año EclipseYJ said…
Well I'm ded by then (referring to your wall post) but could I be mentioned or something like dat ?
hace más de un año killer24 said…
hay can i be in it if so

secret id:unknown
powers:smart,can grow to full height,stretch body parts,shift from human to robot,can fly but only when concentrating
appearance:(im going to put up a pic)
fears/phobias:to become a full brainiac and take over the universe
history:on a mission got teleported back in time to when the league found super boy (end of episode 2) him and shadow became friends latter became part of squad X bats secret team
other:is a brainiac/robot
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 heno, hay can i be in it if so name:data secret id:unknown powers:smart,can grow to full height,stre
hace más de un año BladeYJ said…
Adding More Detail To This One...

Name: Blade
Full name: Blade Serenity Howard
Alias: None/Blade
Age: 16

Powers: Teleportation (fails sometimes.. most times) and reading/controling minds.. controls lighting by snapping
Outfit: Fitted Crimson Crop Top with shorts and belt to hold all her guns and ammo, one combat glove and the other hand has brass knuckles (carries a bat too) she also wears a dark black jacket.. Wears knee high combat boots with Black Thigh-Highs..
Civies: Tanktop (anycolor) With dark skinny jeans and knee-high converse.. wears a choker..

Personality: Gets Angry easily.. has a soft spot (not really easy to get to that soft spot), Hates talking about her sister/sister's death/past, loves teasing people, laughs a lot, doesn't give up in pirsuit with a villian, likes to try and be the hero, likes to go out alone, and loves guns

Skills: Pro Gunslinger (loves guns), Uses knives and swords, very flexible, runs fast, and very good at hand-to-hand combat.

Looks: Blonde/golden hair, eyes change depending on mood, always carries a dagger/knife and a pistol

Relationship Status: ....

Past: Had a older sister Kelsey.. she would be 26 right now...
She was shot in the head by in front of her by her dad trying to protect me, it was her 6th biirthday when this happend ,she was 16.. he abused her for 3-4 years , and trained me to be a gun expert and a great hand-to-hand combat specialist, she finally escaped. And went to live with her mom.. her dad still hunts for her to this day!
For more of the story read my article "Nothing is as Sharp as a Blade"

Secret: She was forced to kill many innocent people and regrets it, that is why she is so violent and when she was abused her dad cut a B for Blade in her back so now she has a scar of it. Also she has a secret..
hace más de un año AislingYJ said…
Is this still open?
Name: Tiger Storm
Secret ID: Aisling Carter
Age: 14
Appearance: short wavy dark brown hair that she wears in a messy ponytail, blue-green eyes, solid build, freckles
Civvies: purple hoodie, black adidas sweats, either converse jack purcells or black vans
Costume: purple and green bodysuit with red accents, combat boots, black utility belt, black cape, green and purple mask
Personality: quiet, tomboyish, can be stubborn/headstrong, tough on the outside but is sensitive/insecure inside, not super outgoing but is extremely loyal to her friends, slightly shy, doesn't really like to show emotion
Powers: flight, moderate strength, average with a knife/sword, weak telepathy, can gauge measurements like distance, speed, time, and temperature, can camoflaugue if stands really still (but if she moves then she becomes visible again)
Bio/past: ***SPOILERS AHEAD*** She is the adopted daughter of Braxton Carter, better known as Axxis, one of the leaders of the evil organization Kaos, he found her and tried to give her powers. No one knows what he tried to give her, but it didn't work and as a side effect, she got her gauging power. Because she was a failure, he spurned her, and when she was 14, she found the Team. They reluctantly took her in (she refused to disclose her past) and soon after joining, her mind was hacked by Kaos and they took all memories of her past.
Other: Sometimes she feels insecure because she is weaker than the others, best friend is (or rather was) Fin, ...
hace más de un año Scarlet_YJ said…
Name: Scarlet Adenfeld
Alias: Ember

Appearance: waist length orange hair, brown eyes, and a scar on left cheek
Civvies: turquoise off the shoulder top, and navy blue jean shorts
Mission outfit: purple t-shirt, black vest, black jean shorts, purple knee high socks, black buckle combat boots, a flame persona mask and purple contacts

Personality: brave, kind, stubborn, short-tempered, drawn back, hates showing weakness, persistent

Powers: fire, witch spells/spell stones, martial arts training

Bio: inherited her mom's immortal hunters gun, her dad died after she joined the team and she only found out recently, constantly goes to visit her brother and other friends with powers without the team knowing
hace más de un año EmeraldYJ said…
Name: Kaylee Johanson
Alias: Emerald
Age: 8

Apperance: shoulder length red hair, green eyes
Civvies/Costume: pink and green striped tank top, jean miniskirt and matching jacket, rose in hair

Personality: sweet, kind, caring, shy, can be headstrong, quiet, fearful and jumpy, but can be very persistent when it comes to Fin and Fin's death

Powers: control over plants, can fly, change appearance and has training in martial arts

Bio: is Fin's mini-clone, but has her own personality and look, has a brother (Russel/Virus) and has strong resentment towards Slade and Chelsea (another OC)
hace más de un año TerrorYJ said…
OOC: Becca! You know about her so....