Justicia Joven How did tu come up with your OC?

-BelovedRobin posted on Mar 31, 2012 at 03:37PM
Basically, what inspired you? Was it the show? Fellow OCs? Music? What was it? Also, if you are on an OC account please post OOC (out of character) when you explain.

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hace más de un año robinluv14 said…
I thought of Fin when I was 9... im 14 now... and shecame to me when watching teen titans. I was like, I wanna bhave a superhero. so I made her. and I incorporated her into mostly every episode I watched. Then when Yj came out I was like, wow, I could put fin in here!
and no, I didn't tell you what her original backstory used to be... but finding a name was hard, that's for sure xP
hace más de un año Mclovin_69 said…
All of my OC's ive created came to me, i wrote stories in grade 5-8 then i realized i couldnt write stories so i came up with my characters.
Lucas is like the fun and chillaxed side of me
Andrew is like the smart and logical side of me
Joy is like the very outgoing and happy side of me
Melinda is like the side of me that im not afraid to show
Willow she is the me i would like to show people but i am often to scared to. I still have many pats for all my characters i still need to figure them out
hace más de un año jadore_renard said…
Depends on the OC ^^

I guess my first OC was probably my X-Men OC. Her name's Teddy Channing, code name Eclipse (I've had her for AGES, so the codename being the same as someone on here is just a coincidence)I'll admit I made her up to pair with Nightcrawler and she did start out as a bit of a useless Sue. I've worked on developing her a lot since then though and I actually like what she's become.

I have a crap load of OCs, so I don't think it would be good to list all of them from every fandom I'm in xDD So now I'll just do YJ

... I really don't remember how I came up with most of them. I just thought them up out of the blue I guess :P

My newest, Narra was inspired by JLU Shayera (AKA the badass version of her)and Jack from Mass Effect (that's her in the video below ^^)

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hace más de un año Robin_Love said…
Let's see...depends I guess. But we'll go with Becca, my most used. Believe it or not, I was going to have Devin fall for Robin and not be his sister because of a test fanfic. But then I got to thinking, what if he had a sister? so Devin became his sister. THEN I was ending Kiss of an Angel. So I thought who would Devin be saving so many times? Why is her past such a big secret? So I created Becca. But it wasn't the Becca you know. It was someone different, someone more like Huntress. But I was just confusing Becca. So I decided why not switch it up? Make her more like...me? So that's how Becca came to be!!!!!
hace más de un año -BelovedRobin said…
I suppose I should say how I came up with my OCs. The funny thing is that I've never created characters for Fandoms. I write my own stories. In the result, YJ is the first Fandom I have ever had OCs. About my OCs I can say that each and every single one of them was inspired by personality disorders as well as music.

Side note, Charm was suppose to be a girl name Terry von Wolfstamdt who was a leader of a Milita (In Chevalier which is Charm's place of origins). The team saved her from an ambush and in return she join the team. However, she was suppose to have Obsessive-compulsive personality disorder. Then I realize, too many girl OCs! NEED MORE MALE!! Then Charmante Roi was invented. His first backstory is a lot different from his current one.
hace más de un año XxKFforeverXx said…
When I was younger I used to have superhero imaginary friends all the time. Then I started reading science fiction. Teen Titans or anything superhero played a HUGE effect on it. Then when I started watching YJ and reading Maximum Ride. BOOM! Characters came flooding in, I still have some I haven't mentioned yet, and still planning to kill some off.
hace más de un año YJTTFAN said…
Delta was a complicated creation, she first came out as a OC for Maximum Ride. Then I saw Young Justice, and I was like 'huh, Super boy and her past are so similar' So she was created. Originality she was 'Alpha117' and she was Super boy's sister and Robin's girlfriend. But Super boy wasn't the brotherly type I was looking for and Robin's girlfriend was too over used so, she came out as his sister. I changed her Mary-Sueish powers to that she had none except for one that she hated. Then I changed her name to 'Delta' and 'Alpha' became a leader of a team that Delta is on.
hace más de un año lolfan88 said…
My first OC was for Danny Phantom when I was like 8 because I was in love with him. Then when Young Justice came out I was 13 so I made this other one called quickwater. She could basically run really fast and control water. The I notice it was a cross between Kid Flash & Katara( From Avatar) so I got over tht one. The next one was blades(said: BLADE-es) she had magical powers to make swords come out of her hands but she made it look like they were coming out of her sleeve so people didn't know about her powers because her destiny was to destroy the world and she didn't want people to know. No to Xhadow. Before Xhadows name was Darkness. And she just had magical powers. Then I was looking at baby names online for something else I was wrighting. And came across weirdest names I ever heard somebody named there child Xhadow. At fist I thought it was a weird name but after some thought I started likening it and Xhadow was borrn!!!!:)
hace más de un año lolfan88 said…
For the other ones. (You don't really see them tht much in my fanfic) is Jamar: Dark Master. He is Xhadows older brother. He was always in my mind as my OC's mentor no matter how many times I changed it. I wanted him to be a dark character like Batman. So he has just dark powers. So my idea for him basically came from Batman. So I also made them like Best firends.

Claire is Xhadow's older sister. She was one of my old OC's form a TV show I used to watch all I did was take away her ghost like powers. I made her a girly a little. So her and Xhadow are opposites. So at first there distant then Xhadow as a boy problem and they get closer.

The idea for Leala (Said: LEAA-la)there young sister came from me and the way I act with me older sister. I always mess with her but we still love each other. So I made Leala.

Last is there Little bro Alex. I just wanted to make a cute character tht was fun loving and care free.

Anthore note on Jamar/Dark Master a made him over protective because of the death of her parents.