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Robin_Love posted on Mar 27, 2012 at 02:55AM
Kay here's the deal. I'm writing an article, so I need to know. You want your OC in? If so, post info on this forum!

Oh and the article was DeltaYJ's idea. Credit goes to her!

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hace más de un año Scarlet_Ember said…
Name: Scarlet
Alias: Ember
Age: 15
Power: witch who can control fire, combat skills
Personality: strong sense of justice, shy, has leader potential, calm *sometimes*, sensitive, hates being rude and pushy, strong, loves sarcasm, haunted by her past, encouraging, self-conscious, wise
Appearance: red hair, brown eyes, well built, wears power restraining bracelets

I hope I can be helpful
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hace más de un año BladeYJ said…
Alias: None/Blade
Age:16 :D
Power(s): Amazing with all weapons, hand-to-hand combat skills, very flexible, can teleport (sometimes fails), and can read and control minds
Personality: Strong, Gets angry easily, falls in love easily, hates crying and showing weakness, loves teasing people, can be understanding and can be funny (depends on occasion), loves a challenge and beating people up, loves winning and is loud, also lovesgetting into trouble and likes to be the hero (even though I fail)
Appearance: Golden Blonde/blond hair, eyes change on mood, muscular, and has freckles..

Sorry scar I took your idea of the list anyway.. I wanna whoop Aero's.. ahem butt
hace más de un año InfinityYJ said…
Name: Kyra Grayson
Alias: Infinity (Fin)
Age: 13
Powers: control of fire, can fly, change appearance, can absorb others powers but doesn't nessacarily use them
Appearance: black hair with bangs covering left side of face, blue eyes (always covered), kinda thin
Personality: fun-loving, immature, can get extremely emotional at times, sometimes serious, when mad is REALLY mad, cares way too much about her siblings (lol)

xD there u haz it!
hace más de un año killer24 said…
name:drake(but dues not use much)
powers:tail,wings,2 guns,breaths black fire,can shift(can shift throw objects),has unnatural strength
personality:funny,cool,shy,will stand for what is right,will fight for friends,when in fight can change into blood lust form will feed on souls and blood
appearance:black tail,black cloves,purple eyes,blond heir,scar on chest and one on lower back,in blood lust form gets red & spikes
other:blood lust form(its like blaze's bad side x10),will run from friends in blood lust form to save them from him

hope you like it
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hace más de un año EclipseYJ said…
Name: Phoebe Katia Shannelle Alice Rouge

Alise: Eclipse

Race: White,Human (half french and Japanise)

Hair: Brown (but looks a little blond in the rain)

Eyes: Green (but she has to wear contact lences because her eyes are purple and can hypnotize if looked into for to long)

Gender: Female

Age: 13 (but her soul has been living since the dawn of time, her host body is 13)

Mentor: Wolverine/Professore Xavier

Relation: Girlfriend to fang

Powers: Extremely powerfull Magic, (can make anytype of gun with magic) 2 guns and 2 samuri swords which she can use to slice bullets in half, wings, adamantium claws and skin (which are her nails but they can extend to about 30cm & when in adamantium mode she can be as strong as superman), potion maker, wand (black with a cystal on the end), amazing gymnast and when really really really ticked off she goes/transformes into Hysteria mode making her 10 times faster and stronger (link), doesn't feel any pain even if shot of stabbed and is unable to die but can still bleed, has a jet called the Blackbird RC77, has a pet raven called Roulette which is half of her soul and if roulette gets hurt so does Eclipse and vise versa, has butterfly douge where her whiole body turns into blue and black butterflys for a sec so she can douge bullets or amo, can use any gun or weapon, Extreme reflexes and sences, pro athlete and gymnast, master potion maker and professional escape artist

Personality: she will suffer for anyone else, shows no emotion, isn't (and rather talented) afraid to kill
Appearance: Black cloak with over sized hood, purple long sleved top, Necklace with the symbol of omega, black corset, purple gloves, black leggings, black skirt with belt that wraps around waist, purple boots

Story: She got her powers at the age of 4, her parents hated mutants and abused her until one day both her sisters where murdered (she is a triplet) and her parents blamed it on her so she ran away from home and traveled the world and diffrent dimentions and learned how to fight, she came back to her house and found out her parents had been killed to. She stayed at and orghanage (the same one willow lived at) and never spoke a word until Charles xavier found her and made her an x-men, she also joined the avengers and S.H.I.E.L.D and is best friends with Iron girl. She had to leave all of the groups because since she had 5 difrent souls inside her they all try and take over her host makeing some of her inner power come out uncontrolably.

Secrets: her hole past is a lie, she hides her ture apperance, she is being hunted down by the goverment

(p.s. 1. THANSK BABE! ^-^ 2. I'm doing this because this is all my fault cuz i broke up with him and I want to save everyone and turn this mess into beauty and peace
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hace más de un año MercyYJ said…
Name: Mercy Watson
Alias: Mercy
Age: 16
Powers: Pyrokinisis and immune to burns (fire-has-no-effect on her type thing)
Personality: Caring, Fun-loving, a bit immature, can be serious when needed, Loves to hop in on fights, hates the thought of murder and death
Apperance: Bright orange hair that goes straight down just past her shoulders, blue eyes, freckles, Black flameproof pants, olive green long sleeve shirt, black jacket, black belt

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hace más de un año Mclovin_69 said…
im pretty sure you know about my characters..... i rlly want Lucas in it you seem to know enough about him and Willow you know a lot about her to.....
hace más de un año FangYJ said…
Name: Derek Adams -__-
Alias: Fang
Age: 14 (getting ready to turn 15. Woo!)
Powers: Wings (black, look purple in sunlight) raptor vision! Superstrength.
Personality: Drawn back, doesn't show much emotion, willing to kill if necessary, a bit immature
Appearance: Black hair that hangs in eyes, dark brown eyes, (almost look black) gray pants, black shirt, black leather jacket, black vans.
hace más de un año -BelovedRobin said…
Name: N/A
Alias: Charm or Charmante Roi.
Age: 15 (Turning 16. HUZZAH!!!)
Powers: Super-Strength, precise aim, excellent guns-men, parkour/freerunning, trained in military with basic knowledge of hand-to-hand combate however he specializes in Kick-Boxing and Brazilian Jiujitsu, and has healing abilites.
Personaniltiy: Defiant, phiosophical, has PTSD,rude, cocky, narcissist, blant, headstrong, impulsive, sociopath, empathic, and very, very protective of Tundra and Bonnie.
Apperance: black hair, dark brown eyes that often flicker to crystal blue at random times, 5'11", lean but well built, a lot of scarrs and his torso is covered in tattoos. Wears gas mask that shows only his left eye, red hoodie, black slacks, combat boots, and a single black choker (also on both his forearms) when taken off it acts like explosives.

Any additional info just ask me!!
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hace más de un año Obscurity98 said…
I so want in! u knwo who my characters are though, i've sent u the info! and dont forget u have an Q's plz ask!
hace más de un año Kurls_Basd said…
big smile
i love if you would put Lee/Kaya/Kaleebra in it. but please used the name Lee for a reason i'll email u about it
hace más de un año Black_Robin_13 said…
Name: Salem
Alias:Quick Silver
Age: 15
Power: Technopathy sword master
Personality: shy, loner, family-oriented
Appearance:Black hair, ice blue eyes, pale skin, skiny, 5'2', silver leotard, black leather jacket, a ninja-to at her side, and a whole ninja mask.
hace más de un año Robin_Love said…
Umm..okay. I IMMEDIATELY love your OC Black_Robin_13!!!!!!!!!
hace más de un año StragsLover said…
I think you know but I will explain to the others

Name: Lyla
Age: 15
Hair: Black w/ different highlight colors
Skin: Pale
Personality: Shy, sometimes needs a nudge when it comes to;
meeting people, feeling good about herself. Stands her ground and never backs down.
Relatives: (From an earlier series of "Teen Titans") Raven, Slade, Ravens Mother.
Music: Rap
Artist(Music): Eminem
Movie Genre: Horror
She has a soft spot in her heart for Robin, not in relaitionship way but she feels for him
Powers: Read minds, Mind hacking, telepathy, hipnosis, most things assosiated with the mind
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hace más de un año Robin_Love said…
Kay ppl!!!! Sorry, but this forum is now closed!!!!