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Mclovin_69 posted on Mar 22, 2012 at 02:10AM
like honestly a lot of you think that i hate other OC's that r paired with Wally but the thing is ppl r just being rude and saying that i like my OC better with Wally and she should be the only one with him, i dont think like that honestly and you ppl who r saying thhat stuff honestly i dont. Ive been getting messages from some ppl who r saying that and im done honestly im done with ur nonsense.

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hace más de un año Robin_Love said…
Yo ppl! SHE NEVER WOULD DO THAT!!!!! Mclovin_69 and I are what you ppl would call BIASED!!!! SO SORRY!!!!! Get over it! Suck it up and deal with it! Cause honestly, if Mclovin_69's feeling get hurt, I will leave the club! You want me? Don't be jerks! She may love Wally, but she isn't obsessed! TRUST ME!!! I KNOW!!!!! SO SUCK IT UP AND STOP CYBER BULLYING MY BEST FRIEND!!!!!!!!! YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hace más de un año Kurls_Basd said…
well i never see de lites...who takeing dem eye n pass Mclovin_69...like yell want me and yall go up the road or sum....look done yall nonsense....if ya in like de fact like dat de girl does pear she OC..da is u peaece so if ya in like it bite it
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