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-BelovedRobin posted on Mar 14, 2012 at 02:12AM
Everybody listens to music right? have you ever thought what would be on their playlist? Below list Robin, Kid Flash, Superboy, Miss.Martian, Artemis, and Aqualad's playlist. WHAT YOU THINK IS ON THERE~

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hace más de un año Robin_Love said…
Wally: Can't touch this
Connor: Catch a Grenade
Megan: E.T.
Artemis: Russian Roulette
Kaldur: Don't Stop Believing
Robin: Remember the Name

I think these might be on their playlists. Sorry Kaldur, I don't know any Atlantean tunes.
hace más de un año -BelovedRobin said…
What I got so far.
Robin: Calexico - Crumble of Calexico 
The Seatbelts - Tank! 

KF: Buddy Rich - Time Check
Benny Benassi - Cinema (Skrillex Remix)

Superboy: Three Days Grace - Animal I've Become
Linkin Park - In the End

Miss.Martian: Harry Connick Jr. Ft. Ben Wolfe - Fly Me to the Moon
Ashe - Campanella

Artemis: Mary J. Blige - I Can Do Bad All By Myself
30 Seconds of Mars - A Beautiful Lie 

Aqualad: FFX-2 - Erenity Memory Of Lightwaves
Matthew Santos - Breaking Free
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hace más de un año EclipseYJ said…
Artemis: Stand in the rain (?)
Robin: Remember the name (same as R_l's suggestion)
Aqualad: Under the sea (Disney) XD XD XD
Superboy: This is war (30 seconds to mars)
KidFlash: Star Struck (Katy Perry ft. OH3!)
Miss.Martian: I'm super girl (Kystal Harris)
Eclipse: Alice in Wonderland (Avril Lavigne)
hace más de un año justjill said…
Wally-we got the beat(the go go)
Robin- moves like Jagger(maroon 5)
Megan- girl friend(arvil lavigne)
Superboy- monster(skillet)
Aqualad- sing (my chemical romance)
Artemis- paradise(coldplay)

But honestly the best song for the whole team would be!
I've must have done something right(reliant K)
hace más de un año InfinityYJ said…
I dont really know about individuals, but I think "Living Louder" by the Cab is great for the whole team.
hace más de un año Obscurity98 said…
For wally and artemis: I never told you by Colbie Caillat; Today was a fairy tale; Make you feel my love by Adele, only excpetion by Paramore
For Robin and zatana:You got me by COlbie Caillat
For Roy and Cheshire: Toxic by britnany spears, Love vs. Love by Dox eternal (I'll post the lyrics up. You'd never find it.)Bad Romance by Lady Gaga
For super boy and miss martian:Today was a fairy tale by Taylor Swift;You found me by Kelly clarkson, You got me by Colbie Caillat
For Aqualad and Tula: Who Knew by P!ink;Already Gone by KElly Clarkson Rumor has it by Adele
Robin:Remeber the naem by Fort minor, Breaking the habits
SuperBoy:Kyrptonite by 3 Doors Down; animal by Neon trees
Aqualad:I just wasnt made to love by Dox eternal (I'll post the lyrics) what i couldnt say by dox eternal (I'll post it up)
Kid FLash:Lose my breath by Destiny Child, moves like jagger and misey by Maroon Five
Miss M: E.T. by Katy Perry
Artemis:So What by P!ink;Disturbia by Rihanna, Pretty girl rock;
Zatanna: part of me by Katy Perry
Read Arrow:Before he cheat by Carrie Underwood