Justicia Joven Statement from Producer: Greg Weismen on Season 2: Invasion.

lolfan88 posted on Feb 22, 2012 at 03:06PM
So I was looking up info for season two and I found this statement that the producer:Greg Weismen about Young Justice: Invasion.

Greg Weismen:

" We immediately began work on this new season last week, and are breaking approximately(but not quite) a episode per day. The creative team is fundamentally the same as for Season One. And though, of course, we will be introducing many new characters episodically in Season Two(just as we do in Season One), I don't want to give the impression that this a spin-off featuring, I dunno, the League or something, in the same Earth-16 setting. Invasion IS the second season of Young Justice and absolutely features our "Team". Episode 26 of Season One is time-stamped "December 31". Episode 1 of Season Two will be time-stamped", in essence picking up right where we left off."

So that's what I found online. I had to share it!!! I was so happy to find this Info I forgot to wright down the website.

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