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66Dragons posted on Dec 04, 2011 at 03:51AM
As you can see with Red Revenge, Courage, and Shade (All rights to Robin_Love) I am doing character info cards (or whatever they're called) for people. I need the following:

3 Powers or abilities for that character
3 Notes about anything extras and or notable
Mentor or Relationship to Team or JL Member
Stats on Strength, Intelligence, Agility, and Speed
The Heron's name, secret ID, and age.

I will also need a picture of the character on a single color background (not close to their uniform color).


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hace más de un año DaPeople316 said…
Herod name - bullet
Secret Id- Michael Dressler
Powers- absorb energy, Create things, release energy
Stats- strength 100%, speed 90%, intelligence 60%, agility 85%,
Relationship to team- newest member
hace más de un año robins-gfriend said…
Hero name: Eclipse
Secret ID: Weapon-x 235
Age: 13
Powers: Dark and good Magic, Wings, Adamantium claws and Body
Stats: Strength 100% speed 80% intelligence 50% Agility 100%
Notes: She is Dyslexic and has Dyscalculia, She is claustrophobic and has asthma, Doesn't show much emotion
Relation to the team: Robins girlfriend :)


here is the link to the pic of eclipse :) thanks XXX
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hace más de un año 66Dragons said…
Isn't Iron Man in the Marvel Comics? Not DC?

Speaking of which, Ithought of something like this yesterday and this looks awesome!
hace más de un año lolfan88 said…
Hero name: Xhadow
ID: Ashlin Evergreen
Aged: 13
Powers: Can control shadows Ex:Can make them rap around people like rope can make them into spikes, Can go into peoples shadows, can take over people bodys, she's a jumper (A person who can use portals to go places.But she can't travel big distances. yet.) She has mistacal like powers like spells and stuff.
Notes: Is best friends with Kid Flash,has a shadow spirit, protector,parents died right in front of her when she was young, when she gets upset she goes into a sate called:Zero State.
Stats: Strenght 50%, Speed 50%, intelligence 50%(She's 100% when it comes to science), Agility 40%
Relation to the team: Darkmaster her older brother(A part of the League),Older sister Claire(Who's apart of the team and goes out with Aqualad.)
hace más de un año EclipseYJ said…
big smile
^^ Well you see I like making Cross over Oc's like Eclipse she has adamantium and is a S.H.I.E.L.D Agent, x-man and an avenger ^-^
hace más de un año lolfan88 said…
big smile
^ It's ok. I love her costume!! I would ware that outfit!!! She sounds like a cool OC. And cross overs are cool!!
hace más de un año EclipseYJ said…
Thanks I love the sound of your OC TOO :)
hace más de un año 66Dragons said…
People, Im sick right now (worse than ever) but I will get these done ASAP! Thanks!
hace más de un año EclipseYJ said…
aww what have you come down with?
hace más de un año EclipseYJ said…
Don't worry 66Dragons I finally learnded how to do it, get well soon :)
hace más de un año 66Dragons said…
Thanks! And I have no clue what I have. All I know is it hurts to talk, breathe, eat, and move.
hace más de un año Obscurity98 said…
Hero name: Obscurity
ID: Harley Mei
age:14 1/2
Powers: Cat like abilities, with retractable claws, control over water, fire, ice, earth, and air. can become the elementsability to fly with black arau around her body, invanerability and super stregnth.
note:she was a scienence experiment gone wrong, short temper. ability to change features, like eyes color hair color and voice.
Stats: strength 90% speed:55% intellegence: 89% agility :100%
relationship to team: Roy's freind with benefits
hace más de un año Obscurity98 said…
this is what she looks like. long black hair, carries a sword, the front of her top is a v- neck in black, biut covers her whole chest and stomach just not her back. along with black arm ribbon. she has tight black pants and belt. hope yall like
 this is what she looks like. long black hair, carries a sword, the front of her parte superior, arriba is a v- neck in b
hace más de un año 66Dragons said…
Sorry for taking so long, but I am working on these now. I need pics though. Thanks!
hace más de un año DeltaYJ said…
Experiment name: Delta
Hero Name: Data
ID: Danna Grayson
age: 12 (couldn't find better picture)
Powers: None
Abilitys: Sharp shooter; Martial Arts Specialist; Master of Stealth
Notes:Created in Cadmus; Her suit can change her appearance; Prankster
Stats: vary similar to Robin's just more agile and higher intelligence
relationship to team: Robin's sister
 Experiment name: Delta Hero Name: Data ID: Danna Grayson age: 12 (couldn't find better picture) Powe
hace más de un año Obscurity98 said…
Hero Name: Argon
Alias from home planet: Tanium Ty
Human ID: Tanner Tyson
Age: 13 and 7 months
Powers: half cat, and speak and take control of any animal. Earth like or alien. Almost invunerable.
Abilities: good with metal rods, shields, and anythin wiht a sharp edge or point. Specialty with daggars or smal knives. Speacial martail arts only known on her planet.
Note: Depressing with ADHD. and loves (Needs) to be training. all the time
Relationship in team: Batman discovered her and put her in the team under Black Canary's watch.

(I will put up her back ground in the articles- will be called- ARGON
hace más de un año Obscurity98 said…
This is her pic i hope ya like it.
 This is her pic i hope ya like it.
hace más de un año Obscurity98 said…
This is Obscurity: so you know what she looks like. PS. her costume may change with her mood or appearence
 This is Obscurity: so tu know what she looks like. PS. her costume may change with her mood o appea
hace más de un año webowhiz said…
Hero black hawk
Age 13
Secret id jonothan smith
Powers super speed, gadgets, martial artist, acrobat, hacker.
Protege of nightwing
Stats strength 45% agility 100% speed 99% intelligance 46%
Parents were murdered
Suit colors black and red
brown-eyed-girl commented…
ooooh, protege of Nightwing. I like that. His suit sounds a lot like Dick's when he was robin hace más de un año
hace más de un año webowhiz said…
It was red hawk.
hace más de un año webowhiz said…
Dont have a pic though.