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Wally snuggled Artemis as he lay beside her in bed, though Wally was asleep Artemis lay staring at her side at the wall. Whenever she closed her eyes she saw the white rabbit in her dreams, tell ing her something, something like needing to come back to wonderland, the sad part is she never will considering she is dead. Artemis started to sniffle a bit trying to hide back tears, she really did want to go back but whenever she tried she never did, Artemis let out a sigh finally she was never going to get any sleep at this rate if she kept thinking about it but she couldnt help it. " Artemis......
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posted by Robin_Love
Becca walked through the snow, up towards Mt. Justice. The winter air was refreshing and Becca loved it, even if her lips were turning blue. Becca knew she could have used the Zeta Beam, but she had already been in Happy Harbor when Robin called. Her bike had gotten totaled por some reckless driver and she had needed a lift. And a tow. The crunch of the snow rang in Becca's ears everytime she stepped. It was a beautiful sound but it added a sad thought to her happy heart. This was her first real navidad without her parents. She sniffled a little, part from the cold and part from the sad thought....
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All credit goes out to TOTALizzyluver

"How come he get's más fan girls?"
"Cuz he's not you." Artemis replied.
"Hey!" Wally protested
"Hey, what's this?" Connor asked, pointing to something. He grabbed the computer and clicked on a picture. Everyone saw it and almost screamed. Robin quickly snatched the computer back and clicked on something called 'Picks'.
"Hey, guys, look at this. I'm everyone's fav!" Robin bragged
"Hey, since they creeped us, why don't we exact some revenge?" Artemis smirked
"What exactly did tu have in mind?" Robin asked
"Why don't we look at all of their pics?" she suggested...
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Ok. misceláneo one time thing that came to me while watching my many Young Justice recordings.

The team sat bored in the lounge.
Robin typing away on his laptops hacking something and Wally couldn't take it any longer.
"What are doing?" He asked.
"Stuff." Robin replied plainly.
"Have any games on that thing?"
"Gimme that." Wally dicho and manged to grab it from the Boy Wonders hand.
Wally went to google.
He typed in "KidFlash" and the others having nothing better to do gathered around him.
"You're so self-centered." Artemis dicho looking at the screen.
"Am not."
"Who googles themselves?"...
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posted by KatRox1
( I know, it's short... but I haven't had a lot of time to write for a while... )

“Now, read her mind and tell me where the Justice League spends their free time, o your friend here gets a makeover!” Cheshire twirled her weapon in hand. I sighed and looked into Artemis’s pleading eyes, and por concentrating hard enough, it dicho Mt. Justice. I whispered the answer into Joker’s ear. He let out a sort of laugh. “Now, let my friends go.” I dicho sternly. He gave me a confused look. “Don’t play games. Let. My. Friends. Go.” I dicho with a hint of aggression. “Remember, I never said...
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Now in the bio ship with the rest of the team, Artemis hid her letter well. There was an awkward moment of silence, when Megan finally put on some holiday music. Robin began to sing along, changing the lyrics as he went.

" Dashing through the snow, In the bio ship, are we, O'er the playa we fly, Laughing all the way, Bells from somewhere ring, Making spirits bright, What fun it is to laugh and sing, A uh, ummmmm, la, la song tonight, Oh, jingle bells, jingle bells, Jingle all the way, Oh, what fun it is to ride, In a bright red bio ship, OH-." But the boy wonder was cut off por his window suddenly...
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Artemis stared at the wish again.

"Well, I'm, uh, gonna go back to the, um, rest of the team then." Wally started, spinning on his heals to leave but the archer stopped him.

"Thank you." She said.

"No prob."

Artemis watched Wally leave, then leaned against the door frame.

"Last Christmas, I gave tu my heart, But the very siguiente día tu gave it away, This year, To save me from tears, I'll give it to someone special." The girl sang quietly until she was sure Wally was gone.

"Once bitten and twice shy, I keep my distance, But tu still catch my eye, Tell me baby, Do tu recognize me?Well, It's been a...
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Still not thinking the música was enough to signal their holiday spirit, Megan and Wally sat on the floor and began escritura their navidad lists while RObin continued play misceláneo little songs on the piano.

"Artemis, aren't tu going to write a list?" Megan asked.

"No, I haven't written one since I was six, and I'm not going to do it know." Artemis snapped.

"Come on, it's fun." Megan dicho happily.

"No, I'm grown up now, I don't write navidad lists o sends them off to Santa." Artemis answered, turning on her heals to leave. Once she was seguro in her room, she heard a tune from the paino echoing...
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Now in the Charlie Brown spirit, Robin sat at the paino and started playing a couple notes.

"Do tu know any Charlie Brown songs?" Megan asked as Artemis sat beside Robin.

"Yeah, three, only one has lyrics though." Robin replied, turning the notes into a song.

"Christmas time is here, Happiness and cheer, Fun for all that children call, Their favorito! time of the year" The teen added lyrics.

"Snowflakes in the air, Carols everywhere, Olden times and ancient rhymes, Of amor and dreams to share." Artemis continued.

"Sleigh bells in the air, Beauty everywhere, Yuletide por the fireside, And joyful memories there." Megan added sweetly.

"Christmas time is here, We'll be drawing near, Oh, that we could always see, Such spirit through the year, Oh, that we could always see, Such spirit through the year..." The three finished laughing. Wally walked in.

"You guys are good singers." He smirked.

It began to rain as Artemis and Wally entered the Mountain from the Zeta tubes in the Alley way. Recognized Kidflash B 03, recognized Artemis B O7, the machine voice dicho as the two entered. " So tu never told me what tu saw in the park? what was it?" Wally asked as they walked to the living room/kitchen area. " I-it was nothing Wally.." Artemis dicho as she turned away from him, " Well if it scared tu so much id like to know cause tu know Im your boyfriend.. and honestly i wouldnt want anything scaring you" Wally dicho as he faced her leaning in to kiss her, until Artemis's hand pushed him...
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Now that the stockings were hung and the menorah in the window, Wally stepped back with a smile on his face. It only lasted five segundos when Conner walked up behind him.

"You didn't get a tree, tu know that, right?" The clone asked, Wally jumped.

"Duh, I know that."

"No tu don't."


"Hey guys, gonna go chop down a navidad árbol yet." Robin asked.

"Yes, exactly what us three were gonna do." Wally mumbled, going to get his coat.

20 minutos later:

So that's how Wally, Conner, and Robin wound up in a navidad árbol lot, bundled up in heavy jackets.

"It's so freakin' cold!" Wally exclaimed browsing...
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Wally ran around Mt. Justice, lights, a navidad tree,Menorah,Kwanzaa stuff, basically everything used to celebrate different holidays decorated the base.

"Wally, what are tu doing?" Artemis finally asked. The speedster stopped.

"It's the holiday season, silly." Wally bopped her nose.

"AND, what are tu doing?" The archer asked, picking up a chain of lights Wally had dropped.

"He's decorating for the holidays," Robin dicho entering the room,"He has been since three this morning."

"Is he drunk o something?"

"Nope, just had a lot of egg nog." The bird admitted.

"I didn't know what holiday everyone...
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All credit goes to KokoDee on Fanfiction.net

"Yeah!" Robin yelled, sliding into the cocina on his knees, catching Wally's (who was currently stuffing his face with food, as always.) slightly divided attention.

Wally raised an eyebrow. "Dude, what the hell?"

"I just beat another gym leader in Pokemon!" Robin fist pumped the air.

KF laughed. "Dude, tu are such a los- WAIT A MINUTE." He sped over to him, trying to grab at the device in Robin's hand. "IS THAT THE 3DS? WITH THE NEW POKEMON GAME? DUDE, GIMME THAT SHIT."

"Not so fast!" Robin growled, yanking the 3DS away. He smirked. "Mine. Not yours....
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posted by YJTTFAN
The girl just stood there, not fighting o trying to run, but when she looked at Wally she stifled a gasp but then glared.
“What is the música of life?” she barked. Who was this girl? The Riddler? But Wally looked at her seriously.
“Silence, my sister.” Wally dicho bowing his head slightly. Suddenly the girl knelt, who was she when she looked up her startling naranja eyes were shining, even if we couldn’t see her mouth I could tell she was smiling.
“Hello, brother I do not wish to intrude in your dwelling, I did not know, pardon me.” Her voice had a odd ascent like British but...
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posted by Robin_Love
Robin struggled to get free of Huntress' grasp. She was strong. And sucking his blood! He was trashing all over, desperately trying to get free. He paused for a moment to catch his breath and saw something. Huntress' eyes turned back to blue, the fangs in his neck retracted, and Huntress let him go. Her eyes shut, her body falling backward. On instinct, Robin caught her, ignoring the pain in his neck. A sudden feeling of regret washed through him but...it wasn't his regrets. Frost came up to the pair, Kid Flash standing behind his friend.
“Jade...poor girl.”
Frost took her friend away from...
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posted by Robin_Love
“Jade's factor is kicking in. Good.”
Ra's turned away from the screen. He was tired of watching the girls. They were doing well but Ra's needed to bathe in the Lazarus pits. His skin glowed as the warm water's healing steam wrapped around him. He sighed, pleased. His body was feeling worn and old. He was millions of years old but, thanks the the Lazarus pits, he was immortal. As long as he soaked in them every day. If not, he could turn to dust. Then he'd be dead. Ra's stepped into the water, feeling his body begin to heal. Life was worth living for; but only if he could destroy it and rebuild...
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posted by KatRox1
( I know its kind of short, don't kill me! *Hides behind computer* )

“Can tu let me down now? I promise I will be a good girl!” I asked sarcastically. Cheshire snorted, “N-“ Joker raised a hand, “Sure!” he said, surprisingly. “Are tu mad?” Ivy and Mr.Sportguy dicho in unison. In case tu are wondering, I still don’t know his name. “A little bit…” He grinned. Harley popped out from behind him, “Or a lot!” She giggled and kissed him quickly on the cheek. Ivy groaned, “Sportsmaster, just make sure to watch her.” Hmm, so his name was Sportsmaster? Interesting. The...
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Chapter Fourteen-

Mount Justice
15:23 EDT December 23,

Wally was the last person Artemis expected to see sitting por her bedside siguiente to the Boy Wonder with a worried look on his face.

She groaned and turned over, startling Wally and Robin.

"You're okay!" Wally exclaimed.

Artemis sat up in the bed. "What happened?" she asked groggily, then started panicking. "Where's mom? Is she okay? What-"

Robin held up a hand. "Your mom is okay. batman took her inicial and made sure she was safe."

Artemis relaxed in the bed. 

"Robin, reportar to the Batcave." A computerized voice dicho over the loudspeakers. Robin left...
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posted by Robin_Love
”Kaldur, we aren't being followed anymore.”
“Are tu sure?”
“Yeah. They just rode past us.”
“Okay. We should meet back up. Our mission needs to be finished.”
“Batman dicho Roy was coming,” Robin interrupted. “He'll be here later.”

Jade stopped her bike, Alisa and Rylan following. Jade looked at the guards surrounding the base. Then her eyes went to Rylan, who nodded. Rylan narrowed her eyes and they turned pupil-less ice blue. Almost immediately afterwards, the guards seemed to freeze in place. Rylan widened her eyes.
“Bodies are in hibernation state, Jade.”...
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posted by YJTTFAN
 she looked only fourteen
she looked only fourteen

    “COME ON!!! tu STUPID DRAGON!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!” Wally was screaming at the TV, WOULD HE JUST SHUT UP! It’s like he thinks if he yells loud enough the characters in his video games would hear him! I don’t even bother yelling at him, I already lost my voice.

    “What are tu playing?” I ask, I was bored enough.
“Heavens….edge……..NO!” he stops every few segundos when he punches his controller.
“Heavens edge? That new game everyone is obsessed about?”(Skyrim) I say exasperated that...
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