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posted by Robin_Love
“Why are we trusting her?” Erin whispered to Devin as Becca lead them through a tunnel.
“She's the only lead we have! And she loves Robin!”
“Used to! She abandonded me!”
“Do tu have abandonment isues?”
“No! I just don't like being left alone!”
Devin rolled her eyes and walked faster. Erin walked faster siguiente to her.
“Seriously Dev. Becca left us for a month. Why would she suddenly just mostrar up with the answer?! And if she had it this whole time, why didn't she free them herself?”
“Erin makes sene,” Sylver admitted.
“I'm sorry Dev but...what if Erin is right?”...
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Eclipse waited in the mission room, pacing from time to time but no one showed up. She started to walk out the room "If I imagined that alarm I will have to get Emma Frost to check my mind" suddenly she she was flung back and hit a muro por a large explotion. COUGH COUGH COUGH she waved the smoke out of her face and but still couldn't see. Smoke filled the corridor. She pulled the capucha, campana from her capa over her silky brown hair then suddenly the green and silver outlined capa turned invisable, she was on stelth mode.

Creeping around the corner she layed her back on the wall, all without making...
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posted by Robin_Love
A warm sensation over took her. It spread all throughout her body. Her fingers moved an her toes wiggled. She cracked her neck and stretched. The needles left her body and the casco fell away from her head. She opened her dark brown eyes and they glowed an amber color. A ripple of amber light spread throughout her cell and she was free from her tank. The door of her cell opened and she went towards it. The alarms had been silenced por her magic and no one was around to see her. The magic had also released the others being held captive. With a smile, she entered one of the many rooms belonging...
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The master clock in Willows bedroom rung, it was time to go down to her mother so that she could escort her to the wedding taking place in the ball room. Willow sighed and stopped dancing with Wally and tears began to flow, she never wanted this moment between her and Wally to end, she liked dancing with him, it made her fell better, just seeing his green eyes look at her in sadness made her want to kill herself for doing this to him, she couldnt have him looking at her during the wedding with those eyes, she wouldnt be able to do it... she couldnt say i do to the boy she was being forced to...
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posted by Robin_Love
“It's been a month! We haven't found Young Justice! And Becca ditched us!”
“Erin calm down,” Devin tried.
“NO! Becca was supposed to help us! She left me in Arkham! She went with Catwoman! What kind of a person does that?”
“I-I don't know!” Devin exclaimed. “I don't know. But I do know that Robin needs me right now so I'm going to focus on the main problem! What about you?”
“I-I-I...Young Justice.”
“Then let's go.”
“You're going to need my help.”
They turned, looking to see Becca standing there.
“You? Why you?” Erin asked with disdain.
“Because while tu all thought...
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Finally after everything had setteled, well mostly everything, Wally and Willow had been actuación strange ever since all of that, and there will still issues with the attackers and today was the wedding day. Willow still loved Wally más then anything in the world but she also loved her home... the one she oh so forgotten long hace when she sat a parte superior, arriba the mount justice wondering... and now she knew..., Willow sat in her room and on the balcony in her beautiful silk white dress, it was long enough to blow in the wind, she looked down as tears began to form in her eyes as she wiped away her tears...
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posted by Robin_Love
Her fingers moved. Her body was waking. Her mind was still fogged up but she could still think. Things had been undetected. Her mind had stopped working for who knows how long. She tried to open her eyes and stretch her body. But she was still chained. And the needles were still numbing her senses. She had no idea how she was doing this. But she guessed it was because her soul had matured while put in another. Her soul that had not come back yet. Soon. She told herself. She was feeling cramped and trapped. Not a smart idea for whoever had put her in here. She smiled underneath the casco and...
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posted by Robin_Love
Jade was crying her corazón out. Never had she felt so lost. She had hurt her sisters, she had tormented herself, and she was aching for something she knew she could never have. Jade got off her bed, pulling the gun from underneath. She held it to her head and was about to pull the trigger. But a voice stopped her. “Stop! Don't....please don't....”
“Why not?!” Jade yelled.
“Tell him....he needs to know....”
“Know what?!”
“That tu amor him....”
“How-how do tu know that?”
“I know because I feel the same way. I amor him too.”
“Y-you do?”
“Yes. Very much so.”
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Tears ran down Willows cheek as her mother rubbed a warm towel over her head, " are tu sure that i am having another baby..?" Willow asked as tears escaped her eyes, the female doctor nodded, " the hospital is to faraway to get there in time, so tu will have to deliver here" the doctor said, Willow let her head fall back and tears began pouring down her cheeks, " before i give tu the spinal pills, i need to ask tu some questions, perhaps only some ladies would feel comfortable answering with no men present" she dicho and turned to Wally, Wally looked at her and rolled her eyes and was on...
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" Im sorry Willow but the wedding must continue o a war will begin..... your father would want tu to do what is best for your life and Gregory's life" Annabeth ( Willows mother said) holding and rocking the baby so that he was sleeping, " but mother i have mated with another, and tu and father told m-", " we told tu whats allowed but they want your marraige to be final, we have tried other things por asking what they want and all they want is you.... im sorry", her mother gave the baby back to Wally, " so your just going to give me up to the enemy! i am your daughter for goodness sake and...
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posted by Mclovin_69
Wally ran to Becca's room wher Becca lay awake in her bed, " wheres Willow...? " Becca dicho in worry when Wally ran in with a tear drenched face, Robin giggled, " dude your cryi-" he was stopped, " Willow is dead is that funny now!" Wally yelled at the boy wonder angrily, Becca sat in her cama as tears streamed her face, " I am able to swithc places of death, i could switch myself and Willow will be okay" she dicho as her eyes began to glow golden, " No Becca dont!" Robin yelled and ran to her and grabbed her wrists making her eyes fade blue again, " your not switching places with her! i almost...
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posted by Mclovin_69
" Wally! i cant do this im not ready..." Willow dicho as she breathed in and out rapidly, " Willow tu can do this, tu can do anything ill get tu through this" Wally dicho holding her hand, Willows eyes filled with tears as the pain got worse, " Willow ill be here just do what the doctors tell you" Wally dicho as he kissed her hand, Willow screamed as the doctors did what was necessary, Wally felt terrible for her.

Later the baby was born and the doctors took it away to make sure it was okay, the baby was a boy.
Willows face was pail and she looked weak, Wally sat siguiente to her and put his hand...
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posted by 66Dragons
Chapter Five-

Artemis ducked into an alleyway at the site of the police. They probably would recognize her, even here in Germany.

After the car was gone, Artemis headed back towards the cafe where she and acebo were supposed to meet.

Holly was waiting for her, sipping hot chocolate.

"What took you?" she asked as Artemis sat down.

"Cops." Artemis replied.

Holly gave her a puzzling look.

"Long story." Artemis said.

Holly nodded and took another sip of her beverage.

"So, tu found anything yet?" acebo asked after a quiet moment.

"Nope, no sign nor trace of Luthor." Artemis said. "What about you?"

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posted by Mclovin_69
Wally sat beside Willows cama in the hospital holding her hand it had been another mes in a half now and Becca and Willow still have not woken up, " please Willow.. please... dont leave me.., i already thought i lost tu once... dont let it happen again" Wally dicho as he moved her bangs from her face, he wished he'd see her beautiful dark brown eyes open, but they did not, Robin came in angry and slammed the door behind him, " how could tu have let this happen!" Robin yelled at Wally, " how is this my fault!" Wally yelled back, " because tu were the one who got her pregnant! and knowing...
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posted by Robin_Love
For those who don't know much/anything about MARVEL comics:

Speed:A speedster who can go at mach 5, vibrate through any object, which causes that object to explode.

Hawkeye:A natural born archer, Hawkeye has all kinds of trick arrows and never misses her target. She is also an excellent swordsman, and hand-to-hand fighter.

Wiccan:A warlock who's powers have reached off the chart levels.

Hulkling: A strong shapeshifter from two different planets (hybrid of both).

Crystal:Immortal human who controls the elements.

Jean Grey:A mutant who posses Miss M's powers (minus shapeshifting) but at a higher degree.

If there are any I have forgotten, please let me know and I shall add them! TY!!
Wally sat in the waiting room as Willows mother went in with Willow, " well the baby looks fine it is growing " The girl doctor dicho as he used the ultra scanner to look at the baby, " so when exactly do tu think the duedate will be for this child?" Willows mom asked as she looked at the ultra scanner screen, " about two months but im not exact" the doctor said, Willows mother nodded and looked down at her daughters stomach

Wally was in thought about the baby and how they could make its life good, until Willows father Grolade came in, " hmmmm looks like i found you... ready to die?.." he said...
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posted by Mclovin_69
Willow woke up in the morning feeling sick to her stomach and immeadiatley ran to the bathroom in her room to throw up. Wally lied there asleep as she spent her time in the bathroom, Willow knew what they did last night and she was afraid of what the outcome was so she took out a testing stick and did what was necessary. she sat on the ground after scanning it and waiting for the answer but she heard a knock at the door it was Wally, " Willow are tu alright?.." he asked worried and tired voice, Willows stomach cramped and she dicho " yes.." in a voice filled with pain, " Willow somethings wrong...
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posted by Mclovin_69
It was night now and the team, would think on what to do about Willow. Wally lied in his cama trying hard to sleep, but his corazón kept aching for her to come back, come back to him. That memory of the look on Willows face when he screamed in agony for her, he could only imagine the look she saw on his face, he remembered the fear in her eyes.., the look on her face, it never disappeared from his mind. He groaned and threw the almohada over his head. He couldnt sleep so he finally decided to go outside for fresh air, when he got out on the playa he looked up in the sky, " where ever tu are.. i...
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posted by Mariannebier
Eyes of Artemis
Dick’s POV:
He let a small laugh escape through his mouth. He knew it was Artemis and maybe she knew he was Robin. But it was a tiny chance he looked at her, standing in the crowd talking to Rachel a senior year. He smiled. Artemis was in good hands.
Artemis POV:
“Thanks” She putted the papers in her bag. “tomorrow a need them back so don’t forget them.” “Got it.” Artemis answered. Rachel started to talk “Well, let’s start then, We are now in the hall of the Gotham academy.” Artemis looked around, everybody was to their lessons except a few. The hall itself was made of grey, silvery stone. The muro reflected the blue sky and she thought of the strange boy. “Are tu coming o not?” Rachel stood in the giant stanchion. “I’m coming.” As she walked to Rachel remembering the mysterious laugh.
posted by YJTTFAN

THE GUY CAN MAKE SWORDS OUT OF WATER?! I think yell, I try to make a force field of water but no dice, he controls water too. I quickly doge and jump in the water causing him do slash the air, then he jumped in to, the world was murky water. I couldn’t see a thing then I felt a movement, fast. Suddenly I get whacked in the back por a shark, mmmmmm…….


Kal’dur now stood on the concrete slab, patience he tried to tell himself. He turned swiftly to see a tiburón teeth bared flying straight at him, he barrel rolled and brought a muro of water in front of the shark. It immediately...
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