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posted by Mclovin_69
" Becca! Becca! no no!" Dream Catcher screamed out before her eyes opened and she sat up as tears filled in her eyes and Andrew held her up so she could sit up, " Andrew.... i-is she..", " Gone...." Neon Nature replied not even caring she called him Andrew. Tears streamed down her face and she hugged Andrew tightly, squinting hard trying to make the tears and terrors go away. " We have to find her" she moaned as she still lay in Andrews arms, "if not W-Willow.... she'll..", " shhhhh its okay....its okay.." he whispered in her ear as the tear drenched girl still lay in his arms. " Wait what...
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 -The Future-
-The Future-
"Well predictor? tu got my attention so use it" snapped William. He man stepped out of the dark and 2 soliders stood behind him, he sat on the metal chair and looked at Predictor. Predictor was a mutant who could locate people from the past, present and future. He could tell what would happen to them, he sat in the dark of the light bulb and looked at William. "I have seen the triplets tu need, they will be born on the 24th of December at mid-night." predictors words echoed around the room. William leaned adelante, hacia adelante "where will they be born?".

Predictor put his hands to his head them back on his lap again"White-water village", William sat back in his asiento took a breath "what will there powers be?". "The first triplet, Katia will have wings as black as night and can fly as fast as the wind. The segundo triplet, shanelle with be the most powerful sorceress in the world and the last triplet Eclipse has the key points for the weapon-x project
posted by KatRox1
While Red arrow Rae were over there making conversation with the group of teens, Ryder, Corey, and I were talking quietly. “Any idea what’s going on over there?” Ryder cautiously asked. “Maybe they’re having a pizza party?” Corey suggested. I nudged him. “Com’on lets go see what’s going on.” I ordered them. “Yes, fearless leader!” Corey dicho while making it look like he was a soldier saluting. I just shook my head pitifully.
With Ryder and Corey right behind me, I started walking over to them, “Arrow? Are tu going to introduce me to your friends?” I asked cautiously....
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posted by justjill
Gotham City
December 30, 7.30pm

"Seven,thirty"Aqualad repeated to himself lectura the clock outside the basura shop. Can we please go back? We've been siting here for hours and there's nothing here!Wally complained.Its only been 15 minutos kid lazyArtemis snapped back.
shut up replacement!

Excuse me?!

Aqulad slapped his forehead and thought loudly,

Enough! alright, lets head back. Wally thought of a little victory cheer receiving a glare thought por Artemis. Aqulad stood of the ledge and was about to leave when suddenly a nearby alarm rang off. He quickly got up and headed towards the bank which was...
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My name is………. Well I don’t have a name, I am an elite assassin. Since birth I was a part of the Lone Wolves, we are separated and always move. If tu find one of us, and tu have enough coin, tu can have almost anything tu want. We are bounded to our contracts until death, and no restrictions. I am human but a lot of my ‘colleges’ aren’t. I am fifteen, but don’t be surprised how we look, we have all killed numerous people and estola from ten times as many, but enough about me! I’m a little busy trying to make some noise
    I drove my motorcycle...
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posted by Robin_Love
Zatanna watched Robin carefully. She had come over to practice her archery with Artemis and had ended up sitting with Robin while they waited for Artemis to get back. Artemis had been requested at her school and had to leave. As Zatanna watched, there was definatly something on Robin's mind. He kept looking towards the hallway where she knew their rooms were. After several minutes, zatanna sat down siguiente to him, taking hold of his hand.
“Robin. Are tu okay? tu seem distracted?”
“I'm okay. We just have a new girl on our team and she is voltaile. I just wanna make sure she's okay.”
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posted by Mclovin_69
Dream Catcher screamed as she began to get a vision of some sort of dream, it was filled with hatred, broken dreams, sadness...... what kind of place would this be for someone, how could someone want to live with this in their mind all the time haunting them as they sleep o even are concious . It was like a hell that had rose in this persons dreams o should I say nightmares, screams of terror and sadness were heard from echos everywhere tu turned everywhere tu looked something always made tu jump in fear. Tears came from the girls grey eyes as they opened into the now what seemed sane...
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posted by Skittles98
just a short little sad story about friends
I walked along the streets of Happy Harbor, jamming to my música which was turned all the way up. I was to busy jamming to see the group of people in front of me. I ran straight into a boy with black hair and sun glasses on. We both fell and his glasses fell off. I looked over and saw a pair of slightly confused sapphire blue eyes looking back. Eyes that I would recognize anywhere. He quickly put his glasses on.
“Tally?” he asked
“D-Rob?” I asked. I could tell por the hasty way he put his glasses on that he was undercover. I hugged him.
“I haven’t...
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C'mon. Did tu really expect me to end it there? XD


Slade moved into the room. He bowed before the dark shadow. The voice spoke to him.
“You failed me Slade.”
“I know master. But she is stronger than we first expected.”
“Yes. I know. I expected as much from her. But we now have her in a dangerous position.”
“Shade must make her choice. She has followed the Light for seventy years. Now, she must choose whether she is willing to risk everything o to continue to play hero.”
“And if she chooses hero?”
“She won't.”
“But Master-”
“Shade thinks she is in the clear. But I have one last trick up my sleeve.”
posted by Helen_Wayne
He was to explain me all when the bat-alarm ringed, batman goes alone tonight. I was exploring the Wayne Manor when I saw Dick.
-Hi, do tu like video games? I've got a lot of them
-Yes!- I reply.
We start playing and I ask him some questions:
-So what's your age?
-I'm nine years old
-Your complete name?
-Richard John Dick Grayson
-Favorite color?
-Favorite food?
-Alfred's cookies
-You sing?
-A bit
-Any musical instrument?
-Piano, Ha! I won!
-You hack it! 
-How do tu know?
-We were at half of the level
Then Alfred said
-Dinner is served-
At the mesa, tabla I start the hacking conversation
-So... tu know how...
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posted by Robin_Love
Jade's voice rang loud and clear throughout the hideout. Her pain and anger was clear on her face. Her eyes started to glow a bright green, her hands ignited with a green fire. She attacked Cassie, using all her powers and strength to knock the girl out. Jade floated down, tears on her face, and kneeled down siguiente to Robin who was holding Becca in his arms. Red X came up to them.
“This is all my fault,” she whispered. “I was just trying to save lives. I never meant for this to happen.”
“Erin, I never expected this either,” Jade replied. “Don't blame yourself!”
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“Cassie, go watch our little prodigy.”
Wonder Girl stepped out of the shadows, head bowed.
“You want me to protect her, master?”
“No. She needs to be stopped.”
“And if they try to help?”
“Stop her. Ignore them. They are just pawns in this game.”
“Yes master.”

“I apologize.”
“For what Jade? tu could not have forseen this would happen. Becca is a free spirit.”
“No. I need to apologize because I let my emotions, as well as Robin's, control me. Kaldur, that is a deadly choice I made. And I know Erin feels the same. But Becca...she is a lost lamb. She needs a guardian...
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“My-my inner demons?” Becca asked.
“Yes. We all have them. I am yours Becca. You've been running away from me. Now that I've caught up, tu must face me.”
Becca looked at Sheila. Her brown eyes were calm and peaceful. Becca imagined her eyes were fearful and sad; troubled and worn. She tried to look away but Sheila's eyes were so focused it was hard to mover under her gaze.
“Becca. Do tu amor him?”
“Then face me. In order to gain what tu have lost, tu must talk to me.”
“About what?”
“Tell me how they make tu feel, how he makes tu feel.”
“How I feel when I'm...
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“What did tu do with Becca?!” Robin shouted. “Who are you?!”
“Becca belongs to me, Robin. She use to, anyway. As for who I am, the name is Slade.”
“Batman's fought you.”
“Indeed. I was always so disappointed when tu never showed with him.”
“You are quite the dedicated hero. It would have been fun to beat tu again and again.”
“Slade,” Prendere said.
“Alright apprentice. I have broken him enough for one day.”
“You killed Becca?!”
“No. Who dicho anything about killing? We had a disagreement. I compromised and she became what tu see before tu now. Prendere...
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posted by TOTALIzzyluver
SOOOOOOOOO I will start typing stuff up as soon as a story line comes to me which is probably like tomorrow so..
I'm gonna make a character cars and draw and stuff
(robin)butt this is all you'll be getting for nows:

Hero Name: Naturess (Nate for short :P)
Secret I.D: Sierra I. Bowen
Powers: Power to control weather
*Emotions can affect weather
*Past is.....questionable

Sierra Izabel Bowen was born to charlotte and Norman Bowen July 29.
Norman had past issues working with the League of Shadows.
He eventually was killed off by...
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posted by Robin_Love
Klarion walked into towards one of the cells. He could hear movement in the other “rooms” but ignored them. He turned down several corridors and halted in front of a single cell. Three inch doors of pure steel guarded the occupant. He touched the door, smoothing his fingers over.
“Cell 1398. Hmm. Just who I was looking for.”
Klarion moved to the lock, pressing in a number of sequences. The doors slid open with a hiss and Klarion walked into the room. His cat followed behind him, entering the dimly lit room with caution. The Witch boy walked up to a tank filled with purple liquid. A girl...
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Becca pulled against her chains. Her arms were tired but they couldn't move; they were chained above her head. She growled in frustration. Just because she was trapped didn't mean she had to be in favor of it. Every pull of resistance just put más pain on her. The metal bands were cutting her skin and causing her to bleed. The dank and moldy smell was causing her to become weak. Becca went limp for a minute, catching her breath. A smooth, deep voice spoke.
“Becca. Good to see you.”
Becca pulled against her restrains again, crying out when she felt the results.
“My dear, don't hurt yourself....
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posted by KatRox1
I rubbed my eyes and lazily slapped my hand down on the beeping alarm clock until it finally quieted down. It was 5 a.m., the normal time that I woke up every morning. Everyone else was still asleep, except Roy, like always. I quickly got dressed, slipped on my utility belt, and put my brown hair into a messy ponytail. Slowly I walked into the lounge, and sure enough Roy was there, typing away on the computer. “What time did tu wake up?” I asked quietly. “I never went to bed.” He plainly responded with his eyes still fixed on the computer. “Still no leads on your girlfriend?” I...
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“What happened?! Why'd the communication get cut off?!”
Jade looked away from the inquiring bird, tears in her eyes.
“They got her.”
Silence filled the mountain. minutos stretched on, each lost in their own shocked thoughts.
“We-we have to go after her!” Robin exclaimed.
Jade shook her head.
“The Blade doesn't keep prisoners Robin. I'm sorry.”
“You're wrong, Jade.”
All eyes turned to a girl who was sitting on a low beam above the doorway.
“Devin,” Artemis whispered.
“What'd tu say?” Robin asked.
“Jade is wrong. Becca is still alive. She is of use to them. The Blade takes...
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posted by Mclovin_69
" Becca down down from there!" Robin yelled begging to laugh as the girl sat on the parte superior, arriba on a árbol sitting on a thick branch. After the kiss they began to spill out más about their shaded pasts and told eachother their names but just to be seguro she still called him Robin. " No! youll have to come and get me yourself" She giggled, Robin smirked " but tu can teleport!" " so it will make it harder to catch me if tu really amor me tu would try your hardest" Becca dicho and swung her legs. " Fine im coming to get you! I amor you!" he yelled up to her as he pulled out his grappling hook from his...
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