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posted by Robin_Love
 queen Kendra
Queen Kendra
Becca opened her eyes. She saw blue ones staring at her and eyed the silver-haired warrior who had become her abductor.
“Where am I?” she whispered.
“You are home. I am sorry to bring tu back like this. But my duty was to bring tu home. My duty now is to protect you.”
“Protect me? From what?”
“Let me explain the situation first. Becca Stevens, tu are not a normal human.”
“How do tu know my name?”
“You were born here, in Attalin. tu are of royal Attalin blood. Your father has turned against us and killed your family. All but two.”
“Me and Serepta.”
“Yes. tu became...
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What happens now changes everything.
This is the Epic Beginning of the End

Chapter Fourteen-

Sam's leg was in a temporary cast as he pulled his mask off and shoved it in his backpack to take home.

He was just about to limp off when the theatre glowed. He looked up to see acebo storming out.

"Whoah!" he said, catching her arm. "Where've tu been?"

"Germany." acebo spat.

"What happened?" Sam asked, ignoring the place she had been.

"Those no good, low pieces of scum sent me over there to 'kill Luthor' but rigged it so I couldn't. The test was to see if I would actually kill o not. And get this:" she...
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posted by Robin_Love
The silver haired warrior took care of the girl in her arms. Her blue eyes roamed over the girl, searching for the mark. When Becca moved her head, Luna saw the lightning shaped birthmark on Becca's neck. Luna stood still for a minute, getting over the small dizzy spell she had received. She walked into the force field, happy to leave the deserted mountain plains and enter the lush kingdom hidden from any eyes. Luna walked into the castillo at the far edge of the kingdom. Her ability to teleport made the trip faster. When she entered the golden gates, a murmur went through all who saw the girl...
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posted by Robin_Love
“It is time Lunarithia. Retrieve her.”
“Yes my lord.”
“Guard her at any cost.”
“Yes my lord.”
“Bring her home.”
“Yes my lord.”
“Let no one harm her.”
“Yes my lord.”
“You were trained and became parte superior, arriba of all your classes. Now I am sending tu out into the world of humans. Retrieve your young master. At all costs.”
“Of course my lord. I will obey.”

Becca wasn't too happy on fighting Poison Ivy again. But what made it even worse was the fact that Ivy had it out for her. So hanging upside down while on of Ivy's plants held onto her ankles was definitely on Becca's list...
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posted by Robin_Love
A smile lit her face as Robin came towards her. Becca had purposefully stopped in Happy Harbor, choosing to visit Mt. Justice. Being with a team of her own was fun, but Becca had missed Young Justice más than anything.
“Robin,” she dicho happily as he wrapped his arms around her.
“How are things?”
“Challenging. Being a leader is difficult work. Which can be fun.”
“How many bruises on your last mission?” Robin teased.
“Only ten! I'm improving.”
“If that's even possible.”
Becca stuck her tongue out at him but a blush was evident on her cheeks. She exited from his...
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posted by robinfanforever
Bruce’s POV

This whole week has just been so stressful. Dick has been making mistakes that I would’ve expected him to make when he first started, not four years later. I had a stern talking with him about it, but he’d also been actuación out as Dick Grayson. He got into a fight with one of the kids in school and I’d just found out this morning that he got a “D” in history. I’m gonna have a talk with him about that when he comes down to eat.

We got a break from being batman and Robin last night and I think that helped más than anything. It let me think about the past week, and now...
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posted by robinfanforever
Robin’s POV

It had been a long night. A long día actually. Now that I think of it, it’s been a really long week. A very long week. This whole week was stressful, not only for me, but for batman as well.

First the Joker broke out of Arkham and threatened the entire city. Bet tu can’t guess with what. Anyway, I botched that one big time. batman lectured me for two hours. TWO HOURS!!!! Boy did I feel bad. Then I almost got Commissioner Gordon killed, the police station blown up, our identities revealed, every bad guy I ever faced freed, and that’s not the only thing that made us so stressed...
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Chapter Thirteen-

Revenge pulled the frying pan off of his head and stood up, groaning. Reaper had thrown an explosive that had thrown Revenge into the cocina where his mother's cookware had fallen on him.

Revenge got up and surveyed the damage. A three foot hole looked down into the story below them. Luckily, there appeared to be no structural damage, but everyone was being evacuated anyway. 

Revenge looked for Reaper. He wasn't to be found.

Revenge heard Reaper before he saw him. Hearing a whistling in the air, Revenge turned around in time to see Reaper's foot land on his broken leg.

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Chapter Twelve-

Reaper was walking slowly through the apartment like he owned the place. He didn't spot Revenge until the Black Hero had rammed him into the wall.

"I think I'll cancelar your contract with the Soviets and Stalin." Revenge said. "And Draxx already has your transport to Arkham ready to go." 

"Good offer," Reaper cackled. "But I think I'll pass."

Reaper kicked Revenge in the stomach, causing him to stumble back. At that moment, Sam's mom walked out of the bedroom putting an earring on.

"Down!" Revenge yelled, tackling his mother as Reaper's scythe flew past and embedded itself in the...
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posted by YJTTFAN
Jenny stood on parte superior, arriba of Mt Justice twirling a crystal needle she estola from Data’s lab, could she go through with this? She straightened. Yes for Robin, she thought
“Couldn’t sleep?” A soft voice came from behind her.
“Robin?” she dicho as she spun around seeing Boy Wonder behind her.
“Who where tu expecting? The Injustice League?” Yes a part of her wanted to say
“Are tu ok?” Robin asked concerned, Jenny hugged her shoulders but that was to cover up her hiding the needle-like weapon up her short sleeves. Robin bought it.
“Just thinking,” She replied Robin stepped up next...
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It was an average evening at Mount Justice. Megan was baking, Artemis and Wally arguing, Super Boy watching static, Scatty and Aqualad talking about warrior methods and how they have changed over time (ugh, boring) while me and Robin played a game of War.
“One…two…three…flip!” I said, flipping over my card. We both had kings. We set up three cards, leaving the two kings in the middle. I looked at the card I was facing with. A 3 of diamonds.
“One…two…three…flip!” Robin called. Just before we flipped our cards, the power went out. I smirked and switched my card, taking a King....
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posted by YJTTFAN
Why…. Cant…We…Get…Out?!” Becca huffed with each word. She, Eclipse and Vampyre, were all trying to get out. Even though Vampyre was a bit of a lone wolf, they all needed help to get out. Though to no avail. Even with Eclipse’s magic, Vampyre’s power and knowledge, and All of Becca’s skills they couldn’t get away out of the training room. As they tried to find a way out they talked about their reality’s well Becca and Eclipse did Vampyre stood and listened but was aloof.
    They were supposed to be in their rooms but at the last segundo Eclipse got an...
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Chapter Eleven-

"Positions?" Revenge asked, crouching on the roof.

"All here." Draxx said.

"You see him, hit him. No loose ends this time." Revenge said. "No mercy." he added with gritted teeth.

"Revenge, I'm picking up a couple of civilian vehicles approaching. Few minivans. Reaper-"

"Is probably hiding inside." Revenge finished. "We can't endanger civilians, I'll warn Draxx's snipers."

Revenge switched the frequency to the one the cops were on. "Snipers, beware. Reaper is most likely going to make his entrance through this upcoming group of civilian vehicles. Hit him, don't hurt civilians though."...
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another articulo that sadly is not mine :(

(1)It takes him a while, but Red Tornado finally tracks the paint back to its source. It's been splattered all over the walls and corridors of the mountain, as if a whirlwind holding paint sets had blown through, which, now that he thinks about it, might be fairly accurate.

He follows the trajectories and quantities, keeping a running chart in his head, and deduces that it's all heading for the living room.

He opens the door, and Wally is running back and forth, painting broad strokes of yellow everywhere, while M'gann gets the high corners with green,...
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Chapter Ten-

The door smoked before busting in. The Russian troops standing in the immediate area found metal acebo leaves sticking out of their chest. They pointed their AK's at the intruder. Before they could fuego however, gas hissed out of the leaves and the guards dropped to the ground unconscious.

Courage walked in the room and cautiously down the hallway. She busted down the door at the end of the hallway, but no one was inside.Checking the rooms, she soon came to a door that she couldn't bust down.

This was where Artemis was.

Planting an explosive on the door, Courage hid in a doorway and...
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posted by Skittles98
sadly *sobs* not mine. Found this and almost cried laughing so hard though

Good natured chattering rose up from the seated members of Justice League, all of which were currently enjoying a quick lunch break in the Watchtower's cafeteria. Superman, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman were huddled in the center of the long table, discussing the affects Superman's ice breath would have on melting ice-cream. On the far side of the room Green arrow and Black Canary were currently occupied, the other heroes present giving them a large berth. Near the front of the room sat Hawkman, Hawkgirl, Green Lantern,...
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posted by 66Dragons
Watch when the Team is battling Red Volcano. Notice when Miss M and Supes say "We aren't human!" Supey is flying!

Longer articlejnjinjinijnijnjinjiijinjinijnjininjinijnjinjinjinijnihnihnihnihbihnhnhinhinhinhinihnhinhidngojisnnhsfnvonoihsdvfeihondohffvbwfvwovffvnwoudhfvfehiodfvnwouhfvnoheuffvnwohuefvbwoehufvwuohfvbwehifvbwfuihfvbwfuihvbwefiuhvwbefuvihwbfuihvbefhuivbwefiuhvbwufohvjejfncbsnenenjjnchnhdcbbdchfcbhrbchninsjiqmssijwnhwenduhedbcguedyevtfc tr deesweeecodjfnhehehfbdgnrudhdnndnsjsjsjdjdjdjdjdjjdjsjsjsjsjsjsjejeisiridididuduudururururhfhdnxbxnnsms,skskjwjeiekmsms mscisnciencienfurhrgieciwniwncindifienfiehefirghefiefieiefjiefiehhfhiedhiefijefnienfevnegiefnnefnieneevievhiecneichiencienievnenceocjnjeoefnouecnjjoenfoebfouenfouefnouefnou
posted by 66Dragons
Just a prologue quickie fanfic that acts as a prologue for Revenge of the Soviets


Robin was thankful when Revenge arrived. He could always somehow manage to keep the two lovebirds from destroying the Cave.

So naturally the first words out of his mouth were "Robin, I need your help with something."

"Get rid of them." Robin said, jerking his thumb over his back without looking up from his keyboard. "Then I'll help tu as best I can."

Revenge sighed and walked into the training room where Artemis and Wally were arguing.

"That was illegal!" Wally said.

"Was not!" Artemis yelled back. "That was...
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Eclipse stared into X-23's eyes, anger flow through her in waves. "X-23 why?" but talking wasn't what she was there for, she striked at eclipse. Elie ducked and rolled to the muro before 2 silver claws where stabbed inches away from her face. Elie grabbed her arm and threw
X-23 across the room, she landed with a thud.
"Laura I don't want to hurt you, what do tu want from me?" Laura got of the floor and started to run towards Elie and tryed to puñetazo, ponche her, BLOCK! She tryed again, BLOCK yet again laura was no match for elie. But a swif kick to the lungs and elie was down and started to choke......
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posted by KatRox1
We quickly grabbed our stuff, which was just sitting on one of the tables, and quickly ran out of the room into a never-ending hallway. But then the reality hit me, “Oh my God!” I shouted, still in full pursuit of the door at the end. “What?” Roy said, suddenly alerted. “I just punched my boyfriend!” I dicho panicked. “I. Punched. My. Boyfriend.” I slowly repeated, stopping in the middle of the hallway. Red arrow kept running, until he realized what I had done. “Why did tu stop?” He asked, with a hit of frustration in his voice. “I-I punched Blade! In the face!” I was...
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