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posted by NekoTheif
Shirley and Zack and Panda Hero belong to BelovedRobin. I keep forgetting to mention this

It was well past midnight when I fell asleep. I had my head on Danny's chest. My tears leaking onto his cold chest. The bloody knives laying no más than 3 feet away.

So I slept on the ground. With a dead boy under my head.

When I woke up Danny wasn't there. I was truly alone now. Sighing I wiped the blood off the knives and set out again. I didn't bother hiding. I just walked and dragged my feet. Didn't care enough to do much else. Danny was dead. All because of me.

I kept moving despite my bodies rejection...
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posted by 66Dragons
In honor of my 14th review, I give to tu Chapter 3!


Chapter 3: Forgiven, Not Forgotten

The kiss that Barbara had dado him still burned on his lips. He could still feel it like it was branded on his mouth. He pondered the kiss several times over the siguiente few days. He had been Robin, not Dick then. Part of the kiss angered him. Dick and Barbara had nearly kissed not a week before her kidnapping, and on the día of their meeting at the park, she kissed Robin. That hurt Dick slightly.

Of course, Dick had come to understand in time. Barbara had a crush on Robin and she gave him a kiss...
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posted by XxKFforeverXx
"There was another massacre in downtown Gotham, leaving 24 casualties including Xena and Blaze, two young villains. The GCPD believe it was the same villain a young boy with wings. It is also believed that he's working with Riddler, they're saying that his name is Seraphs." Lynsey turned off the TV as Wally walked in.
"What was that about?" Wally sorted through the fridge.
"Another massacre in Gotham." Lynsey threw the remote down and got up.
"By who?"
"Same old, same old. Seraphs strikes again." Lynsey put on her mask and grabbed her bow and arrows.
"Where are tu going?" Wally looked up...
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posted by EclipseYJ
[b] Soz this took so long XD [b]

The sun reflected orange, yellow and rosado, rosa beams all across Happy Harbour as it began to fall from the sky and shone its last goodbyes. “All of this is pretty crazy” Wally said, he picked up a smooth prism shaped brown stone and examined it. “Well when tu have enemies like the Joker that are psychopaths killers this is all a bit natural to me, but I can’t believe her age!” Robin had the same idea and picked up a grey stone and skimmed it across the ocean watching the ripples it made before it sunk to the bottom of the shore. “Who would force a 13...
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posted by Mclovin_69
" i understnad its hard living double lifes.... " Artemis dicho sitting on the rooftop of her building siguiente to Bloodmist, " its hard.... im glad i at least have tu to understand " BloodMist said. Artemis blushed and looked down at her dangling legs, " so when are tu going to reveal who tu really are...." Artemis said. " Probably never..." BloosMist said, he got up and looked over gotham, " i should probably get going " he said, Artemis got up " when will i get to see tu again...." Artemis said, Bloodmist looked away " i dunno...soon..." Bloodmist said. Artemis went up to him and lifted up...
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posted by XxKFforeverXx
Name: Dallas Union "Dally" 
Alias: Seraphs
Occupation: Villain, sidekick to Riddler
Age: 16 
Looks; 6'4 white hair, purple eyes, 105 pounds, muscular, white wings with black spots, and a scar that covers his right eye.
Personality: Smart Alec, mostrar off, hates human life (also a major hate for Fang) loves to kill, doesn't believe in segundo chances.
Weapons: Carries two swords
Powers: Flight (wings) psychic (uses this ability to win in fights) 
Past: Created in the School as a weapon to destroy all human life, Dallas set out to fulfill his destiny, killing anyone in his way. Battling Fang several times and loosing Dallas is out for Fangs blood, coming back faster and stronger. And he's ready to end Fang once and for all.  
DELTA (Stupid)

“Lets go, Danna!” Dick called in his Robin uniform, Danna ran down also in her Delta suit.
“Hang on, I can't find my data glasses!” She dicho rushing past him. Robin looked at her confused. Kyra smirked and shook her head as if to say ‘don’t ask’.
“Come on! We have to go to the cave!” Robin yelled at his sister who was running around frantically.
“I need my data glasses! It’s like tu going without your computer! It holds the exact same purpose!” Delta said. Fin smirked and held back a giggle.
“Give me a second!’
“Hang on!”
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Episode Twenty: Coldhearted


Episode Twenty-One: Image


Episode Twenty-Two: Agendas

Part One: link

Part Two: link

Part Three: link

Part 4: link

Episode Twenty-Three: Insecurity

Part 1: link

Part 2: link

Part 3: link

Part 4: link

Part 5: link
posted by 66Dragons
Chapter Six:

Two weeks later...

"This is Taking too long." Becca said, pacing the room.

Sam seemed at ease. "Relax! It takes time to earn trust in these gangs."

"And I suppose tu would know that." Becca said, rounding on him.

Sam was, for once, caught off guard.

"Come on. It's obvious tu worked for Jazzman before!" Becca said.

Sam hesitated.

"Maybe..." he said.

"Don't 'maybe' me!" Becca said, growing angrier. Her eyes began to glow and Sam looked startled and even a little fearful.

"Why is it so important?" he asked.

"You worked for criminals!!!" Becca all but yelled.

"So?!" Sam replied, standing up....
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posted by XxKFforeverXx
Nudge opened her eyes and looked around in front her May had her knees pulled up to her chest with tears streaking her cheeks. Nudge looked over at her brother who sitting up against the cage with his arms folded across his chest. Nudge smiled slightly at Fang, he just glared back. Fang was pissed and Nudge could tell. A whitecoat with glasses grabbed Nudge and pulled her along 
"We're going to do a little experimenting  and you're up first." They pushed Nudge into a maze. 
"Now, we're going to time tu see how evolved tu have became." Nudge looked around and tried to stretch her wings out. ...
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posted by YJTTFAN
“If I go crazy will tu still call me Superman?” The young girl sang along with the radio. Her mother laughed at the sight of her daughter baging her head to the beat of the rock song. Taking one hand off the steering wheel she ruffled her daughters hair and then started watching the road again.
“Alright, Supergirl," Her mother mocked "That's enough 3 Doors Down for you,” She chuckled and changed the station to the girls protest.
“A group of heros have saved yet another town,” The reporter said. The blond haired girl gave a huge grin and put the radio higher.
“The heros consist...
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Chapter One-

"Recognized, Robin. B-01." 

"Rob! You're here!" Wally exclaimed, blurring towards his friend.

"This had better be damn important." Robin said, pushing Wally out of the way.

"Dude!" Wally complained. "You sound just like Batman!"

Robin froze and had Wally pinned against the muro in an instant.

"Don't. Say. That. Again." Robin growled. "I'm nothing like him!" 

Wally let out a nervous laugh and Robin dropped him to the floor.

Wally rubbed his neck as the rest of the Team walked in.

Artemis sighed at the sight of Wally.

"What did he do now?" she asked.

"No time." Robin said. "What's the mission...
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posted by jadore_renard
It's up finally ;D I know this is prett short, but I felt like leaving the ending on a cliff hanger *trollface*
Again, I apologize for any spelling/grammatical errors... I typed this on a severely.cracked iPod.

Mila found herself slumped against a building in agonizing pain. She had not even made it half the distance to her neighborhood before her legs gave out and she was forced to drag herself on her hands and knees over to this alley way. She had never gotten herself hurt this severely and the fact that she had now had her furious with herself. What had she done wrong? What could she have...
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A double storyline to introduce two of the best DC Comics characters ever.

The Cause Behind the Cowl


The school campana rang as the students filed in. Barbara Gordon closed her locker and turned to see Dick Grayson smiling at her.

Barbara let out an exhausted sigh and turned to the boy. "What now, Richard? más homework?" 

"Nah!" the teen replied. "I just wanted to say hi!"

"Well now you've dicho it. Go." Barbara said, slightly irritated.

"Someone is certainly not feeling the aster." 

Barbara groaned and started walking away. Dick followed.

"Why are tu following me?" she asked.

"Why did you...
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posted by XxKFforeverXx
"Nudge where are we going?" May whined as the sat on her levitating rock while Nudge and Fang flew above her.
"That's for me to know, and for tu to find out." 
"We're over the Arizona border. Where are we going?" Fang looked down.
"You wanna know, Fine! Where going to the school and putting a stop to this genetics crap." Fang stopped in his tracks. "You're joking right? Nudge, we can go up against these guys! Its probably 3 to about 500!" 
"That's why I've called in Lynsey, Sophia and Paris, and the rest of the Young Justice team."  May screamed as a familiar whizz zoomed por Fang's ear. 
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posted by InfinityYJ
"Uh... ungh."
Fin pushed herself up from the stone cold floor, her black hair dancing around her shoulders. "This... isn't the cocina in Mt. Justice..." she muttered, and attempted to support herself standing. She staggered a bit, but managed to stay upright. "Why is it so familiar here?" she wondered aloud.
Across from her lay Nathan, but in a quite different world. He stood now, in a room with a carpeted floor, and a dirty, cerveza and blood stained rug. "No... Oh, god, no.."
"Bonjour, my friends."
Nathan whipped his head around, and the living room crashed down to reveal a pitch black hole of...
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posted by Robin_Love
The rest of the día passed in a leisurely manner. But the siguiente día made up for that. Dick walked into the cocina where the girls were eating. They each greeted him as he sat down. Kendra placed a plate of panqueques, tortitas in front of him.
“So what do tu girls have planned for today?” Dick asked.
“Training,” Becca dicho as she got up to take care of her dishes.
“Training? For what?”
“Anything. We need to know how strong tu are, how well tu can fight, how agile you, ect. Elithia is not one to wait. The faster and más we teach you, the better.”
“Becca is the one who wants tu fighting,”...
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posted by Robin_Love
Name: Zeth Parker
Hero Name: Loki
Occupation: Minor, sorcerer, vigilante
Base: other dimension; currently Earth
Powers: Magic, elements, hand-to-hand combat, staff
History: Zeth was raised in the streets as an orphan. He was taken in por a kindly gentleman. Zeth soon discovered that his new guardian was a warlock. Zeth had potential in the magic arts and was trained to control his ability. When he turned six, Zeth was a talented warlock and was able to control the elements. It was then that his guardian came to the conclusion that Zeth was a demigod and the son of Zeus, father of the gods. After...
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posted by InfinityYJ
"Nathan!" Fin shouted. She ran over to where he was on the ground, still clutching at his hair.
"Oh, my gosh, Nathan! Are tu alright?" Mercy expressed her concerns.
Fin dropped to her knees as everyone surrounded the twitching boy on the ground. "He looks like he's having a seizure," Blade remarked.
"Just- Blade, just shut up, tu know how she gets about him," Aisling repremanded.
Fin reached softly towards Nathan, who was now still. "Connor, get Canary." He nodded and went for the training room.
"Canary left for an emergency meeting at the Watchtower, Fin," Scarlet said. Nervously eyeing Nathan,...
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posted by Titaness
Clash of the Titans

Chapter One:

Whitestar Lines, Ireland
07:23 GMT December 17, 1911

I skipped happily into my dad's office. He was pretty high up in the chain of command on this project, but was never dado publicity o written down as a member. He was the invisible third wheel. And he liked it that way.

Before I could walk in though, I heard my dad yelling.

"I'm not doing it, James!" my dad yelled. "That is the craziest thing I've ever heard!"

"Suit yourself!" another voice yelled. One I instantly hated. A moment later, James Hauds Stormed out of my dad's office.

James was NOT a likable guy. He...
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