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Chapter Seven- "...And más Clashes (With a side of plot twists)"

Revenge leaped onto the roof, landing in a crouch. The assassin had fled to the trees, but she would have to re-appear soon. Revenge's agrio, agria mood was worsened por the archer re-appearing siguiente to him.

"I thought I made it clear--"

"that tu can't handle one assassin?" Artemis asked, smirking and putting a hand on her hip. "Yeah."

"She's good." Revenge said, turning back to look at the forest.

"Whatever helps tu sleep at night." Artemis smirked.

Revenge frowned at her, por turned to the park at the sounds of commotion. Police were firing...
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Chapter Six- "More Clashes..."

Central Park was not a very nice place to be wandering around in the middle of the night. Even if tu were a masked crime-fighter with extreme abilities o super-powers.

It was almost a garantee of death if tu were just a normal person. Lots of different kinds of slime existed in the park. Drug dealers, rapists, psychopathical murderers. And of course the common crooks who take every advantage they can.

Such as taking a hostage to ensure they go to jail for a really long time instead of the short sentence for robbing a bank.

"Don't move!" the guy warned, pushing...
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Chapter Five- "Clashes"

"Alright, honey." Revenge says, fastening the other end of the handcuff around a flagpole thirty stories above the hard concrete. "Let's have a talk."

Before the villainess can reply a negative, three shots hit Red Revenge in the chest and knock him into the wall. acebo leaps down in front of him, her green-white domino mask unable to hide the glimmer of mischief in her eyes.

"Warned you." acebo said, grinning.

Revenge growls and pulls the three rounds out of his chest, blood oozing from the wounds.

Holly tosses down the rifle and Red Revenge can see Cheshire hauling herself...
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Chapter Four- "Behind the Scene"

Red Revenge hoped he wasn't as stupid as he looked. He was currently waiting for an assassin at a location and time she had determined. That just happened to be a dark alley at midnight.

Revenge folded his arms and glanced at the clock on his HUD. The time was 11:59. A few segundos later, it turned 12:00 and acebo jumped down from the fuego escape.

"You're right on time." Revenge said. "If the appointment was at 11:24."

Holly frowned.

"You're not that good at hiding in shadows." Revenge said. "What did tu call me here for?"

"To tell tu that the setup on Grant is not...
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Chapter Three- "Rest"

It had been three weeks since Sam's last encounter with Artemis and the assassins. Something bugged the back of his mind. It was something acebo had dicho on their segundo battle. If acebo was even her real name.

But here Sam was, yet again, rushing to change into his Revenge outfit as sniper shots rang through the school yard.

Artemis was a little faster on the draw this time. She was attempting to make her way past Cheshire and towards Holly, but she was so far unsuccessful.

Red Revenge knew that she had Kid Flash as back-up. The ginger was not that hard to find. But he didn't...
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Chapter Two- "Second Date"

"YOU PRACTICALLY WENT ON A fecha WITH HIM!!!" Wally yelled.

"That was the mission, Wally." Nightwing said, walking into the room and smirking. "Jealous?"

"What?" Wally sputtered. "No! I just don't think she should be going out with a rich piece of slime!"

Nightwing looked hurt.

"Sorry, dude."

"Was and Is the mission." batman dicho as the computer recognized his arrival. "Revenge doesn't know how deep this runs. The assassination attempt on Grant was merely a face put on por the League of Shadows."

Artemis raised an eyebrow. "Grant seemed fine for a guy that had almost died."...
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Chapter One- "Assassin"

Sam never saw it coming.

He had ten calmly walking towards the school when the first shot had been fired. A .50 Caliber grazed his neck. Immediately all of the students on the campus ducked for cover.

Sam paloma behind a pillar and quickly took off his chaqueta to reveal the infamous crimson dagger beneath.

This time, the assassin never saw it coming. The dagger flew through the air and impaled itself in the barrel of her sniper rifle. The assassin saw the dagger and leaped for cover as it exploded.

A moment later, Revenge had grabbed her and swung to the nearest building. Before...
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Revenge o Redemption

New York City
August 14, 23:56 EST

The city was quieter than usual. Yes, it was night, but even then half the city was awake. The silence of an alleyway was disturbed por the sound of a girl running from a dark figure.

The girl was dressed entirely in black. Her boots, jeans, gloves, jacket, and her mask were as black as her pursuer's. She could've slipped into the night quite easily were it not for her long blonde ponytail that waved behind her as she ran.

Her pursuer was the masked vigilante Red Revenge. While his costume did not represent his name, his actions did....
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posted by InfinityYJ
When Dick got there with some of the team, Danna was sitting on the floor, blinking back tears. Dick quickly turned the team away for a segundo and reached for her glasses. Handing them to her, he mouthed, What happened?
Danna grasped the glasses and placed them on her blue eyes. Then she choked back on her answer and looked up to Dick.
“She lost, Robin. She finally lost.”
Dick shook his head as the team assumed it was seguro to come in. “What’s going on? Where’s Fin?” Mercy asked Nathan, who was biting his lip so hard there was blood. “She’s gone. Gone, I saw. But she promised, she...
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posted by MercyYJ
((OOC)) Okay, I got REALLY bored so i started this on my iPad, and i ended up finishing it 5 minutos ago.. (I have no life) So, yeah... this might explain a few things about Mercy....

I guess tu could say my life was completely and utterly over. I was stuck between a rock and a hard place; with nowhere to go. Jacob had practically forced me to betray my team, my best friends. If I refused, he was going to kill them. If I told them, he would kill them, and then me. Probably, if I told them anyways, they would say that they could take him. They would say that they would take him down. But they...
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posted by Robin_Love
Transmission received.

Hello fools. tu probably thought this was R_L. But instead, it's me, Tigress. I hacked into this computer, knowing tu wouldn't listen to me. But anyways, I brought a gift. An update on the heroes tu probably think are all okay.

Becca Stevens- Fatally wounded. She won't last much longer.

Erin Mavis- We caught the little speed demon. Now we get some fun.

Devin Grayson- Currently being....reconfigured. Lots of pain.

Terror-Broken, pained, completely willing to do as I say. Thanks Blade.

I know what you're thinking. We can get them back, we can save the día like the heroes...
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posted by InfinityYJ
“Look me in the eye and tell me tu don’t care.”
The green met the blue, then switched to the gold.
“I don’t, I really don’t. I couldn’t care even less. I would amor to see tu die.”
Tear spilled out of the gold, which slowly reverted back to a blue. Then they closed peacefully, and the girl let out a long sigh of relief. Nathan grimaced.
“You know I do care, right Delta?”
Danna nodded silently, looking down at her once again out-of-control sister. She was slightly crying too. “You know... this may be the last time we ever see her like this.”
“I know, Delta, I really do....
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posted by InfinityYJ
I can feel it, I can feel that never ending deep drag me in. It contrasts me, like night and day. Ice and flame.
Death is strong.
Am I stronger?
It’s a fight, literally, for my life. I’ve fought this battle before. It’s scary, because even the smallest of slip-ups can mostrar me what’ll happen if I were to lose. And it’s tempting. I see Mom, and Dad, and they’re alive. They’re there. Calling, waving. Pleading for me to come home. I can’t, I tell them, Not yet. I can’t.
And every time I do win, Delta and Robin are there, with me, telling me it’s okay. No one else understands why...
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posted by MikkiDs
This is no joke!!! I just had this last night!!! It was so horrible!!!

Ok, so I was in Gotham, but is was like TOTAL WORLD APOCALYSPE!!!! The buildings were on fire, half of them were crumbling to the ground, some being destroyed por numerous super villains!! I was running from the Joker, I then (oh so conveniently) tripped over some rubble and he almost got me but then half a building fell on parte superior, arriba of him, nearly crashing on me!

I ran into some park and lex was there along with the entire Justice League!!! They were all chained up I think that Hawk Man and Woman were knocked out and so were the...
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Gotham Academy

Becca, Artemis and Robin all gathered in the hall, they had just got the same idea as Fang, Lucas and Willow of what the hell was really going on.
The crackle of the announcer’s microphone echoed through the vast corridors.

“This announcement is for all students, an emergency situation has been taken place inside the school right now all students must follow you’re teachers instructions and evacuate I repeat I-“. The microphone buzzed a little and then there was silent for a second.

“It’s happening” dicho Robin.

“Ahh get away from me …….GET BACK! WAAA AHHHH...
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posted by DeltaYJ
I wake up in a soft bed, that’s the first thing that’s wrong. Adrenaline already pumping in my veins, I leap out of the unknown bed. I peer around the room, that’s definitely not Cadmus. Where am I? I ask myself. I realise another thing, I’m really tall. I look at myself in a nearby mirror. This can’t be happening someone else is staring at me through the mirror. I look like a pre-teenager, like Experiment 1535783. What was her image age again?......12? Yeah that’s it, 12 years old in human years. This must be a trick....a test! This is a Cadmus testing unit! Probably to teach...
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posted by SilverWings13
Worth part VI
"Do tu know where we're going?" Artemis asked, her irritation making her forget to be cautious of the noise we made.
"Yes," I said, "according to the map, we're almost to the main labs. We're supposed to meet the others there."
"I know where we're supposed to be meeting them," she snapped, "And what do tu mean por 'according to the map'. What'd tu do, memorize it?"
"Yes." I stopped when I realized Artemis had halted. "Why'd tu stop?"
"You memorized the map?"
I rolled my eyes and kept shuffling along.
"Kaldur had it up for five minutes," she said, following me again.
"Five minutes...
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Sirens blared, as the four siblings arose. War planes flew overhead and bright lights illuminated the dark house.
"Kaldur! Artemis!" The two oldest sibling immediately got up from and raced to their mother.
"Get up Wally and Zatanna! We've got to get out of here!" Both Kaldur and Artemis nodded in unison and ran in different directions 
"Mommy!" Zatanna cried from her bed. Artemis ran in and grabbed her little sister, the youngest of the siblings. Wally emerged from his room and ran into Kaldur. He grabbed Wally and ran out the behind Artemis, Zatanna, and their mother. 
"Father!" Wally escaped...
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I apologize for this.....dissension of mine.
Until further notice Knives And Tights has been discontinued.
You may be asking your self why I made this. Well for 3 reasons.

1. escritura a OC character than goes along with a cañón character's as sidekick is something I have done for a long time. tundra was my first breath of fresh air from that. And i find it hard to use her character anymore.

2. I want to create a different OC that has the idea I have never tried to conquer before. A person who is good nor evil and yet interacts frequently with the cañón characters with out changing them to...
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The sun beamed down hard on the city, its warm rays touched everything. Fang o rather Derek at the time was trying to keep his eyes open as the perfect atmosphere made it harder to stay awake. His head sunk lower into his arms as he lent on the bannister of the Central City schools out door stair case. The semester had just begun and he was bunking of 5th period, he decided he had too much going on in his head to go to class.

He became más awake when the sound of rattling came from near the school entrance; he perked up and squinted at the dark, ill looking figure doing something to the school...
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