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posted by Robin_Love
“I hate this!” Becca muttered, resisting the urge to pull her hand out of Sam's.
“Hey this is no picnic for my either! Partners I can understand. But a fake couple? Bats is messed up!”
“Ugh. Just focus so we can get this over with! Oh and I won't tell acebo so tu better not tell Robin!”
“Trust me. This won't get out to anyone!”
Becca rolled her eyes. She'd decided to wear her sunglasses so no one would see the glares she was sending Sam in her furious brown eyes.
“Of all the jobs I've ever done, this is the worst!”
“Shut up, Sam!”
“Well excuse me!”
“No! Shut up! That's him!”
Becca motioned with her head to a man a little taller than Batman. He had had wavy brown hair and glistening blue eyes. Becca studied him.
“Hm. He doesn't look like a villain,” she muttered.
“They never do!”
“Was I talking to you? No!”
“Jeez! Then don't talk aloud!”
Becca stepped on his foot with her high-heeled boots and he let out a yip. Becca pulled her foot off, smirking.
“Whoops. Sorry,” she said, her voice dripping with sarcasm.
“I bet!” Sam dicho through his teeth.
Becca turned back to find their target staring at them. She gulped as fear ran up and down her spine.
“What now?!”
“He's watching us,” she whispered.
Sam looked up and found that Becca was right. He looked over at the girl beside him. He could see through the dark lenses, seeing Becca's fear in her eyes.
“What do we do?” she asked.
“Look like a couple. That's our cover.”
Becca gulped, this time with nasea and regret.
Becca turned, pressing her lips onto Sam's. He was startled but soon found Becca's voice in his head. Sorry Sam. But we have to be convincing. Plus, he can read lips. If we don't talk, he'll look away. Sam responded to her thoughts, pulling her close. Becca was surprised when Sam started besar back and she closed her eyes tight. She wrapped her arms around his neck. They continued to kiss until Becca dared to peak open her eyes. The Jazzman wasn't staring at them anymore. Becca pulled away, removing her arms.
“Sorry,” she panted.
“Next time...warn me.”
“IF there's...a siguiente time.”
Becca smiled, looking back up. She stepped away and looked around.
“What are tu doing?” Sam asked.
“Looking for something that will get the taste off my mouth,” Becca teased.
“Ha ha. Very funny.”
“I thought so. But seriously, I need a drink!”
Sam handed her a bottle of water. Becca accepted it with a surprised glance.
“What? I came prepared.”
Becca handed him the bottle, now half empty. Sam took it and Becca slipped her hand back into his.
“Let's go. He's moving.”
The two followed slowly, hoping they wouldn't have to have another make-out session just to keep their cover.
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Dick Grayson, Robin and Nightwing
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I thought this song was perfect for Robin and decided to dedicate it to him. I OWN NOTHING and the song belongs to skillet and the video clips belong to the creaters and networks. Enjoy :)
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Made por youtube user zmikey08z. The song is "Animal" por Neon Trees. Enjoy!! :D
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kid flash
neon trees
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