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posted by Denelys
 Iddentical twins but a rare sickeness got the best of me.
Iddentical twins but a rare sickeness got the best of me.
We were at a chinesse restaurant with Red Arrow.
"Okay so are tu guys twins?You look alike but más like Fraternal twins."
Nobodys ever asked us that before.
"Oh sorry guess Im wrong."
No,your right well mostly we are twins Iddentical ones to be exact but I got sick as baby and my apearence changed completly.
"That explains why your Black haired with red eyes and your sister is Blonde haired with blue eyes.Like A Raven and a paloma now I get it!"
He smiled sweetly as he rubbed the back of his head.
The thing is our names don`t match our apearences.
"How so?",Okay Im Dawn and shes Dusk it does`nt match us.
"That does`nt mean anything it makes tu less to be asked o followed trying to guess your secret."
I guess but still. Dusk glared at me.
"Onee-chan quit hating your name I amor it and it does blend with tu you`re at your best in the Dawn."She mumbled something else but I did`nt hear her.
"Woah its really late!"I looked around and noticed that nobody was here and they were closing.I guess we better get going Dusk.
"Im paying called it."We had bet earlier about who got to pay Red arrow won.
Fine but we owe tu siguiente time.
We walked outside."Hey i`ve got to head back to estrella city."
I thought tu lived in Bludhaven?SO he lied?
"I was but then they called it off and now they want me back at estrella City."
tu did`nt have to explain to me.
"Course I had to tu glared at me and it passed right through me it was like'your liying!'"
Really?Im sorry!.I have to work on my skills I can be easily dado away.
"Hey,Here!"He threw the keys to his bike and shot an arrow to another building leaving a note on the Bike.

Here I leave tu my new bike tu need it más than I do sides im getting another one this ones gonna go to waste.Please take care of it.

Red arrow <3
Dusk Got close and sneered."He drew a heart!Meaning he likes you!!!"
He does not,save your comentarios for yourself Dusk and tu would`nt last a día with that big mouth of yours."Baka I would last longer than tu think."So 3 segundos is a new record for you?
"Shut up!"She pushed me and got on the bike.
"Lets go!!"I took the casco and put it on turning on the bike and ridding to the east.

We`re here.Great Junior Justice was already there.What do tu guys want can`t tu take a hint?
"Apearently not Raven."Dusk was getting her sais out."Hey we don`t want any trouble!!!We just want tu to talk to someone sweeter than us."Wally explained.Then Red arrow came close.
But I thought,you were in coherts with them?!?
"Guys tu told me that it was`nt Raven and Dove!"
So they lieyed to you?I doubt that.
"You have to belive me!Please trust me."Explain NOW!
"After I left They called me saying that we were going to wait for Joker to come here but he did`nt mostrar up just tu guys."
Can`t tu tell where Joker is going to be next?he usualy leaves a trail of laughing people,blood o bombs."Raven we have been invaded we should atlest reconsider."Dove added comming siguiente to me putting her hand on my shoulder.
Fine i`ll registrarse on ONE condition we cannot get close as in be friends we are just team members on a important mission.
"And I was going to ask tu out,I`ll break tu later Deal!."Wally added comming forth to me.
Same old Wally huh?"H-h-ow`d tu know?!?!?!"
Batman`s not the only detective in town.
M`gann meet tu at happy harbor,Race?
"Sure,you really are a great detective!"She smiled sweetly and boarded the Bio-ship.
paloma wanna ride in the Bio-ship?Dove smiled like she had just seen me happy,something I almost never expresed that emotion.
"Yes!!!Smell tu later Raven!!"Laaame!!!Can`t tu do better?"Hero humor get one!"
The door closed and she kept walking.I got on the bike putting the casco on and doing a wheelee standing on tha back wheel of the bike speeding off.

Ha!got here first slow pokes! I sneered at them all including at Wally.
"So that does`nt mean your the best!and your new right?"Wally dicho Smirking
Your having a brain malfuction o something?cause I just joined the team.And yes it does,ruling tu out.
"You have to pass an Initiation ritual that ALL new members must pass through."
tu just made that up to get back at me did`nt you?"SO what Im older than tu makes me a older member making the rules and tu have to follow`em."First Im 15 makes us both the same age and secondly Kaldu`r makes the rules considering he`s the leader,and the league to so your not a o the leader but mearly a simple follower.
"Wha????Dude less words this is AMERICA where lazyness was born!."Now THAT your king of.
"Wally enough lets not get on a rocky start all of us,and tu do have to go through a initiation ritual tu AND Dove."Megan dicho with a sorry expresion.
Great,so whats the 'ritual' your going to make me follow??
 Red Arrows bike <3
Red Arrows bike <3
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What is the light's endgame? Why did the Light work with the Crolotians and then change to the Reach? How does the Reach taking over the earth benefit the Light? And what does this have to do with Apokolips?
Justicia Joven
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When I first heard this song, I instantly thought of Superboy. :D
posted by 66Dragons
Chapter One-

The last thing Robin expected at one in the morning was to have to go to the Batcave for some League emergency.

"What now?" he asked, tugging on his cape and rubbing his eyes. "Did Flash trip over his own feet again and set off an alarm?"

"No." The batman replied. "Distress signal from the Cave, but no one is responding."

Robin was immediately on alert. "Who was there? What happened?"

"Miss Martian and Superboy were at the mountain, I can't figure out what happened, but I've sounded a Beta level threat. The Team is teleporting there now." batman said.

"I guess that includes me?" Robin...
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posted by Robin_Love
Angelica Couture, Court to her friends, looked down at the city below her. It was crime filled and littered más than any other city she had been to. Except one. Heh. It sure makes Gotham look worse. Man. estrella City is a dump!
“Do tu see anything Court?”
“Not a thing Devin.”
“We have to keep looking!”
“Chill Dev. We'll find them. I know we will.”
“You're right. Do tu think Becca and Erin will be okay?”
Court laughed at this statement. It was one thing to ask if Young Justice was okay. It was another to ask if Becca would be okay. Especially if she was partnered with Erin.
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posted by DaPeople316
When we got back to the cave I went to my room to get some rest. I lied down on my cama staring into space.
A while later max came in and sat down siguiente to me.
"what?"I said.
"how did tu end up here?" max asked.
"ummmmm. Not really shure. I guess I just beat up some bad guy and batman came up to me and here I am." I replied. "What about you."
"Same here" max said.
I smiled, but my smile faltered.
"So what did happen to the others?" I asked max.
She sighed and dicho "I don't really want to talk about it right now."
I nodded."That's fine." I sighed.
Judging por the look of loss and guilt in her pretty brown...
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posted by DaPeople316
I threw up a force field and shouted "this force field lets out but not in."
Me, Artemis, and Robin took down the aliens. We got to the control room were a particularly large ugly horse headed beast was torchering a kid around my age. 
"So this is your last sight of earth before I destroy it."the beast teased.
"I doubt that Seth." the boy said.
"Why is that Daniel?" Seth retorted "you can't do any thing to stop me."
"There's no way number six could do that"Daniel dicho "and besides theres some one behind you."
He turned around and saw us, he momentarily loosened his grip on the kid. Daniel broke...
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I was doing paperwork when Kate came in the study room. “Rachel, why aren’t tu ready!?” She sounded angry. I kept escritura while I answered her question. “What do tu mean?” She started tapping with her feet on the ground. She was angry, now she is pissed off. “The Charity-party? tu begged on coming with me. Ring any bells?” Shit, I knew I did forget something. “I even had to ask the person who organized the charity party if tu were allowed to come. He laughed at my face and said: Of course she allowed but she will get quiet bored.” I finally looked up. Kate was wearing...
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posted by Skittles98
When I got to the mission room, nobody was there. I looked around. Nothing.
“Hello? Anyone there?” I called. Suddenly, arms of steel grabbed me around the waist and around my mouth so I couldn’t speak. I fought the grip, but it wouldn’t budge. A gag was placed over my mouth and hand cuffs were placed on my wrists. I was dropped onto the floor, and then a yellow gas filled my face. My head grew heavy and my sight grew dim. I saw looking Robin looking down on me. The rage that followed was enough to clear the air around me of the yellow smoke. I fought my hand cuffs with all my might....
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It was another beautiful & picture-perfect summer día in Gotham City, the Justice Leaguers & Young Justice Leaguers woke up to another día in Gotham, it was gonna be another busy día that was for sure.
but they were certain that it was gonna be another great day, when suddenly, they heard 4 sneezes behind them, when they turned around, they saw 4 brothers coming their way.
it was the oldest brother Dick Richard John Grayson-Wayne, his 2nd oldest brother Jason Todd Grayson-Wayne, their younger brother Tim pato, drake Grayson-Wayne & their baby brother Damian Grayson-Wayne were standing behind...
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