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Guide by MafiaYJ posted hace 7 horas
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It's been 3 years since the last update, and since then I and my character have changed and grown. Let's see whats new shall we?


Full Name : Babylon
Nickname: Barbara Lon, Robert Lon; Babs
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: St. Paul’s Cathedral (No longer Catholic I believe) in London; burned down 3 months later in the Great fuego of London
Birthday: June 6, 1666
Currently living in: New York
Species/Race: Human - Demon Hybrid
Ethnicity: European
Occupation: Currently - CEO of companies + Scientist ; for anything before hand, ask her about it
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Social Status: High Class, Elite


Body Build: Fit, hora Glass Form, “Curvy”
Height: 5’7; 1.74 meters
Weight: 135 lbs (Cause she is normal-); 61.2 kg
Skin colour: porcelana
Fan fiction by XxKFforeverXx posted hace 2 días
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Fletcher stepped out onto the docking, his hands immediately unbuttoning the dark buttons on his peacoat to get away from the sweltering heat. "Christ.." he mumbled and paused at the black sport car that awaited for him. He opened the el maletero, tronco and tossed in the suitcase, his bag following afterwards. He hesitated to get into the car but slid into the backseat, side-eyeing the girl that sat across from him. "They send tu to fetch after their rogue son?" He chuckled and crossed his arms. "Your father is very sick, Fletch, a lot has changed in the three years you've been gone." She leaned back in the asiento as the car started to move. "But that wasn't the reason tu drug me here today was it, Madeline?" He asked, though he already knew the answer. She only smiled, watching the people blur by. "Your cousin is picking his future queen siguiente week, tu could at least be bothered to registrarse in the festivities." Fletcher scoffed and turned to look at her. "Do tu actually care o are tu más enticed por the knowledge of getting paraded around por a prince?" He rose an eyebrow, a sly grin on his face. "You make that sound like a bad thing~" Madeline snickered and quickly escaped the car when it...
Opinion by Robin_Love posted hace 7 días
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Name: Irene Adams (I-reen-E)
Alias: Mim (M-im)
Occupation: Child
Powers: all elements, Flight
History:Irene was born the daughter of Devin and Fang Adams. She was raised in her home, with her siblings. Her days were spent lazily, being her daddy’s little girl, until she turned seven. When she turned seven, she killed her oldest sibling, Jon, in a freak accident with her newly found powers. Since then, she has lived in rivalry with her siblings for her father’s attention, which she believes is the only thing keeping her with the family.
Notes: Irene was born with naturally purple hair, something that was different from her siblings. She is the only one to inherit her mother’s power over elements.

This is a short guide to the youngest child in the Adams' family. She will have a longer one for when she's older.
Fan fiction by Robin_Love posted hace 13 días
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Just some facts about my ocs that I thought you'd like to know

"Strange" Fears
Becca: Thunder
Tara: Darkness
Devin: Demons
Cat: Batman
Dylan: People
Blaine: Rats
Lance: Power
Terror: Unknown

favorito! Animals
Becca: Ravens
Tara: Wolves
Devin: Peacocks
Cat: Foxes
Dylan: Tigers
Blaine: Horses
Lance: Hawks
Terror: Cats

favorito! Colors
Devin: Sky blue
Becca: Red
Tara: Burgandy
Cat: Purple
Dylan: Green
Terror: Black ((Becca: Like your soul!))
Blaine: Silver
Lance: Bright blue

favorito! Weapon
Becca: Magic
Devin: None
Tara: Guns
Dylan: Scythe
Blaine: Kunai
Lance: Sword
Cat: Claws
Terror: Hands

Might do another one soon. Hope tu enjoyed!!
Fan fiction by XxKFforeverXx posted hace 13 días
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Kori made her way across the room, stopping to stare at the screen that Nightwing stood in front of. A red hooded figure ran across the screen, the image playing over and over again as if he was searching for something. She ran over and ducked under his arms before popping up. "Is that Jason Todd?" Dick moved back a few steps at the sudden outburst. He quickly grabbed Kori por the waist and flipped the monitor off, sighing out in relief when she groaned. "Dick!" Kori drug out his name and then crossed her arms, pouting before looking back at the screen. "I will not be responsible for fueling your obs- What did tu say?" Her eyes widened when she realized the name had slipped from her lips. Of course she knew who it was, she was from the future, and she hacked Bruce's computer 25% of the time, and found out the identity. "Nothing." Kori cocked her hip out to the side, looking at her uncle. "Keeping secrets?" He rose an eyebrow, shutting the computer down before grinning at her. "Like tu haven't.." The girl scoffed and picked up her backpack, sliding it on. "Can I borrow some of your rip off batarangs?" She asked, walking back closer to the male. He only frowned, crossing his...
Guide by Robin_Love posted hace 13 días
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tu don't have to like her. Whole point is kinda not to XD

Name: Lilith Callista
Reason o meaning of name: Night Monster/Storm Goddess, most beautiful
Eye Color: Violet
Hair Style/Color: White
Height: Does height matter? (5’6”)
Clothing Style: Fashion Forward

Your Fears: I have none
Your Guilty Pleasure: Boys~
Your Biggest Pet Peeve: Girlfriends/wives
Your Ambition for the Future: I have none

Your First Thoughts Waking Up: Where am I?
What tu Think About the Most: My Fiance
What tu Think About Before Bed: If I’m satisfied
tu Think Your Best Quality Is: Everything~!!

Single o Group Dates: Single
To be Loved o Respected: Loved
Beauty o Brains: Beauty
perros o Cats: I prefer swans

Lie: Always
Fan fiction by SilverWings13 posted hace 1 mes
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Shiiiing! Shing! Shing! Zzt!

Every slash across the sparring bots’ polished white chests made Ana grit her teeth. The “zzt” of sparking wires was worse. Each rápido, swift pass of her swords left a shallow scratch on the humanoid machines, but occasionally, her swords bit too deep. Her adversaries also landed the occasional blow, but their swords were blunted and barely bruised through her blood-red armor.

All three bots suddenly lunged, and Ana whirled, one curved blade slicing a head from its skinny metal neck, another slashing a polymer chest white open. She crossed her blades into an X as the last’s blade cut downward. Clash! The reverberation of blunted aluminum on Damascus steel made her arms ache and teeth shiver, but it didn’t stop the young women from shoving up and forward. The training bot rocked back like a real person thrown off balance, and the soldier thrust her right sword through its chest. The bot froze, also like a human being, except for the sparks that spit from the hole. Ana yanked her sword free and let the dead robot drop with a definitive clunk.
Opinion by SilverWings13 posted hace 3 meses
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Name: Aryess ángel Weston
Reason o meaning of name: ((I liked the name Ari from Maxiumum Ride, so I made it girly with -ess? Idk I was 12; Weston was the last name of a spy in a tv mostrar I like; ángel because of its ambiguous meanings: warrior, protector, "of death," "sweet as an"))
Eye Color: light grey, like silver~
Hair Style/Color: light blonde, wavy, down to my shoulder blades
Height: 5' 8"
Clothing Style: comfortable...though I've been told that I have expensive taste
Best Physical Feature: my eyes, I think?

Your Fears: the League of Shadows coming for my children
Your Guilty Pleasure: cheating on my healthy comida regimen with entire pints of ice cream
Your Biggest Pet Peeve: continuity errors in movies...I notice them too easily
Your Ambition for the Future: watching my kids grow up to be happy

Your First Thoughts Waking Up: gotta get work done before the ankle biters are up
Fan fiction by Robin_Love posted hace 3 meses
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Name: Lancelot Morgan
Reason o meaning of name: Lancelot: Servant, Morgan: Sea
Eye Color: Grey-Blue
Hair Style/Color: Short, brown
Height: 6’ 0”
Clothing Style: Discreet
Best Physical Feature: Eyes

Your Fears: Not your business
Your Guilty Pleasure: Watching
Your Biggest Pet Peeve: Hurting Others
Your Ambition for the Future: My ambitions are unneccessary

Your First Thoughts Waking Up: What happened?
What tu Think About the Most: Saftey
What tu Think About Before Bed: I never plan to sleep.
tu Think Your Best Quality Is: I listen

Single o Group Dates: Single
To be Loved o Respected: to respect love
perros o Cats: I’m más a horse person

Lie: When needed
Believe in Yourself: On occasion
Believe in Love: Yes
Guide by Robin_Love posted hace 3 meses
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Name: Ena Sikora
Alias: Viveka
Powers/Abilities: dance fighting, flight, hand to hand combat
History: Ena grew up with her parents, her father being a millionaire. Her mother was nurturing and her best friend until the tragic accident tore them apart. With her mother gone, Ena became alone in her father’s house. Teased and bullied because of her father’s power, Ena was alone in the world. She threw herself into her dancing, focusing only on her moves and not the people who sought to bring her down. As Viveka, she became a beacon of hope to her city of Central. She was later approached por Nigtwing who recruited her for the team. Despite the kindness, Ena remains on guard and wary of people who seek to use and abuse her.
Notes:Ena enjoys dancing más than anything else, and feels connected to her mother más when she dances. Her favorito! is the cisne Lake ballet. It was the last one she saw with her mother before she passed. Ena suffered some minor wounds in an accident that damaged her hip, but she decided to press on. She is skilled in many forms of dance including, but not limited to, ballet, hip hop, ballroom, waltz,...
Fan fiction by SilverWings13 posted hace 3 meses
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Following Mafia's example and creating a más YJ oriented OC~

Name: Fey
Meaning of name: fairy
Hero Name: Valkyrie
Eye Color: soft brown
Hair Style/Color: dirty blonde, curly
Age: 19
Special features: white wings that fold neatly under her clothes when in civvies
Abilities: flight (wings), fast healing, super strength and speed
Species: Amazonian
Birth place: Themyscira

Civvies: comfortable black leggings, grey converse, white socks, dark blue Gotham universidad sweatshirt, golden bracelet with green gems and matching earrings
Hero suit: see pic at right

Background: Fey was born from an Amazonian woman and a mysterious winged man who visited Themyscira once nine months before she was born. Fey was raised on the island, training like the other Amazonians. However, she bled and aged like a human, so she was always treated as a weakling. Her wings also made her stand out. She's very self-conscious and anxious, which makes her clumsy.
Fan fiction by XxKFforeverXx posted hace 3 meses
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Karras stared at the two girls with his head tilted to the side, before looking down at his hands. Kori took a deep breath and ran her hands through her long hair. "Nicki.. mostrar him what I mean." The girl's ears twitched and shrugged, backing away from them. She stood still for a moment, turning her palms outward, lightning flickering between her fingers. Kori rose an eyebrows and tilted her head up, eyes weeping the clear blue sky. "I'm pulling it from air around me.. I got Dad's lightning, not his weather nonsense." She giggled, letting the sparks dance around her fingers. The boy watched before the purple light filled the area around his hands, his eyes flickering back and forth. They rose their hands at the same time, lightning calling down to Nicolette's as purple light shot up from Karras' hand.

Shane pushed open the curtains in his room, eyes squinting at sudden burst of sunlight. He shielded his face for a moment before turning his back to the large window, finally getting a good look at the spare room. Neutral colores dawned every surface, even the colores of his school uniform matched the shade. A yawn came from the male as he dressed for school, tucking in...
Article by MafiaYJ posted hace 3 meses
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Yo- due to the new upcoming season of Young Justice, i realized most of my current OCs no longer fit well into the mostrar etc because the RPs and the like have moved them away from the fuente material and are now más like truly original characters, rather than fan made original characters. Therefore I created a new OC that fits the timeline better maybe? I'm still checking to see where she fits best. Anyway- here we go.

Name: H'Arel-Mi [HUht - ar-ehl-meh]
Species: Eluvian
inicial Planet: Elu
Age: 772 Earth years - 24 Elu years

Hair: Dark Teal
Skin: Soft verde azulado, trullo, teal
Eyes: (4) Light Blue
Forehead Gem: Light Blue
Height: 5'9

Inborn Abilities:
- Thick Skin
- Her eyes can detect heat signatures and different light values including UV rays
- Super strength
- Flight
- Forehead Gem blocks against psychic attacks
Fan fiction by SilverWings13 posted hace 4 meses
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"Now they know what tu are."

Not long after, a knock came at the young man's door. Marcus Antoni Rurik set down the jackets he had been trying to decide between to go to the door. He froze at the sight before him. The redhead had been forced to clean up nicely. Her red locks were straightened to a sheen, make-up smoothed over her features, and a well-fitted dress hugged her well-toned body. Aside from the chains around her wrists, anastasia Romanov looked like she actually belonged in his family's castle.
"Miss Romanov, how can I help you?" Marcus asked, crossing his strong arms over his chest. The girl ducked her head in what the male knew was only feigned respect. "Can we talk in private?"
The Rurik boy looked at her guards and motioned for them to stay where they were, then stepped back to let the young girl into his room. She moved with a gracefulness that surprised him.
"I want your help, please. Not for me, but for my brother."
Article by khanna266 posted hace 4 meses
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Hey... It's me Khanna. It feels weird calling myself that now. Hehe. Um, it's been so long since I've been on here. I don't know if many of tu remember me, but I remember tu guys. At least the older members that is. I remember when I used to talk to tu guys for hours and hours. RPing, chatting and who knows what else. This club, this place, it means a lot to me. tu guys have dado me so many good memories and I'll cherish them forever. I feel so nostalgic right now just typing this. It's so weird how much we grow as people. I've been making más art than ever in these past two to three years, and I'm (hopefully) going to college siguiente semester. It feels so strange. When I first got on fanpop I was like 12. Wow. I'm fucking NINETEEN now guys. That's huge. I feel so weird right now, but that's not why I'm typing this right now. I wanna say thank tu to everyone on here who gave me some of the best years in life. Y'know I had like no friends in middle school except for tu guys. This place was like an escape for me. A whole other world to be honest.
Opinion by SilverWings13 posted hace 4 meses
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Anastasia Romanova II
The sequel two-shot to link

"Why did tu interfere?"

The air was stifling with so many people crammed into the room. The Ruriks lined one side of the room with their matching dark hair uniting them. Facing them stood dozen of strangers in colorful clothing. They were here for the spectacle. Ana felt a drop of sweat run a path down her spine as she stared at the man sitting at the head of the room. His dark hair mixed with grey the only separation between him and his sons. Grand robes pooled around his chair on the raised platform where he presided like a judge over the room.
With the rest, Ana's eyes darted to the doors as they slammed open. In they dragged a man with hair as white as snow, but dirtied por blood and mud. The guards held him up por either arm, dragging his injured leg behind him. Ana could tell por the dirty bandages around his leg and chest that the Ruriks cared little for keeping his wounds clean.
Guide by Robin_Love posted hace 5 meses
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Name: Ena Sikora
Reason o meaning of name: Graceful; Bird
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Style/Color: Blonde, long
Height: 5’9
Clothing Style: Modern
Best Physical Feature: Hair

Your Fears: well…..
Your Guilty Pleasure: Uh...sunflower seeds
Your Biggest Pet Peeve: Witches (Mean people)
Your Ambition for the Future: Be famous

Your First Thoughts Waking Up: Coffee
What tu Think About the Most: Dance
What tu Think About Before Bed: Man I’m tired
tu Think Your Best Quality Is: My sense of humor (Sarcasm)

Single o Group Dates: Single hehe
To be Loved o Respected: Ask me later
Beauty o Brains: Beauty, in my business
perros o Cats: Hmm….birds

Lie: Duh!
Believe in Yourself: Not always
Believe in Love: Not really
Fan fiction by MafiaYJ posted hace 5 meses
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Warning: A tad gorey?

“She’s been missing for days, Adrian” Ethan raged from the other side of Adrian’s desk, “ I haven’t even been able to see her anywhere! That should be impossible!” On the other side, Adrian was scanning through the time scrolls. She had to be somewhere. How was he the calm one in this situation? It was like the two Watchers switched roles.
Standing in a corner was Nereus with Esther, who’d reported Babylon missing on Sunday, it was currently Saturday.
The tension in the room had made Esther fussy earlier but now she was asleep in Nereus’s arms, peacefully unaware of what was going on around her.
Angela, despite her angelic appearance, paused in her buscar through the time orbs to glare at Ethan as he paced around the room.
“Can tu stop that!” Angela snapped at him.
“I can’t think when you’re doing that, and i’m certain you’re making the human unsettled!” All eyes fell to Nereus now who dicho nothing and only rocked Esther. He couldn’t believe Babylon would abandon them again. He thought she was over this dying thing once they had Esther.
Fan fiction by SilverWings13 posted hace 6 meses
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This totally messes with the ToF timeline, sowwz KFf~

Hailey paused in the doorway, her message dying on her lips. It was rude to spy on someone, but the way his shoulders slumped adelante, hacia adelante with the weight of the world, face hidden in his hand, rigid and still as stone, made her hesitate. "It's not your fault," she stated finally. As expected, he straightened with the emotions wiped from his face. He wouldn't let her see him weak, not now. Even with his shoulder in a sling, his leg mutilated, his neck heavily bandaged, discipline brought a sternest to his posture that made her hesitate to even consider him injured.
"I shouldn't have lost my temper," he replied quietly. He averted his eyes from her as his composure faltered. "I know how fragile she is. I just...she wouldn't stop asking why, over and over, and I just exploded."
"You're allowed to be frustrated sometimes," she pointed out, even knowing the words were lost on someone who had tried to shake years of having the emotions beat out of him, but reverted back to his old ways. "You both were heated. tu can apologize later."
Fan fiction by Robin_Love posted hace 6 meses
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Because it needed to be done.

Selfish. That’s what she was. As she stood out in the freezing rain like she had the snow the anterior night, that was the only word that came to mind. She shivered but pressed onwards as she let her salty tears mix with the rain. He had been right for some of it. She hadn’t asked. For her own sake and even for his. But she hadn’t expected him to say everything else. She had thrown the ring at him in her hurt, and the loss of it was evident on her finger. She sniffled and made her way into the darkness, leaning against a tree. Selfish and unwanted. That’s what she was. Her lower lip shook and she had to bite it to keep from sobbing. She hated herself. Pulling her chaqueta tighter around her, she went back to walking. She had been running for hours and was becoming weak. But she had no one else to count on now. She was alone. She shivered again and couldn’t stop her tears as she suddenly collapsed. Curling up, she sobbed uncontrollably. She was unwanted. And her corazón was broken because of it.
Fan fiction by Robin_Love posted hace 6 meses
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Name: Cat. C-A-T Cat
Reason o meaning of name: um.....I'm a cat....
Eye Color: purple
Hair Style/Color: it varies. and black
Height: I'm short!!! (4'11")
Clothing Style: Uhm....cute
Best Physical Feature: My ears

Your Fears: No..........
Your Guilty Pleasure: COOKIE DOUGH~
Your Biggest Pet Peeve: I don't have a pet (She hates name callers)
Your Ambition for the Future: My what?

Your First Thoughts Waking Up: Sleep
What tu Think About the Most: Scoooooooooott
What tu Think About Before Bed: Sleep
tu Think Your Best Quality Is: personality

Single o Group Dates: Single
To be Loved o Respected: Loved
Beauty o Brains: Both!!!!
perros o Cats: Really? >.>

Lie: Sometimes
Believe in Yourself: No
Guide by XxKFforeverXx posted hace 6 meses
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I can’t sleep soooooooo bby Callie! <3

Name: Calypso “Callie” Antigone Rurik
Reason o meaning of name: The meanings take foreeeeeeeeeever to explain.. I prefer the tl;dr.. “seductress nymph”!
Eye Color: Like.. an ocean blue.
Hair Style/Color: Tawny brown. Just look at whatever color Dad’s hair is and it’s that. It’s down just past my shoulders and I have these really cute bangs too.
Height: ummmmmmm well right now I’m like 5’3
Clothing Style: Umm, kinda grungy? But I also really like skirts and bows and honestly it’s a mixed style.
Best Physical Feature: *chews on lip thoughtfully* my... oooh! oooh! Definitely my eyes~

Your Fears: Losing my parents and brother..
Your Guilty Pleasure: I eat maní, cacahuete mantequilla straight from the jar.. I also really like to be a pain in my parent’s ass~
Your Biggest Pet Peeve: I actually cannot stand people that chew with their mouth open.
Fan fiction by Robin_Love posted hace 6 meses
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Just something I thought of. I think it’s not quite yet a año but the story came to me. Enjoy

The soft lullaby filled the room as the clock turned 2:00. The sun was tucked away to sleep, much like the girl in bed. A shadow crossed the room, coming closer. A sudden flash of metal, and the girl faced her intruder, claws out.
“You could have died!”
The capucha, campana fell away to reveal piercing icy blue eyes.
“I needed someone...”
The implication of his words caused her to lower her guard and sheath her claws. She made room on the cama and he sat, staring into a dark abyss.
“Has it already been a whole year?”
He nodded and his eyes turned into sorrow.
“One año since she broke it off...”
The girl stayed quiet and let the música from her box fill the room.
“Are tu okay?”
He laughed bitterly.
“Of course not! She was the one and my damned luck worked out so I lost her!”
“Don’t level your anger at me!”
He snapped his mouth shut and glared at the moon for mocking his wounded heart.
Fan fiction by SilverWings13 posted hace 7 meses
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Part 3
Her first breath of clean air burned Hailey's lungs. Her painful coughs were echoed por her fireman as he set her down in the cool césped, hierba past the árbol line. They were far from the heat of the house burning like a piece of paper incinerating in a bonfire.
"Ça va?" Aleksander managed after a few minutes, albeit hoarsely. "Are tu okay? Did tu get burned at all?"
The young woman shook her head, on her hands and knees as she took deep, slow breaths. Cool night air caressed her bare skin. She was grateful for her earlier judgement in leaving her stifling dress in the wine cellar and her even earlier judgement in wearing black laced underwear rather than something the soot staining her skin would ruin.
"I'm fine, Aleksander," she replied breathlessly. She raised her head and choked his name out again. Her rescuer sat close beside her in the grass. His suit, so carefully prepared to meet the Crown Prince, was charred crisp around his shoulders. She stared at them as they halted stiffly with burning breaths like her own. The soot stained his white hair a dark grey. Black coated his skin, smeared along his cheek bones and down his sharp jaw where...
Fan fiction by SilverWings13 posted hace 7 meses
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The party leapt from their chairs, the advisor and trade miniter’s son taking up posts in front their prince.
A woosh of wind billowed through the entryway. The stench of smoke followed. Hailey screamed as a masked juggernaut in metal armor barged into the dining room hauling a flame thrower. She quickly dunked under the mesa, tabla for cover as flames were dowsed over the walls and floor, making the men jump back. Hailey suddenly heard a scream from the trade minister's son that made her stomach twist. The stench of burning flesh burned her eyes. Her fear pushed her to jump up and make a run to the kitchen. The closest door was into the wine cellar, where she ran into and yanked the door shut. She panted and coughed, smoke beginning to crawl into her lungs.
The young woman tried to listen for the stomps of the fuego wielding giant, but the roar of flames was building. The handle of the door grew warm. Hailey quickly yanked her hand away, stummbling back, down the stairs. She whirled around for a place to escape, but the wine cellar proved windowless.