Karras stared at the two girls with his head tilted to the side, before looking down at his hands. Kori took a deep breath and ran her hands through her long hair. "Nicki.. mostrar him what I mean." The girl's ears twitched and shrugged, backing away from them. She stood still for a moment, turning her palms outward, lightning flickering between her fingers. Kori rose an eyebrows and tilted her head up, eyes weeping the clear blue sky. "I'm pulling it from air around me.. I got Dad's lightning, not his weather nonsense." She giggled, letting the sparks dance around her fingers. The boy watched before the purple light filled the area around his hands, his eyes flickering back and forth. They rose their hands at the same time, lightning calling down to Nicolette's as purple light shot up from Karras' hand.

Shane pushed open the curtains in his room, eyes squinting at sudden burst of sunlight. He shielded his face for a moment before turning his back to the large window, finally getting a good look at the spare room. Neutral colores dawned every surface, even the colores of his school uniform matched the shade. A yawn came from the male as he dressed for school, tucking in his white dress camisa, camiseta with a heavy sigh. He emerged from his room within a few minutes, not paying attention to the blushing girl on the couch. He grabbed his bag por the door and slid out of the cramped apartment, immediately wishing to be inicial in his spacious room. It wasn't a long trek to his new school, and from the looks of the gathering crowd of school students, it was anything less than small. He stared at the stoned steps as he made his way into the high school, his eye twitching at loud sound of chattering. After making a sharp turn down a less crowded hallway and found himself leaning against a wall, his slender fingers pushing back strands of hair away from his face. Shane paused as his person of entered down the hallway. Her long back hair seemed to flow as she walked along, his green eyes transfixed as she chatted away to the two boys that walked beside. They all.. oddly resembled each other, but no other thoughts came to mind as he watched Mel glide along. The boy to her left stood tall, nearly 6'2, and his ravenette/jet black hair had a slight curl to it. The boy to her right was significantly paler than the other two, and hardly stood as tall as Mel. His hair was significantly styled and nearly matched the two beside him. His eyes flickered to meet Shane's and the two locked gazes for a brief second. Jaime turned first and went back to talking to Mel, his arms crossed over his chest. Shane got up off the wall, and stopped when he felt another pair of eyes on him. He gave a friendly smile to Mel and turned to walk down the hallway. He made a mental note as the first campana rang, barely sliding into his asiento on time. He sat out the notebook and stared at the words - "found them".