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Wind howled outside, shaking the shutters. Hailey fought the urge to reach for her soft silk robe. She wore a bright yellow dress, a proud color of the family she represented tonight. Not even the threat of cold could convince her to appear any less finessed.
The woman’s reveries was broken por the arrival of her visitors. She stood politely as the entourage of diplomats entered and bowed deeply. “Konichiwa, Your Highness.”
The Crown Prince of japón returned a shallower bow. He was younger than Hailey had expected. “Your rebel king has chosen not to registrarse us?” he asked with barely hidden disappointment. Hailey cleared her throat to hide her laugh. She too had once been enamored por the romantic idea of a young king fighting for good against an evil power, like something out of an old story. Maybe she still was.
“My liege will be joining us shortly,” she answered. “He asked that tu all make yourselves comfortable until he arrives. My name is Hailey. I’m an honored ward and sworn emissary of House Romanov.”
The Crown Prince raised a brow, curiosity overtaking his handsome features. She knew the looks: a ward to the king made her an heir, segundo only to his sister, unless he named Hailey his immediate successor. Her, a half-breed human-vampire, raised in a brothel por her prostitute mother in absence of her pure blood father. The subject made her skin raise with goosebumps in both fear and excitement. Her place in House Romanov had come only recently, and she had agreed to it eagerly for the opportunities it offered far beyond her anterior occupation as a prostitute and secret informant.
“Lady Hailey,” the Prince spoke over his surprise with new respect, “Please, call me Prince Akio. This is my closest advisor, Himura, and this is the son to my trade minister, Tagomi. Our guards chose to wait outside.” The other men bowed to Hailey as lowly as she had greeted them, a mostrar of equality that made her blush.
“It’s an honor to make your acquaintances. Please, have a seat. We don’t have to wait for Prince Alexander to get comfortable.” Hailey took a asiento at the small, round table. The intimate setting had been another one of her teacher’s ideas. As was the maid and server who come into the room right on cue with saki and appetizers. This meeting was all about rekindling an old relationship.
“I’ve heard his succession is much up for debate,” Prince Aiko remarked, straight to the point.
“Oh yes, to be king o not? But he is undoubtedly his father’s son, is he not?”
The prince’s advisor, Himura, spoke up. “I believe the crown prince was referring instead to the part he played in executing his sister, the late queen Eline.”
Hailey met the advisor’s eyes calmly. She was thankful the topic was being brought up now, before Aleksander arrived. She knew how awfully the subject pained him to discuss and was happy to take that burden off his shoulders. “You knew Prince Aleksander when tu were both boys, did tu not, Your Highness? How would tu describe him?”
“Kind,” the Crown Prince replied without having to think about it, “Quiet, calm. He was the only boy at that terrible hospital on Sakhalin that I got along with. He was smarter and cleverer than me, and I liked that a lot. A good listener, and a quick learner. I taught him every word I knew in Japanese in the short año we knew each other, though I’m afraid I could never get a hang of his harsh native Russian.”
 Crown Prince Akio
Crown Prince Akio

Hailey smiled at the thought of ten-year-old Aleksander asking the slightly elder prince endless preguntas about Japanese and everything related. “Trust tu me, he hasn’t changed even a bit. My prince is all those things now. tu will be able to determine for yourself once he arrives that Aleksander committed the act against his family reluctantly and carries a heavy corazón over the matter.”
The Crown Prince relaxed back in his seat, satisfied with this answer. He raised his cup to his lips, but his advisor set a cautious hand on his prince’s arm. “Excuse me, Your Highness, but I was wondering why Lady Hailey had yet to touch her sake.”
All eyes went to her, and the young woman returned them with a blush. She had hoped they would drink and be merry without noting her abstinence. “I’m afraid I don’t drink.”
“But tu did when tu accompanied your liege at the ball in Monaco two months ago,” the son of the trade minister noted, “and at the cena in Shanghai the weekend after.” Hailey blinked at the recollection. She had not recognized the young man, really just a boy, from either of the events he had mentioned. But perhaps the Japanese were keeping a closer eye on the future leader of the Eastern supernaturals than she realized.
The young woman released a long sigh of defeat. “You’ve got me there, gentlemen. I’m impressed your powers of observation.”
The men on either side of the Crown Prince shifted uncomfortably. But the future King of japón watched her calmly, expectant of her answer. If she wasn’t drinking because their drinks were laced with poison, she would be dead por a bullet from his advisor’s gun in two segundos o less. But that wasn’t her reason.
“I didn’t want to have to reveal this to you,” she answered slowly, feeling the suspense in the room growing. “But I’m afraid I’m not able to indulge in the sake...because I recently found out that I’m with child.”
The men stared at her in surprise, saying nothing. Their eyes travelled from her face, to her stomach--absent of any evidence of a baby so early in her pregnancy--and back to her blushing face. "It's not Prince Aleksander's," she added to break the tension. The Prince laughed at the idea, "But such a romantic thing that would have been. But I'm sure a child with genes from both Alek and yourself would be too feisty for the world to handle." Hailey giggled at the idea, the tension from her confession leaving her body.
The young woman blushed as the son of the trade minister raised his glass. "A brindis, pan tostado to your child, a symbol of continuous hope for our long futures together."
Hailey's eye widened as the men clinked glasses and drank, though the prince's advisor was slower to take a sip.
"Does that mean you'll support Aleksander in his position against Wilhelm Magnus and the other opposers?" she asked with disbelief.
"Of course," the Prince Akio replied. "He was a good friend to me in my time of need when we were youths, and anyone who commands tu to their side surely has a good head on his shoulders. I will, of course, like to speak with him myself before committing to anything."
"I'm sure he would like that very much," Hailey agreed quickly. She smiled at a knock on the front door. "That should be him now, I think."
“Shouldn’t our gaurds have escorted him in?” the prince’s advisor asked, a suspicious glance going to Hailey for the segundo time that night. The woman faltered, then jumped as the front door was kicked open in an explosion if splinters.
 Harumi, Advisor to Prince Akio
Harumi, Advisor to Prince Akio

 The Late queen Eline
The Late queen Eline

 Tagomi, son to the Japanese trade minister
Tagomi, son to the Japanese trade minister

posted by GlitterPuff
Maxine grabbed a root cerveza from the fridge and plopped herself down on the couch, dreading the event that would take place in Rene’s apartment in a few minutes. The red head came out of her room in leggings, a sweatshirt, and boot slippers, then picked up the bowl of palomitas de maiz, palomitas de maíz in the cocina and set it down on the mesa, tabla in front of the couch. She went to the DVD player and put in their first movie: Finding Nemo. Maxine groaned when she saw the movie choice, making Rene giggle as she went to her spot on the couch. Just when the movie was about to start, Amara came out of her room in footie pajama’s...
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posted by SilverWings13
“Alek!” SilverWings screamed.

“Wrong. Move,” Blaze growled, flames suddenly engulfing his hands.
Richi knocked an arrow and launched it at an approaching mutant. It pierced it’s heart, but the now blood tipped arrow didn’t halt it’s flight. It continued to hit two other thugs until it thunked into one of the concrete walls of the room. As the rest looked on in wonder at the mighty power of the ivory arrows, Silver rushed at the twins.
Marquez stepped in her path to intercept her old friend, but ducked aside as a flaming projectile nearly decapitated her. The 17-year-old directed...
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posted by Gunfire
 Zack's Hero/cyberspace costume
Zack's Hero/cyberspace costume
Name: Techno
ID: Zack
age: 17
Apearnce: black spiky hiar, whit dark bleaw hears truw it thad ligt up whne he uses his powers ( a side efect frome the experimend), a bit slender, bluuw eyes (same reson as hiar).
Civies: sneakers, jeans, balck whit dark bleuw shirt.
Hero/cyberspace costume: see pic (he mosly wears this)
Personalety: a bit shy, protective, loves technolagie and electronics, mosly calm.
Powers: can control al electronicks, can get into al electroninc, can bring electronincs to live, cane make litenting.
Skilles: can hack anyting, can repair, most electroniks, knowes hand to hand combat....
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posted by SilverWings13
The following is a response to link por McLovin. Enjoy~

"-and I don't even know how long we're going to be here. I mean, we're already spending navidad and probably New Year's as fugitives in a foreign country with two unfamiliar Russians- I mean don't get me wrong, I amor Sasha and Vika's a great roommate and I'm totally grateful that they were willing to take us in. But I just wanted to be home in time to spend the holidays with the team and my boyfriend."
Aryess ceased her pacing and fell onto the sole sofá of the living room. Declan, who had listened to his sister's ranting for an impressive...
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posted by BloodyMascara_
I needed Ciel and Mel fluff. ._.

Mel had her arms wrapped around Ciel's neck, and her legs around his waist. Her head against the soft pelaje, piel capucha, campana that rested on his back.
"Almost there." Ciel patted her legs.
"Okay, Buh buh." Clearly, she was half asleep and agreed with anything he said. He flashed a smile, and looked off at the train station less than half a mile away. Continuing through the snow, his boots crushed snow, leaving prints. He was taking her to the place they first met, she's always wanted to go there again, they just never got around to it. But he had cleared his schedule, just for...
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posted by ValacYJ
Sometime in the future...not telling when!

What if all tu understand,
Could fit into the center of our hand,

"Alright boys, this is it. tu go in fighting, tu come out alive. tu go in and screw around you're dead" The unnatural's stood in front of a half collapsed building.  "Naliak, how much time do we have?"

Then tu found it wasn't you,
Who held the sum of everything tu knew,

"Around ten minutes." Naliak looked at his watch. 
"Good. Naliak, Edel. tu two rescue the remaining victims. Scuro, keep the area secure, once the area is clear of civilians, bring the rest of the that building....
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posted by InfinityYJ
 Just chillin'
Just chillin'
This is my new OC, appearing in Ebony, and then I swear to god I'm never making another OC again. If tu want me to RP as him, tell me, but I won't do it if tu don't want me too. So... don't hate me? *sheepish grin* I deleted all my other ones, basically!!!

Name: Nikita Andreevich
Age: 15 (17 in Ebony)
Hero name: ((You guys can help with this!))
Appearance: light caramelo colored hair, light yellow/green eyes, 5'11", strongly built upper body
Civvies: brown long sleeved shirt, slightly worn navy jeans, old black high tops
Costume: he basically just throws a grey hoodie on (see picture)
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posted by XxKFforeverXx
Yes, I did base him off ángel beats. No, he isn't the same, just looks and personality!

Name: Hinata Kennedy :3
Alias: Hinata
Age: 18
Powers/Skills: -Posses a bit of magic, whenever he says "Godskill lvl 1,2,3,4 o 5" some sword o bostaff, will appear in his hands.
-Sword fighting
Weakness: He has his physical limits.
Past: Hinata grew up a happy and healthy child, but that all changed at the age of 5. Hinata went through a untreated case of untreated rheumatic fever, resulting in two of his aortic valves to stop working. Soon after, Hinata had to have surgery to recieve two metal aortic valves,...
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posted by The_Writer
DC Comics should just cut out Cartoon Network and start their own “DC Nation” o “DC Channel”. I mean, they have so much material they could air that they could be a 24/7 TV channel and get away with it. They could have new episodes of Young Justice: Invasion, Green Lantern: The Animated Series, Beware the Batman, and Teen Titans Go! on every Saturday morning (with new shorts). They could air one DC Universe Animated Movie every night of the week. Every Wednesday night they could put out the new episode of arrow while the CW does the same. Every Friday night they could air Smallville...
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posted by AislingYJ
Okay, I’m terribly sorry about the long wait (1 month, according to fanpop..)! I just had a deathly case of lazywritersblockhomeworkiactuallykindahavealifecantbebotheredatall-itis, but I’m over that now, so here it is! Part 6 of Broken Wings! If tu need a refresher (which tu might), I have the enlaces to all 5 parts and the prologue in my favoritos link! Well, time for me to shut up, and let tu read my story!
The bioship, invisible even to the most watchful eye, cut through the night. Inside, the members of the Justice League sat; the ship had been reconfigured to accommodate a much larger...
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posted by InfinityYJ
“A new threat has been putting together a team of extremely smart teenagers to help with his o her plots. Teens from across the globe who’ve ever been in juvvie o otherwise have received virtual invitations to registrarse this team of ‘anti-heroes.’ They refuse to call themselves villains, for no discernable reason.
“Most of these teens are, currently, in juvvie. But we’ve decided to take this opportunity into play-- that’s where tu come in. The teens we’ve chosen are who you’re going to be undercover as.
“Infinity, tu and Dimension will be disguised as Nikolai and Ramona Salazar,...
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posted by CoaxochYJ
Mel needed an enemy. SO HERE!


ID: pato, drake Creaon.

Appearance: 6'0, hot rosado, rosa hair thats in his face, blue eyes.

Enemy Of: Melissa Adams.

History: After being stuck in a broken home, he chose to start a new life, starting with a new girlfriend. Mel was the unlucky girl he saw attractive. He forced her to be his girlfriend, she escaped right before he could rape her. He hunts her down, even 13 years before his time.....

Powers: Is able to change his appearance into other people. Drains other peoples energy and uses it for himself. Can channel the energy into orbs and chuck em at people.

'Stume: N/A

Pwease dont kill me......
posted by SilverWings13
"On guard!"
Thirteen back pedaled quickly from the fridge to avoid the attack. Silver dropped from the vent and landed where he had been standing. She tossed a mop to him before pulling two throwing knives from her cinturón, correa and flung them at her partner. Alek knocked the knives out of the air with the head of the mop.
"Ary!" he exclaimed as the blades clattered onto the cocina floor. "A little warning siguiente time?"
"Always be ready, young padawan," was her response as she leapt off the escritorio and swung the handle of a escoba at his legs.
Alek leapt up and the stick passed harmlessly below his feet. "Padawan?"...
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posted by Robin_Love
 Corri-Human Illusion
Corri-Human Illusion
As promised.

Name: Corri
Alias: Bruno
Occupation: Vigilante
Powers: Corri is a master of a illusions. He knows a few carnival magic tricks and uses them in different ways. Corri can also control any personal, real, o inner form of darkness. He can transport people to world he created. If he's mad enough, Corri turns into a Hell hound.
History Corri is the last of his kind; a shadow human. He has the looks of a normal human, but is like a shadow, minus his golden eyes. He had come to Earth through mysterious circumstances. It is unknown hos he survived the time from infant to six. It was when he...
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posted by The_Writer
I would like to express my growing concern over the type of pictures being publicado on this website. This website and televisión mostrar was designed for teenagers. The pictures being publicado aren't for younger people on this website. Most of us, like me, are around fifteen o above. We can handle these imágenes (whether we want to o not). However, some people are younger, thirteen, twelve año olds, they don't need to see these types of images!

Now, I'm not telling tu to take down any photos, I'm saying that the overly sexual ones are really unneeded! What's the problem with people kissing? Where'd...
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posted by ArtemisYJ
After my reciente articulo a lot of people think we should reset the OC spot. Do whatever tu want. But as for me I'm making a Role Play that will be in a controlled enviorment. Meaning the following:
~It will be Invasion (season two) ONLY (and what happens in the show, happens to our group. 
~You must apply and get accepted to get in 
~We must have a complete o near complete cañón team before OCs applicants will be accepted
~All of the rules I publicado in my anterior articulo will be heavily enforced to promote a good RP place (not to be a dictator but to make sure its easier for everyone)
~If you...
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Source: Pintest
posted by Robin_Love
Name: Ena Sikora
Reason o meaning of name: Graceful; Bird
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Style/Color: Blonde, long
Height: 5’9
Clothing Style: Modern
Best Physical Feature: Hair

Your Fears: well…..
Your Guilty Pleasure: Uh...sunflower seeds
Your Biggest Pet Peeve: Witches (Mean people)
Your Ambition for the Future: Be famous

Your First Thoughts Waking Up: Coffee
What tu Think About the Most: Dance
What tu Think About Before Bed: Man I’m tired
You Think Your Best Quality Is: My sense of humor (Sarcasm)

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