Nudge paused as she entered the room, her chattering with the brunette beside her slowing. She rose an eyebrow in confusion at the three siblings laughing and hugging. "There's more of you?" Jaime looked up at the sound and let go, running over and hugging onto her tightly. She blinked before slowly hugging him. 'I'm so confused." Nudge grabbed his shoulder, pushing him back to stare at him, lowering a few inches to get eye level with the boy. "You look just like him, wow." She leaned back up, patting her head as Jack held up the polaroid, snapping a picture of him. "What's your name, kiddo?" He asked, waving around the developing photo. Jaime looked at him in confusion before giving him a quite "Jaime" as a reply. He took a long look at the male. "You don't look like Ca-" Mel drove a hard fist into his back, earning a cough from Jaime. He turned to look at Mel and she stared at him. His eyes widened in realization before he turned back to the two, who didn't seem to notice the slip-up he nearly had. "Jack.." His voice was quiet and the brunette hardly heard his name. Jack smiled and wrote the name on the back of the polaroid before dropping it into his bag. Jaime was about to speak but stopped as Fang entered the room, Scotty por his side. Fang noticed instantly, his eyes falling to meet bright blue ones. Scotty chuckled, crossing his arms over his chest. "Well, I'll be. You're a busy man." He nudged the ravenette with his elbow, the two nearly snickering.

Shane kept his unamused expression as the two walked along, the chaqueta held tightly against him. They stopped at an apartment complex and Shane looked over at the woman in distaste. "You can live on the streets, if you'd like to." She commented, opening the door with the simple wave of her key fob. Shane entered grudgingly, silent until they reached the room. She opened the door and sighed at the girl that sat on the living room couch. Shane tilted his head. "I thought she lived with her father?" He asked with a grin and brushed past, taking a a good look at the teen who blushed harshly at the sight of Shane. "You room is the last room on the right, down the hall." She hissed, staring back at her daughter. She only smiled back at her mother before watching Shane as he walked down the hall. The blonde dropped his things before falling onto the plain cama sheets, folding his arms over his head. He wasn't sure how long he had been laying there when he felt another presence outside his door. Shane slowly sat up and locked gazes with the girl. "Tessa.." She dicho shyly, her fingers gripping onto the door facing. "Your mother will have your head for interacting with me." He smirked, leaning adelante, hacia adelante on his knees. The action made the girl blush more. Shane knew his role and what he had to do. but it didn't mean he would. Just from the girls actions, he knew he could pull any sort of contact from her.. only por touch. No interrogations, no reason to get attached. She would be his pawn in turning things around. "..she's not here." He swore a purr nearly came from the girl as she slipped inside the room. Shane stood, only taking a few strides to get over to her. She backed into the wall, looking up as the blond loomed over her. "I-I know why you're here.. what tu have to do." She stumbled over her words, her bangs hanging over face. Shane reached up, moving the hair from her face. He caught the flicker of fuego in her eye and he chuckled, tracing his finger along her cheek. "You hate your mother." He rose a brow. "Or are tu just infatuated with me..?" He asked as he leaned closer to her. She swallowed, tilting her head to meet his gaze. "Both." Shane didn't reply, only moving closer to her. You've made a grave mistake in trusting me was what he thought. "So.. tell me why?" Only it wasn't a question, his hand moved quickly, pulling the girl into a rough kiss.

Kori stood beside her friend as the alien looked back at them. He smiled innocently at the two and Nicolette squealed, moving over to him. "Come on, Kori, I mean, look at him!" She giggled, squishing his cheeks. Kori felt her eye twitch before sighing heavily. "Okay, FINE." She started walking, the two scrambling after her. When she stopped, Nicolette was panting heavily, pushing her damp hair back. "You didn't have to run the last mile!" She whined, though she knew why Kori did it. A big open field, where all three could unleash their powers. Kori flicked the boys ear. "Show us what you've got."