Seraph grabbed onto Shane's wrist and strapped the watch on before speaking. "The fecha is already set. The moment tu get there, your guardian will immediately enroll tu in their same school, and tu will live with her." Shane's eyes went out of focus as Seraph continued to talk, his gaze focused on the ground. esmeralda eyes were torn away only when their was a fist in his hair, jerking his head upwards. "Listen to me, tu shit. I don't care what tu feel about the situation, tu are going to do this. I don't care how tu get close, o how tu get on that team. Do it." He hissed and hit a button on the watch, shoving Shane back a few steps and tossing the chaqueta at him. The teen caught it and stared at the watch before looking up. The surroundings he was once in, changed to something completely different. Shane stared at the watch again, furrowing his brows together. He was still in the corazón of Gotham, only this time, it was the año 2012. "You must be him." A female's voice filled Shane's ears and he looked up and around him, narrowing his eyes. "The alley, dear. To your left." She slowly stepped from the shadows, her magenta hair pulled away from her face into a neat bun. The woman was dressed in business attire, her heels clicking against the sidewalk as she began to walk, her hand resting on Shane's back. Shane stumbled after her, pulling his backpack on, the chaqueta still held to his chest. "Who are you?" He asked suspiciously, eying the woman up and down. "My name is Madeline Saunders. I am the principal of the school tu will be attending, and your guardian during your stay here." Shane tensed at the word 'principal', he truly loathed public school. He took another look at her and then scowled. "You haven't changed very much." He commented, causing the woman to stop. "Excuse me?" Madeline turned, only causing Shane to grin. "You're also known as Ravenna. One of the League of Villains powerful sorceress. My parents made sure we were well versed in history. tu don't age, at all. Interesting." Shane comentó and started walking. "You also have a daughter around this time period don't you." Madeline had a look of annoyance written across her face. "She lives with her father, doesn't she." Shane had an icy glazed look over his eyes. Madeline scoffed. "Keep your nose out of business that isn't yours, boy." That made Shane chuckle. "Maybe tu should keep your hands to yourself, witch."

Lexi sat crouched in the rafters, her long hair tied into two french braids. Jaime began to pace nervously, not listening to his sister's antics in the background. "That's not fair! I don't want him following me around!" Fang shrugged. "And I told tu it wasn't up for discussion." Kori looked to her brother who merely shrugged at the plea for help. An annoyed groan came from the girl, causing Nicolette to giggle. Jaime bit his lip and hugged onto his father tightly and reached out, ruffling Kori's hair. He grabbed his bag and adjusted the dial on his watch, opening the portal. Jaime took a deep breath and stepped in, his eyes closed. It was in that moment when Lexi leapt adelante, hacia adelante and swooped down through the portal, her hands shoving Jaime forwards. "No!" Fang shouted and leapt forward, missing the two por mere second. He slide across the floor and smacked his fist against it, pushing himself up. "Devin is going to kill me." He stared at Scotty and then at Kori. "How'd she get in?" Fang asked, his voice low. "I-I don't know! I'm not her baby sitter!" Kori shouted, matching Fang's hard expression. "It's not like she's por herself. She has Jaime." Scotty chimed in, sitting in a chair now. "That's not the point. She's too young. She's 12 and hasn't been trained for this." Fang leaned against the control panel. "Jaime isn't much better age wise, but at least they aren't por themselves."

Jaime stumbled backwards, his sister landing on parte superior, arriba of him. "Lex!" He pushed her off, scrambling to get on his feet. "What are tu doing?!" He threw his head back, his hands over his face. "You couldn't go por yourself!" Lexi whined out, straightening her clothes out. She pouted at her brother, he was currently staring her down. "Ugh. Whatever." He pulled the paper out of his pocket, looking around. He was silent before he started to walk, reaching into his backpack and grabbing his baseball cap. Jaime slid it over his head and looked back at Lexi, whose head was hung in shame. He turned down an alleyway and pushed open the old telephone and pulled his sister inside. Jaime merely smiled as they were zeta'd in. He slid his backpack off when they entered into the cave, Lexi moving out from behind him. They both turned at a squeal and Mel flinging herself at them.