Her hair, only black
First part probably won't be published for a very long time.. but, enjoy this story arc that spins off To Save the Future. Also, this may get a bit.. gory? Triggering? Something like that.

Let me see, take a moment, rewind
Understand what’s flowing through my mind, I’ve tried
I’m always trying to rediscover who I am inside

Black leather gloves clicked the mask into place, the crouched figure perched on a gargoyle over Gotham City. A loud sigh came from their mouth as they slowly stood and backed away from the ledge, annoyed at the lack of amusement in the streets below. One hand rose to catch the batarang thrown from behind. They turned quickly and threw it back, their other hand moving to block the incoming kick. They stared down at the infamous Damian Wayne, a snicker from behind the mask. "You don't deserve that mask. He was the only one who could fill it!" He shouted, staring up at the red mask that covered the other's face.

All the nights wide awake holding tight to a almohada case
They wanted nothing to do with each other but it was not our fault
Through the halls echoes long, screams that would cut too deep

The girl gasped as she jumped awake, the same haunting her memories every night. She ran her hands along her face and through her hair, bringing them down to stare at them, as if they were tainted with crimson red blood. She listened to the silence of the apartment, moving to open the curtains and stare out, her reflection staring back her. She brought a hand up to trace the scar that started just above her left brow and moved downwards over her eye and eyelid, stopping at her cheekbone. The once bright blue iris, now broken and cloudy, blinded. She hit her fist against the window and turned, clenching her hair. The black locks were shave short along the sides of her head, the hair on parte superior, arriba styled. She walked back over to the cama and sat on the bed, hugging the almohada close to her.

Talk about anything at all
Speak aloud words like feathers

The Red capucha, campana dropped down into the open window, pulling the mask off with a loud click. "I heard tu coming from a mile away." Jason chuckled, his back to the other. "You may have been trained before this.. but tu still have a lot to learn." He said, walking over to the other. "I ran into them." They mumbled. "They're pissed." The Red capucha, campana sighed, before tossing the mask the side. "I can assure you, the mighty Damian Wayne and Dick Grayson will survive." Jason looked at his eyes. "The lazarus pit can only help for so long."

All the nights wide awake holding tight to a almohada case
I recall the melodies of a summer
It’s a song I remember now

The girl tapped her fingers on her arms, silent as she tried to push the nightmare from her memories once again. She could still feel the pain of the burning cuchillo in her eye, the scars it left behind. She quickly moved from the cama and into the small living area, falling onto the couch. She reached out and grabbed the picture frame that encased the black feather. She reached out and grabbed the eye-patch that was sitting on the coffee table. Tying it quickly, the girl got dressed and headed out the door and into the streets of Gotham.

A song I remember now
Holding tight, wide awake, words like feathers

Oh I can feel the memory unveil now
Oh I can feel the memory unveil now

"She's been missing for months! tu may as well pronounce she's dead!" Shane shouted and turned from the zipping his windbreaker up rather quickly. Fang's face showed nothing as he stared at the boy. "If you're easy as to give up on your future family, maybe it's a good thing it won't happen." He hissed out and Shane whipped around, moving quickly towards the other. "Whoa, whoa!" Scotty quickly stood between the two, using both elbows to keep the two from tearing each other apart.

Keep holding on
Don’t let the fuego burn out
I keep holding on
Won’t let the light fade out tonight

She screamed at the cuchillo that dug in above her eye, her already raw wrists pulling at the restraints. "Where, is, he?" Seraph hissed out, applying más pressure. She bit hard down on her bottom lip, her canine making a indention that matched the piercing on the opposite of her lip. "I'll die before I rata him out." She spat out blood at the other, her nails digging into the chair below her. "You should be careful what tu wish for, girl." He grinned, slowly dragging the blade downwards.

Cuz I don’t regret any feeling
Cuz I don’t regret my life healing
No I don’t regret any feeling
I don’t regret, I won’t regret

"I want tu to become the siguiente Red Hood. Take over for me. Of course, tu won't able to slip anything past that family.. but, tu can the public and criminals." Jason said, holding out the red mask. "The lazarus pit is destroyed from your usage. I've been around longer than you, my body isn't as strong." He said, eyeing the figure. "I thought you'd never ask." They said, taking the mask from her hand.

Holding on
Don’t let the fuego burn out
I keep holding on
Won’t let the light fade out tonight

The girl took off jogging down the empty calle of Gotham, clutching her chaqueta close to her chest. She turned quickly down an alley way and climbed up the fuego escape, only stopping when she had reached the roof. She stared at the person across from her, almost as if she was frozen. "Finally caught you." A sigh came from the blond. "You've been extremely hard to track down.. I almost didn't recognize you.. tu chopped all your hair off... again."

Words like feathers x4

Scarred por time, these wounds will heal
Memories soon revealed
Melodies recalled somehow
A song I remember now

The new "Red Hood"