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Full Name: Blade Serenity Howard
Reason for name: The name came from her father's best friend who died from lung cancer.
Nickname: Kiddo, B, Bladey-boo
Reason for nickname: Dante has always called her kiddo. B is a shortened version of her name. And Bladey-boo was dado por literally everyone.
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: estrella City
Birthday: December 19, 1994
Currently living in: Gotham
Species/Race: Vampire
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Blood Type: O
Occupation: Waitress as a small café.
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual
Social Status: Lower - middle class.
Relationship Status: Single
Status: Living.


Body Build: Straight, would be the best way to describe it, as in she's got curves from her working out, but is constantly mistaken as a male. But that could also be from the fact that she cuts her hair short and wears baggy clothes.
Height: 5'4" o 163 cm.
Weight: 125 lbs
Skin colour: Pale.
Hair style: Side Shaven.
Hair colour: Light Blonde
Eye colour: Red
Distinguishing Features: She has freckles on her face, shoulders, back, and thighs...we'll everywhere really. She's missing her left eye. She has a very distinct scar on her neck, thigh, and back, but others cover her body from many fights. She has a tattoo of tress on her arm that starts at her wrist and reaches up across her forearm. She has a segundo one that starts at her thigh and travels up it and to her hip then stops--it's sunflowers. Oh, and fangs. Lol.
Preferred Clothing: High-waisted shorts and pants. Flannels. Baggy clothes. Boots and converse.
Accessories: Six ear piercings on her left ear and five, with a bar on her right.


General health: Fairly good.
Posture: Good, though she tends to hunch sometimes.
Any physical illnesses: She's anemic. The blood she drinks helps, but she also takes iron pills.
Any mental illnesses: No.
Take drugs: No.
Smoke: No.
Addictions: She's an alcoholic.

Mental/Emotional State

Mental age: 18.
Act before thinking/Think before acting?: Acts before thinking.


Open o not: She's very personable, but has a hard timed approaching others.
Swears: Yes.


Likes: Blood. Sunflowers. Anything yellow o red. Sweets. Caffeine. Mysterious people. People who find her interesting. Outside. The dark. Inside. Thunderstorms. The smell of fresh linen.
Dislikes: Bugs. Spiders. Meanies. Silver. People. Crowds. Small spaces.

She's picked up roller-blading. Origami. Cooking. And visiting museums.

Nervous Tics
She chews her bottom lip. Running her fingers through her hair. Shifting on her feet. When she's embarrassed her voice raises pitch. The más nervous she gets the harder it is for her to make eye contact.


Strengths: Heightened hearing, strength, speed, healing time, and eye sight.
Weakness: Silver. Any fatal wounds. The fact that she is anemic and needs iron. She can't go long without blood. She's a sucker for any affection, tu pass a wink her way and she's yours. She's a freaking hopeless romantic.

She lost any música talent she had in her past life but has picked up on origami. Weird right. I dunno aside from all the perks of being a vampire which includes: Heightened senses, immortality, and blood-dining, she doesn't really have any.


Education: High School Senior Drop-Out.
IQ: 103-slightly above average intelligence.
EQ: 85-weak emotional strength.

Blade tends to be confident, over the top, spontaneous, stubborn, and just proud and outspoken. Thus coming off as either really awesome o super obnoxious. Mostly the second. But internally, she's really just this timid lil dweeb who wants to be alone. Ont he other-hand, she thrives off of attention and affection.

arachnophobia - Fear of spiders
claustrophobia - Fear of small spaces.
She fears losing people.
Fears living forever.
Fears watching the people she cares about die.
Fears the unknown.
And the Dentist.

Views/Opinions on...

Government: She's a liberal
Religion: Agnostic
Economy: She hates where it's going.
Technology: she embraces it.


Food: All of it.
Color: Red
Animal: Rabbits and foxes.
Number: 69
Holiday: Halloween.
Season: Fall
Time of day: Dusk/when the sun is setting.
Movie: Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
Show: Dance Moms
Type of art: Impressionism
Genre of music: Folk.
Genre of literature: Fantasy.
Genre of shows: Reality.
Genre of movies: Fantasy/Fiction

She grew up in a semi okay family. Her dad became a mercenary for hire in order to make más money. Dad began beating on mom and kids. Dad killed mom and older sister. Raised Blade to be super chill.
Fast adelante, hacia adelante sixteen years.
She joins the team. Has a run in with a crazy ex.
Fast adelante, hacia adelante two más years.
She's eighteen now. Blade was abducted por an alpha vampire. She turned into a half-vampire. He faked her death.
Blamed the team.
She went on to go por Discord. She attempted to kill Becca, Phoebe, Declan, and Terror. She realized who she was. They confronted Damian. She couldn't resist his magic alpha master vampire powers. She drank his blood with her own consent, thus transforming her into a full vampire.
Full vampire.
Full. Vampire.
Damian died. She broke up with Terror. And went on to start a new life.
There. Pretty short.

She's two-sided. One that's a facade with confidence and joy and stuff the other with sorrow and pain. She's quick to assume. Quick to anger. Quick to fight. She isn't rational. She thinks with her fist instead of her head. She goes with impulse and instinct instead of waiting around for the answer. But is also a super big softie who just needs a lot of cuddles and naps.


Family: Dad-Thomas Roy Howard-Aka:Talon-Living.
Mother-Danielle Marie Howard-Deceased.
Sister-Kelsey Lynn Howard-Deceased.
Brother-Dante Roy Howard-Living.
Love interest: None.

((phew that took awhile. But I had to do this for me. I dunno about y'all but a lot has changed in this girl's life so i shoved it into this stupid really detailed bio. I made her anemic, and an alcoholic, and changed her brother's middle name.))
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(( this chapter may include the mention on sexual content and other things that may make tu uncomfortable, if tu do not wish to see this just easily click back thank tu ))

(( Bentleys P.O.V ))
I gasped sitting up in a cama and shook in fear covering my face with my hand as tears streamed down my cheeks and landed on my lap disappearing in shattering sparks, I blinked wiping away the tears that streamed down my face. Crying in this game didn’t really seem the same as in reality, but again it didn’t really sooth my wounds and pain. I let out a shaken breath and looked around the room I was...
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Blind as a Bat

"All Units respond to a robbery in progress at Gotham First."

The crackle voice came over Red Revenge's com-link. It was actuación Police Commissioner James Gordon's voice. Revenge knew who he was calling: batman and his friends.

"Batman, tu pick that up?" Revenge asked, picking up his radio while turning the jet towards the crime scene.

"Yes. I've got Static and Batgirl with me." batman replied. "We'll meet tu there."

Revenge cut the comm and groaned at the mention of the punk from Dakota City. The kid would've driven Red Revenge over the edge of sanity months hace had he been around...
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Name: Eronica Val Huchezon
Identity: Spectre
Age: Immortal. Somewhere around 400. (Appears 12)
Hair: Midnight black (halfway down waist) except for flamboyant blue streak over right eye.
Eyes: Left Black, Right blue
Outfit: Close-cropped shorts, bikini, trench coat, knee-high boots.
Weapons: Sword and heavy phantom chains
Attitude: Sad, dismal.
Powers: Immortality, See the future, touch-fate (sees your fate por touching you), retractable ángel wings.

History: Eronica's parents were murdered por KGB officials in the 17th Century. She was raped and abused por her parents killers before being killed as well. She was sent to Earth to warn Red Revenge of his final battle. She occasionally fights with him and he feels a brotherly protection over her.
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So I did this awhile back so tu could get to know my ocs on a bit of another level but I revamped it so Jessie gets 2

Name: Jessie Bennett

Likes: Gardening

Best Friend: Joan (Alix Penn)

Loves: Animals

Dislikes: Poaching/Hunting

Worst Habit: Sleeping at her desk

Personal Secret: Is used to hurting herself for the need of others

favorito! Food: Anything Meat-Free (Vegetarian)

favorito! Color: Turquoise o Jade

Code Name: None

Mentor/Inspiration: Poison Ivy

Relations: None

Base of Operations: JLA Headquarters

Personal Home: Garden of Eden
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Shiiiing! Shing! Shing! Zzt!

Every slash across the sparring bots’ polished white chests made Ana grit her teeth. The “zzt” of sparking wires was worse. Each rápido, swift pass of her swords left a shallow scratch on the humanoid machines, but occasionally, her swords bit too deep. Her adversaries also landed the occasional blow, but their swords were blunted and barely bruised through her blood-red armor.

All three bots suddenly lunged, and Ana whirled, one curved blade slicing a head from its skinny metal neck, another slashing a polymer chest white open. She crossed her blades into an X as...
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Short recap of last episode of last season, then STUFF FROM SEASON 3 AH. ------------- "Where's Wally?" shouldn't have hurt so much after all these years!! But it freaking did!!
"Noëlle, come inside! Dinner's almost ready!
Michael returned to the pot filling the quant house with the aroma of beef and caramelize onions. He ladled sopa into the ceramic bowls, sprinkled in croutons, and smothered them both in Comté before setting the bowls in the oven. When a pair of bare feet was still absent from the kitchen, the man turned off the horno and went back to the cocina door.
"Noëlle?" he called again. "Mon ange!" No answer came from the flowered front yard o the marsh lakeland at the bottom of the hill. Instinctively, Michael grabbed his vaina, funda cinturón, correa and darted out...
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Almost all the OCs have them, but we creators never had (individually). So... Tada~
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