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posted by BladeYJ
 White queen o:
White Queen o:
These tend to take me a long time.. sorry XD anyway.. ENJOY! Btw had to re-publish this because I had to unpublish it and change some stuff due to leaving out some vital info, but it's all good now!!


He's as crazy as she is. His body shakes and he scratches the walls until his fingers bleed. His broken corazón made him crazy, he now only serves her, he knows what and who she really is, but his amor pushes him on. People pregunta his attempts at suicide but they all know he's just insane, for one he goes on about,"Wonderland being destroyed." But the Asylum still stands tall and ominous.


A girl, asleep, on a gurney was pushed into 'the' room, her onyx hair splayed across the metal.
"I have the sedated patient. May I say, she knows más than we think."
"Ah shut it..Lay her on the table, let the tests begin." A voice grumbled as the sound of a buzz-saw erupted.


"Jeannot lapin!" Her accent came out soft as it set an edge on her voice. The boy, who held her hand in a firm grip hissed at her command and stopped.
"Let go of me! I want to go back and see the Hatter.."
"Alice, tu don't understand tu thick head b-girl!" His nails dug into her wrist,"Please... Let's go..!" He hissed and she followed after the masked boy. The silence that lingered was thick and harsh. esmeralda jewels examined the grove they were traveling down.

A smile. It was a smile. A smile that caused her to nearly trip and fall; the only thing that stopped her was the sure grip of the Rabbit. "Are tu alright, dear?"
"Rabbit, someone was smiling at me..."
"Yes.. Over there.." She pointed and at the distracted state of her escort, she escaped and trailed to where she saw the dazzling whites. "Right.. here.." She examined the tree, its purple leaves dancing idly. Alice circled the trunk, even went to the extent of climbing the first branch and sitting on it.

"Alice..It was nothing." He growled making his way over to the tree.
"Mister Rabbit, I know what I saw, I am not one of the crazy nat-"
"Nature? My lady, you're as mad as the queen of Blood herself."

The sudden outburst made her lose balance and teeter, almost falling off the limb.
A scowl crossed the girl's face and she searched the leaves above her,"Who dicho that?"
"Me..." A twisted smile came into her vision along with a dark haired boy, his grey eyes bright, while two-cat-like ears sat atop his head. One twitched as he ran a paw through his shaggy hair. A glare caught the eye of the dark-haired girl, she blinked a few times then caught sight of a piercing on his left ear. It was a hoop and an "E" hung from it, she opened her mouth to say something, but his paw came into view again.
"Sir, tu have a paw.." Alice whimpered, dumbfounded.

Black slits widened into saucers as he snickered,"Just gloves, Alice, dangerous gloves." The boy flexed his wrist and five sharp claws extended from the glove. The points swept past her face, skimming and cutting a lock of her hair.
"Cheshire, I'm taking her to see the Queen, we're very late and you're only slowing us down!"
"Rabbit, always late are tu not? How come tu have to be in a rush all the time. Time is non-existent don't tu know? Something only made up to keep everything from happening at once.. Silly clocks drive me mad.." The cat was now behind the boy, his teeth grazing the neck of the Rabbit, which resulted in shivers from the masked boy. "So, my little servant, may I registrarse tu on your expedition to my favorito! Queen's palace?"
"Of course, Cheshire!" Alice beamed as she hopped from the árbol and took his hand, leading him down the path.


"Yes, My Queen?" A girl replied, her jet black hair hung to to her thighs, the dress she wore was purple and rosado, rosa and it caressed her frame nicely, as large rosado, rosa and black mariposa wings framed her. On her right wing in the rosado, rosa of the pattern, was a black "O" and within that "O" was a sideways "I". The girl fluttered her wings as a shiver ran down her spine.
"Is she here?"
"Yes, my lady, and she's on her way. I believe she has Cheshire with her.."
The woman's word's were interrupted por an abrupt sound of a trumpet. Grey lay on the door in front of her. "They're here.." She whispered just as the grand-door opened and two people filed in after a white-knight guard. The guard announced the names of the visitors and exited. There stood a white tuxed boy, a white, rabbit-like, mask concealing most of his profile. siguiente to him was a girl with vibrant eyes shining at the woman sitting upon her throne, who was adorning a white collared dress along with a black bodice, gloves, and velvet flowing beneath the snowy ruffles below her waist. Her blonde hair swayed upon her shoulders as she shifted in her throne. Green lay on the collar she had on, it was much like hers, but the Queen's was on a platinum chain and beared the letter "A". It was a gorgeous collar and Alice felt the feeling of jealousy spike in her.

"Brother.." The queen spoke, a faint smile crossing her face.
"Sister.." The smile was returned shortly,"This is the one tu told me to find, correct?"
"Alice? Yes...It's good to see tu again."
"My Queen..." The girl that was sitting siguiente to the lovely woman in black and white spoke.
"Yes, Caterpillar?"
"The girl doesn't remember, not me, not you, not him, not anyone, she does not recall anything. I told tu she was as useless as last time." Her tone came out harshly as she glared at the girl.
"Now, now...It's okay, she'll be easier to work with...Alice, I am the White Queen, ruler of this Kingdom and guardian of Wonderland."
The green-eyed girl gave a bow and smiled,"Nice to meet you.."
"You know why you're here, right?"
"Well, ma'am, the Hatter only told me briefly that I was to kill whoever the Red queen is.."
"Then I'll take it that tu do know.. The Red queen is evil, made of nothing but hate and malice. She needs to be brought down permanently, and tu my dear, are the only one that can do that. Understand?"
"I-I Think s-"
The winged-girl hissed along with a scoff,"She's stupid.. can't tu tell? Alice, believes she's dreaming, well let me tell you, girl. This is no dream, this is real and unless tu take it seriously, tu will fall and die like the rest of the people that tried to take on the queen of Blood."

Alice whined and the Rabbit frowned standing in front of the girl. "My Queen, we need direct orders from you, we can't go in there blindly."
"Very well..Cheshire, where are you..?"
A tail curled around the Queens neck lightly and in moments the dark-haired boy was in the lap of the ruler,"Right here, my love.."
"Give her the blade..Alice this weapon is called a Vorpal Blade, it's power is unlike no others. It can cut through anything and the metal it's constructed of is the only thing that can truly hurt the Red Queen.. Brother, I'm assigning tu to the protector of Alice. Take her to the kingdom and kill the Queen."

With that Cheshire blinked and a blade with a foreign inscription appeared in Alice's hand, the weapon glowed with a blue aura and had a pristine shine to it.
"Do tu understand, Rabbit?"
"Yes ma'am."
"Then go..."

Just as the boy turned leading Alice out, he heard his name and looked back at his sister, mouthing the words.

"And if she dies.... so will you..."
 Our Caterpillar.
Our Caterpillar.
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posted by Eclipse-YJ
“Are tu ready?’ Martian Manhunter asked. Phoebe gave a nod and slowly sat back on the chair, placing her arms and legs on the rests. She watched carefully as they readied the program for her. Most of the team had been doing these tests all day, a new type of training which gets tu to come face to face with your greatest fears and confront them. Sounded like an easy trauma trigger to Phoebe. None the less she thought this experience could prove useful and since everyone else is going through it she was scared they would wonder and ask preguntas as to why she wouldn’t want to.

She flinched...
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She stood in silence, letting the view take over her instincts. It was time. Everything was falling into place, just as predicted. She let out a heavy, shaky sigh. This was it....this was the last time. The sun was a needle in her side, portraying emotions she didn't feel. She looked at the sword tied to her waist. How she would have loved to not have this burden...but she'd fought so hard her whole life...she couldn't fight anymore. If this was what happened, she would do it. Not because of her life, but the lives of others. She had so many to protect now. And it was time to take her place,...
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Sorry this took so long to get out, college is really kicking my behind with all the work I have to do. And I didn't realize how short it was...

"How do we know it's not a clone?" Tobias asked, tapping his fingers on his chin. "The scars on him are accurate, bruising around his face from the last fight.. but.." Chris muttered and walked, peeling off the monitors and lifted Fang up into a sitting position, his eyes going wide. "Wing has been replaced with an artificial one.." He dicho and slowly unfurled the metal wing, looking over it before letting out a low whistle. "Man, that's some fine work.."...
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 Before her rebellious side set in
Before her rebellious side set in
pt.2. but there is only one kid lolol

Name: Kori Adams (formerly Karina)
Alias: Raum
Age: 16
Appearance: Kori is a spitting image of her mother, having an angelic look about her. The same straight black hair and the same icy blue eyes. Don't let her innocent looks deceive you, however, she acts just the same as her father. However, because of this, Kori has taken to the rebellious side, and a favoritism to Jason Todd. She chopped off her long black hair into a short bob and dyed pieces in the front, white. Like her father, Kori can be found in dark pieces of clothing and old band...
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I'm escritura a small multi part series on fear and multiple personalities this song suited it well
young justice oc
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Because I'm on a fluff escritura kick and Bryan Lanning is amazing.
young justice oc
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Chris at the edge of the woods with Trystan por his side, watching Alex trek though the trees. She stepped into the water and made her way behind the waterfall, looking at the metal door that was still torn open. She snickered and shook her head, making her way inside. "Blake?" She called, listening before she heard her brother's voice in another room. "In here!" He called out, dusting off his shirt, moving to greet his sister. "You actually came, no back-up?" He rose a brow, earning a shrug from the girl. "What do I need to see?" Alex asked, following her brother as he began to walk. Blake...
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1: link
2: link
3: link

Make your own: link


-Is character divorced? No

-Has character ever cheated on any signficant other? No

-How does character relate to others? Talents and Strifes

-How is s/he perceived by...
Strangers? Moody emo
Friends? Interesting but slightly scared of her
Wife/Husband/Lover? :3
Children? Funny lady

-What do family/friends like most about character? How caring she turns out to be, once tu break through that cold exterior she turns into a whole different person. She has a sense of wisdom about her, makes tu feel seguro when your in her company.

What do...
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posted by KatRox1
((BEFORE tu READ THIS: Be warned that it is a lot of stuff in a little article. I found it while lectura through some old documents, and realized I haven't really publicado anything on Bella before she joins The Team and becomes Mercy. So if tu want más on her pre-superhero life, let me know! KISSES!))

October 31st, 2011
Gotham, USA

There isn't much I remember about the accident. It all happened so quickly.
There was blood- a lot of blood. It was on the windows and the airbags and our clothes.
And there was screaming, but it wasn't coming from my mouth, o Gavin's. Gavin wasn't even moving. He just...
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posted by khanna266
A local park in Gotham city
9:00 pm
"Y'know a pretty girl like tu shouldn't be out here alone." cruzar, cruz hears a familiar voice behind her as she's sitting on a park bench and turns her head.
"Hey Dick,"she says and turns her head back around,
"Hey. tu hungry?" he holds a bag of chips in front of her,
"Hm, basic lays. My favorite." she smiles and grabs one
"Yeah, people just don't appreciate their simplicity." he says with a smirk as he grabs one.
"What brings tu out here?" she asks,
"I could ask tu the same thing. Shouldn't tu be back at Mount Justice? Sleeping in your room that is." he tosses the...
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