((I'm planning to make this 3 parts... depending on my mood))

He watched her. Small strands of her spunky, short blonde hair, waved gently at him as they peered from her red capucha, campana and dazzled in the sunlight peeking through the árbol tops.

She turned gazing into the trees and he sucked in his breath hoping he'd gone unnoticed. Red eyes blazed at him but the girl quickly turned to the small house and stood at the door.

The boy's blue eyes followed the waves and billows of the red capa that draped her shoulders and stature perfectly. He'd followed her her, not in por watching her, no, his corazón lead him to her.

Fate was something he questioned, after all he was a demon, but all doubt about it was gone.. Fate had driven him to her, sending him walking aimlessly until he fell upon her.

He was a demon. Demon's were suppose to control fear, pain, evil, but never to fall in love.. he was didn't want go against his nature but approaching her was so tempting, to hear the soothing symphony her voice would bring to his ears, but she could never amor a monster, right?

((BTW this came from the idea of a Vocaloid video! >:D ))