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posted by SilverWings13
"It's raining, Ary." tu don't open your eyes as he approaches you.
"I know," tu said. tu can hear the patter of the rain on the rooftop. It's a soothing rythmless muse to your ears.
"Wouldn't tu prefer to be inside?" he asks, standing over you.
"If I wanted to go inside, why would I be out here?" tu snap.
tu sigh and open your eyes. Alek stares blankly at you, letting the rain drops fall on him and soak his jacket.
"I'm sorry, Alek," tu apologize, shame forcing tu to look down at your hands. "I just..." tu trail off, the words dying on your lips as tu realized tu have no explanation. For once, tu have absolutely no answer.
Alek lowers himself onto the ledge beside you. He rests one hand on his knee, letting the other dangle over the edge. He silence helps tu collect your thoughts.
"I just get so frustrated sometimes," tu mutter, still staring at your palms. "This whole team thing is crazy. I amor it but..."
He looks over at you, waiting patiently for tu to find your words.
"Sometimes I just... I just want to scream," tu admitt finally.
"Then do it," Alek permits.
tu look over at him, your wet hair falling in your face.
"Really, go on," he prompts. "I don't mind. I won't even listen. See?" He places his hands over his ears. It's very comical.
tu shake your head. "I think that may scare the neighbors," tu say, meaning the occupants of the apartment building you're perched on.
tu listen to the patter of the rain as Alek falls silent once more, thinking over the matter.
"Alright," he says slowly. "Let me mostrar tu something." He stands and reaches a hand down to help tu up.
tu look from your partner's outstretched hand to the ledge, searching for an excuse to stay where tu are. Why are tu looking for one? tu ask yourself. After all, this is Alek. Cool, calm, trusting Alek who would never do anything stupid and drag tu down with him.
Finally tu nod and take his hand, careful not to slip on the wet ledge as he leads tu off it. He releases your hand and leads tu to the firescape.
tu follow him down down down the ladder to the sidewalk below. Across the street. Over the avenue. And down the steps to the underground subway.
It is crowded down below, as usual. tu weave through the throng of people, keeping an eye on Alek's green coat. He leads tu to a door set in the muro at the edge of the crowd.
Alek punches in a sequence and the door clicks open. After a cautious glance over his shoulder, he grasps your hand and quickly pulls tu through. Before the door is fully closed, you're jogging down the empty, dimly lit corridor after your partner.
The hall suddenly ends. Literally. It's like someone cleaved off the rest of the corridor. tu follow Alek to the edge and realize it opens up to the tunnel.
"It's safe, I promise," he reassures you. Then he turns and climbs down a short ladder leading to a small platform. Beyond the platform are the tracks.
"The engineers use these gaps for repairs," Alek explains as tu drop from the gap to the platform.
"I still don't understand why we're here," tu remind him as tu dust off your jeans.
"Wait for it," he says simply, watching the tracks.
After a moment tu feel the floor begin to vibrate beneath tu feet. The silence is gone and is replaced por a growing roar.
"Alek," tu say nervously.
"It's the siguiente train," he says. "Count to ten, then let it all go!"
tu finally understand. The roar of the train will surely cover any scream. It is an ingenious idea.
Not seeing any reason not to, tu shut your eyes.
1... 2... 3... tu think of every time you've been outsmarted. 4... 5... 6... Of every time tu have gotten annoyed, angered, frustrated.The floor of the platform is shuddering so hard it's becoming difficult to stand in place. The roar in your ears is defining.
7...8...9... tu think of every time you've wanted to slam a door. puñetazo, ponche a wall. Cry and yell and scream at the parte superior, arriba of you're lungs, but didn't because it would be immature and childish. 10.
tu squeeze your eyes shut and scream as loud as tu possibly can.
It's like popping the lid of a fizzing bottle, only to have it explode. And that's what tu do. Explode.
tu scream and scream, adding to the thunder as the train rushes past. The sounds mix to a single voice.
tu scream and yell and scream scream scream.
Finally, tu feel the air escape your lungs. tu yell a final burst, then slowly open your eyes, panting. The end of the train comes and goes.
tu feel light as air. It's a new feeling. A great feeling. tu grin widely. Just because tu can.
tu look over at your partner. His face is red as a beet and he's breathing as hard as tu are. Alek had taken his own advice. He faces tu and grins as widely as tu are, his eyes glittering emeralds.
"Better?" he asks.
tu nod truthfully. "Much."
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posted by NekoTheif
"Detention!" the teacher yelled. día shrugged her shoulders staring at the teacher. "Is for students who misbehave in class and are hooligans to this school! This is your punishment!" Mrs.Hills yelled. Several students sat among the empty desks. A popular who was late for class because she was doing her make-up. A idiot and his little gang of friends who set cereza, cerezo bomb fireworks off in the bathrooms. A few other punks who got into fights, and Day. Who talked back to a teacher, slept in class, and drew out their on timely deaths. She was on a roll.

"Because your here your all going to fail...
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posted by SilverWings13
Never Alone part II- Stakeout

SilverWings kept her eyes trained on the warehouse. It was blazing hot, and she had long abandoned her leather jacket, hiding it in the tall grasses. Her eyes flickered to her partner, who squatted patiently in the weeds, keeping eyes on their target.
Silver sighed, frustrated por the empty silence, "Looks abandoned."
"Another dead-end?" Thirteen wondered.
"Gordon Tin, third name on the list," Silver said. "This is the address from the data-base." She felt her spirit dampen. The first two names on the lista had led to empty apartments. She was certain she had memorized...
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He has a partner and her perfil will be up shortly-

Name- Caleb

Alter ego- Target

Age- 17

Grade- Junior

Allies- Night/Day

Personality- sometimes cocky, proud, protective, older brother, teasing, doubtful, sometimes thoughtful, careful, loving.

His ability-

He is the only meta in his family though he doesn't use his powers often mostly just to disgruntle his younger sister. He can great gusts of win and small tornado like things for a few minutos but never a full out one. He is also intelligent. he knows how to rile his opponent up enough to make them make a mistake. His name it self makes some people...
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OOC: This is a re-pub of my very first story, Expectations. So basically, this happens before Fin is dead (that’s why Fin is in this. duh.) and it takes place right when Aisling joins the Team. So yeah. God, it was so long hace that I wrote this! Well anyway, here it is..
I don't remember the día I found the Team. Those memories--all memories of my past--are gone, corrupted and removed; but más on that later. I only know now what they told me, but from what I've heard, I picture myself as a kitten. A lost, scrawny, water-sodden kitten, that somehow dragged itself--myself--onto the doorstep...
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posted by XxKFforeverXx
5 years later
"Soldiers! tu are not in combat training anymore! Welcome to the real war, the real thing. We have some returning veterans to the battlefield." The commander turned and held out his hand to point at Derek. "Soldier Adams, thank tu for returning to battle. Your assistance is much needed" Derek nodded once and shifted his sniper rifle. Soldiers starting running and grabbing pistolas and ammo as the threat of a bomb filled the air from the radios. "ADAMS! Get to higher ground, use that sniper to take enemy targets down." Derek nodded and grabbed ammo and running out of the tent,...
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