This is my lista of my fav young heromies. I have never seen the black cauldron so elowiny ialsnt her
Sorry I'm on my phonee so there are picturee.s.
Lets start.

5.Lilo she is hilarious. I amor her movie. My favorito! line from her is "pudge controls the weather. " how can tu not laugh ar that. She is perfect for sticch.
4. Alice. She is just like me. Curious,
and follow s rabbits. I was het in a play once. My fav line is"curiouser and curiouser."
3. Wendy. She's OK. She is also like me. The only thing I don't lile is how she forces herself on Peter. My fav line is "oh peter its just as I would be."
2. Melody. I really like her. I pretend to be her, not ariel when I swim. My fav line is. "sometimes I pretend I.have fins."

1. Jane. Melody would be hete, but jane más original. She starts practical tgen becomes más free. I think she most realistic. I amor her movie and I amor her with peter fav line
"Faith trust and pixie dust."
Hope u enjoyed, please comment.