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 yoshi is cool
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"Yo-Yoshi!What are tu doing here!?"Tristan asked."So Tristan tu are the green one."Yoshi said."Yea...so what?"Tristan thought."Gabriel and Jake are now mine."Yoshi told Tristan.Yoshi pointed his fingers at Gabriel and Jake."No!I thought tu were a good person Yoshi!"Tristan yelled.(No offence to all of the Yoshi fans he is evil at first.It is just how the story goes.I still am the biggest Yoshi fan.)'Now it's you're turn Tristan."Yoshi said."Oh no."Tristan said.Tristan turned back to normal at the last second."You made a big mistake Yoshi.I'm the master."Tristan told Yoshi."No!I am!"Yoshi yelled.Tristan spoke strange words to Gabriel and Jake.He spoke..."You are no longer in Yoshi's grasp,I am the master not him.You are free!"Gabriel and Jake turned back to normal."Thats impossible!Thats the words of the chosen one."Yoshi yelled."Yoshi stop being evil we can be friends.Just stop this!"Tristan said."Ok,fine."Yoshi agreed.So Tristan,Yoshi,Gabriel and Jake became friends.The End.
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huge yoshi fan video !
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Luigi and Yoshi arrived in front of the über-famous Luigi's Mansion. It was exactly the same as it was during those past few games where Luigi'd gone ghost-hunting: it was still scary, still clearly mostrando signs of abandonment, and it still was infested with Boos, spooks, and all sorts of ghosts.
Luigi shivered.
"What's wrong, pal?" Yoshi asked. "Haven't tu gotten used to all this?"
"Probably still not," he replied in a barely audible voice.
"Come on—you've got an upcoming game soon. What was it called again? Oh yeah—Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. And I heard your handy Polter-something's getting...
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In this story there will be three characters. Gabriel,Jake,and I.They find a strange stone with strange powers.See what happens when tu read part 1.P.S-IO already wrote some of this in my notebook.

"Hey Gabriel,Jake look what I found!"Tristan yelled.
"Cool a stone let us see it!"Gabriel and Jake yelled.
They all touched the stone and got sleepy too.So they went to bed...18 hours later...
"Hey Gabriel,Jake I feel funny.Tristan said.
"Uhhhhh Tristan are tu ok?!Gabreil dicho in confusion.
"Why?"Tristan asked.
"You're Yoshi!"Gabriel and Jake yelled.

To be continued...
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yoshi's story
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