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posted by sakura244
Sunday morning
Yami: habibi get up it's 11:00 clock
Yugi *mumbled * five más min
Yami* smirked and leaned to yugis ear * : if tu don't wake up I might do something soooo bad
Yugi * shot from the cama * : n-no yami I am up see???
Yami * chuckled * I see now aibou.. now let's get tu bathed shall we?
Yugi;: sure Pharaoh { he smiles }

Yami: ohh aibou { he sang}
Yugi: yea?? ( yugi was blushing as yami was looking at him )
Yami: a little bit earlier tu we're sooo baddd I want to punish tu
Yugi (gulped and thought with the mind link opened ) ' my God no I can't believe it Yami is acting...
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posted by FanFic_Girl_26
 Yami’s Smile
Yami’s Smile
Someone Put Money in the Jukebox

“Ninety-nine percent of the world’s enamorados are not with their first choice. That’s what makes the jukebox play.”
~Willie Nelson

Sitting siguiente to the jukebox in the diner, Yami Yugi smiled as the beginning notes of the song Don’t Rock the Jukebox began playing and Alan Jackson’s voice began singing.
He had to admit, the machine these mortals called a ‛jukebox’ was quite something to look at, as well as listen to. According to the entry on the jukebox on the website for Wikipedia that he came across while using his friend Yugi Moto’s laptop one day,...
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