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 kyo-kun as shigure <3
kyo-kun as shigure <3
"Hey, wait up!" Rukia kept walking as Saki struggled to keep up.The duo had been best friends since their first año of middle school and had just started their segundo año of high school.
"C'mon o we'll be late and I'll miss Shii-chan," Rukia said, as Saki paused for a break. " What so great about him? Just because hes Sora's cousin doesn't make him worth while," Saki said, as they finally made it to the doors of Kaibara High-School.
"Hello Rukia, Saki. Hurry up, Role call is tarting in five minutes." Mr. Inou dicho as they passed him in the hall. "Thanks, teach." Saki said.

MAuch to Rukias disapointment, they barely made role so she couldn't talk to shii-chan, o Shigure Sohma until lunch.
 tatsuki and orihime as my Rukia and saki
tatsuki and orihime as my Rukia and saki