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posted by bri-marie
Warning: Abuse

Picking up a stick, I struck it across old Emily Simpson’s white picket fence. The noise was sharp and loud and would most likely be heard. Smirking, I kept walking, trailing the stick along behind me. A low growl sounded and I turned my head. Sure enough, a huge, brown and white mutt crawled out of the dog house, bearing his teeth and snarling. I tossed the stick to my left, away from the fence, and turned away into the street.

The weather was nice – warm and sunny, with just...
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posted by mari_giovani
This is a short story, based on a song. The song's kinda spoilerish so i'm gonna put its link at the end.
Ps: i just finished this so it probably has some typing and pontuaction mistakes...I'll review and editar later! :)

There he was once again, holding his knees in his arms, on the corner of that sofá that he often tries to forget, and across from him, his terapist sat, cleaning her glasses with a tissue as she had his file on her lap, tried to, for the yet unknown, last time, understand and help him.
"So how are tu today, Jason? I'm glad to see that you're looking for the help that tu need."...
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In middle school there are always groups there are the popular's with their clothes’, make up, money, and fame.

Then there are the nerds with their books, notes, pencils, and beakers for science class.

The musicians and artists with their instruments, voices, paintbrushes, and masks.

The actors and actrices with all their props, costumes, make up, and outgoingness.

Then there are the gangs though there aren’t many in our school with all the bling. Boom boxes and baggy clothes.

Last there are the jocks with their footballs, uniforms, and nets.

First Period
My Dirty Blonde hair...
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posted by Kimi4312
Chapter Four:Immortality

The siguiente day, Kimberly came to her old house she once lived, she walked around and she look at all the rooms and she saw her old bedroom is now her twin daughter's room now, she sees a picture of her daughters and she went to her parents bedroom and sees pictures of her and her sister Alice as children, Kimberly felt so guilty of not telling them she was alive and she cries, Jacob notice she look so much like she used to be when they were younger expect her hair is now short and curly, he sees her sorrow behind her eyes and see a blood tear drop on the floor, he walked...
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posted by viju
I don’t know, I don’t know, what tu mean
I just know, I just know, tu ditch me
I just know, I just know, tu hurt me
You hurt me!
I don’t want to know what tu think
I just want to know why tu made me think
I just know, I just know, tu hurt me
You hurt me!

Hey you, runaway
I’ll take that way
Don’t tu say
Don’t tu follow me
Now tu just do, what I want……..

I don’t know what tu mean…..
I just know you’re so mean…….
I don’t want to think about it
I just want tu to be never seen
I don’t know what tu mean……..
I just know you’re so mean………
I don’t want to think about...
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posted by avatarluver990

Not too long ago, probably this time period, deep below in the sea, where no human had ever crossed, was a kingdom; a kingdom strong and powerful which was ruled por a great sea king named Octlantus; he was a powerful ruler, along with his trident. The people respected the Sea King that named the kingdom Octlantia in his honor. Octlantus and his wife, Sea queen Lynsca, had seven beautiful daughters: Jinsya, Kynlana, Otsyncia, Renya, Tsyniana, Isynlana, and Nynxa. The Sea...
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posted by emmett
Verse 1:
Well how Do I tell you
That i'm not breathing
How do I tell tu that I,
I wanna go away
Sometimes I feel like
I just wanna scream it all out
Yeah, how did I get here
Now I'm losing the game

Now i look at you
And all that i think is that
Soon you'll be like me
Rejected and outcast - just like me
I don't think tu realise
Just what you're trying to pull off here
I guess you'll be sorry
When tu find out the hard way

Verse 2:
I don't think I'll ever forgive you
You're running at my pace
I got kicked out
Yeah tu took my place
I'm not really involved now
It's all up to you
Just don't mess it up hun...
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posted by cassie-1-2-3
Spelling is important.
Grammar is important.
Especially when involving words…

In today’s world, written word is growing más and más common. With the fairly reciente introduction of text messaging, email, IM services, social networks, and online self publishing (which is what we’re all doing here on fanpop when we post articles, and what I am mainly addressing), it is not only important how your words sound, it’s just as important, if not más so, how they look.

link* to me, some people seem to believe that spelling and grammar is not at all important in these self publications.
Just to list...
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posted by alejpatv
 Please be aware that my main character is a guy...
Please be aware that my main character is a guy...
When I woke up, the flames had already claimed the village. The moon still shone bright as I hurried to get outside. Everyone was yelling, calling those who were asleep to help put out the flames. Throwing on some clothes, I ran out of my burning inicial into the chaos. My family’s small cottage burned amongst the other buildings. Instinctively, my hand flew to my chest to make sure it was still there. I sighed in relief as I felt the cold touch of the moonstone brush under my fingertips. seguro underneath my shirt.
    Relieved to find it still there, I ran to the river so...
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posted by Thaliagirl
Chapter 1 Windrous
--Windrous! What are tu doing upstairs? My mom says. Well. She is not really my mom. I was adopted por her when I was three. I am fifteen now. The only thing I know about my past is a necklace. It has 6 simbles on it. Mom dicho I was wearing it when she adopted me. For some reason ,I never want to take it off.
--Windrous! What the hell are tu doing up there. Quickly! tu are going to be late for school. My mom shouts.
--I’m coming! I shout back. I quickly take my backpack and run downstairs I open the door and go to school.
--HIIIIIIIIIIII! WIRO! Do tu know that we are...
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posted by mia1emmett
part 1:
we walked into the living room and he turned the t.v on. he put on "bob the builder" and patted my head. i heard Dina's door open and i smiled Dina dicho her cama head look was BAD! she was walking down the stairs and she screamed "OH MY GOD! MIA....." i turned around in time to see...
end of part 2


Tyler my friend, and Jayson's best friend. i laughed as he lunged at me and i fell on the floor. Tyler dicho "hey M, what tu up to?" i smiled "well laying on the floor with tu on parte superior, arriba of me" Dina laughed in the background and i wanted to throw something...
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posted by rAsberrStrarS
Taylors strong and muscular tonned shape made him an ultimate estrella in his football career.So it was'nt a suprise that i was craddled to that chest know,as he examined me.
'Taylor,seriously i really don't know how i fell, i must have caught my foot on a loose root o know what i'm like'I spoke as softly as i could with my injuries.
Taylor did know what i was like,most definetly, thats how we met-with me being accident prone.It had been a close call,the first día of school. When Taylor caught me before i tumbled my way down the first hundred steps of our school, outside reception....
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posted by deathchick9
Syayuki Kimihiro,is a normal Japaneses high school girl trying to find her place and make friends,but when she was 5 she was taken from her home,she has many nightmares about this event even after 11 years,These nightmares consist of demons monsters and gargoyles.Her family says that it's normal sines she was found unconscious with no memories of this horrible event,now she has episodes where she has excruciating chest pain till she falls unconscious.Her mother being a doctor was able to make a vaccine for her but it only works for one day.Suddenly four new students appear making her episodes and nightmares worse.As if that's not bad enough now there are strange marks on her left wrist that hurt like hell.Do these new students have something to do with it and why is the leader constantly flirting with her?
posted by ashesandwine
I'm not sure if I'll keep this going but if I do, I'll post it on my spot and here:) I still remember posting my first story here! I after sent it to my spot where it's still going, but this was the first place and I thank tu all for receiving it:) Thanks! So I hope tu like this one too:)

"I amor you..." Was the last thing I heard from him, as the blade went through his throat in one gracious move. That was it... All that I had ever fought for, all that I knew and loved, lost in one single move! I was lost in the darkness, trap in the sorrow and blood...
"I'm sorry..." Was the last thing...
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