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skilleds2dent posted on Oct 03, 2018 at 11:26PM
I’m a college student studying engineering and as a means of earning some extra money on the side, I decided to take up a part-time job creating content for an international dating blog. I’m no Shakespeare by any means, but I can write fairly well. The only problem is, I don’t have any experience writing about romance or dating in general, so I’m a bit at a loss for words here. Any tips or advice for writing about related topics? I could use some help!

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hace 10 meses Britt601 said…
I like using the Writers Helping Writers website. Those two women worked hard in showing/explaining how to bring a story to life. It's a personal favorite website of mines to really breathe life into your work.
hace 10 días cloudcastle said…

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Hello skilleds2dent . . .

I went to the cinema yesterday to see The Aeronauts.

Not a bad film.

Could be a good read.

Sort of like a romantic adventure.

May be based on what could be true.

Stephen King could have written some thing-umi-jig like the following . . .

To be a good writer could be to read a book.

Hope you have a happy Sunday.

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