escritura Wild Dogs: The First Wild pt. 3

kpaw05 posted on Jul 11, 2016 at 10:56PM
I thought back to my old pack.
“There’s safety in numbers.” my old friend Slush used to say.
“Yes.” I replied, trembling, one paw raised in submission. The wolfhound slowly nodded at the lab. Then the lab let me out of the makeshift crate.
“I’m Jade.” said the lab. “And that’s Squirt. If you have any questions, ask him.” she said, gesturing to the beagle that she sent to get Stonewolf, the Alpha. Then, a skinny, little pug came up to Stonewolf.
“Does that mean I’m on the navigation team now?” yipped the little dog excitedly. Stonewolf nodded.
“All new pack members must start at the bottom, Splash. Which means you must start at Omega. You can challenge other dogs for their rank when you feel that you’re ready.” he said to me. “Apollo, you are now on the navigation team.” Stonewolf said to Apollo. Then, Jade nipped me on the scruff to get my attention and led me to a cave with many tunnels.
“This is the tunnel with the beds.” said Jade, gesturing to the tunnel on the far left. We walked through the tunnel, which smelled thoroughly of dogs.
“That one’s yours.” She gently nudged a raggedy old dog bed, as were all of the beds. Then, we left. Then I smelled something different. Meat. More dogs. “We’d better hurry, or we’ll miss it!” She lead me down a tunnel that smelled of meat. Then, we ran into a large room with a pile of skinny rabbits lying on the floor.

“Beta, Omega, what took you so long?” Stonewolf said.

“I took him on a quick tour, and then I smelled meat.” she replied.
“Here’s your spot.” she said, gesturing to a spot between Apollo and a St. Bernard. His cumbersome tail swished gently, causing a small gust of wind.

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