escritura The Unnatural Book 1:(Up to Chapter 1 Part 1

adamk posted on Apr 04, 2013 at 07:48AM
The moon was barely visible through the clouds over Crystal Lake High School when a four-door car pulled into the parking lot. Out stepped four boys.Kyle, Josh, Mike, and Algie. All of them retrieved flashlights from the trunk and walked up to the door. Mike grunted. "It's locked." he muttered. Algie breathed a sigh of relief. He hadn't wanted to be there in the first place, but like the others, he was curious to why they were there.
"Why are we here anyway?" he asked. "Because of the legend." Josh muttered. "What legend?" asked Kyle. Mike sighed. "You know the old boiler room?" he asked. "The one that's been sealed off?" asked Kyle. Josh nodded. "Word is, that the reason it's sealed off is because there's some kind of monster that lives down there." he said smiling. "Monster?" Algie asked, laughing nervously. 'There's no such thing!" Mike smiled sinisterly at him. "You know this town's reputation. With it being promoted as 'The Most Haunted Place on Earth' and it's all because of the unexplained deaths that happen on a near daily basis." Josh nodded. "There's got to be SOMETHING going on at least." he said, grinning. Kyle sighed. "Well we can't get in anyway. The door's locked." he muttered. Without warning, Josh threw a rock at the window over the door. "What the heck!?" Algie shouted. Josh smiled. "The school doesn't really have an alarm system at night. Trust me. I know." he said. Mike smiled. "Nice one dude." he said, unlocking the door. Josh walked in first. "You guys go ahead. I know where the key to that room is." he said smiling, before running off. Mike, Algie, and Kyle walked inside, and through the halls. Their flashlights lighting up the dark, sinister looking hallways. Eventually, they arrived at a door, that was nearly sealed off. "The old Crystal Lake High boiler room." Mike said, smiling. Algie looked around. "Guys, I really don't think we should..." he started before being interrupted. "What's wrong with you? You're scared the big old monster's gonna eat you?" asked Mike. Kyle looked around uneasily. "We broke that window, we could really get in trouble..." He didn't get a chance to finish because right at that moment, Josh showed back up, holding a rusty old key. "You guys ready?" asked Mike. Kyle and Algie sighed as Josh unlocked the door, which gave a loud creak that echoed through the dark halls. Josh and Mike immediately started down the stairs. Kyle sighed once more and followed them. Algie suddenly realized how sinister all the shadows in the school looked when he was all alone, and raced down after them in a panic. Once he reached the bottom, he noted it was pitch black, the windows had been covered up by boards, and the air was thick and musty. "What now?" asked Kyle. "Split up and look for that monster." Josh replied. Everyone nodded and walked to different corners of the room. Everyone but Algie, anyway, who was frozen with fear at this point." Suddenly, Algie noted his flashlight was having problems. The last thing he wanted was to be in pitch black darkness. He messed with it, but it wouldn't stop flickering. Then, "Hey! My light went out!" came Mike's voice, Algie heard Josh and Kyle agree in union. "This place gives me the creeps. Let's get out of..." Kyle started, before he let out a blood curtling scream. "Kyle! What's wrong?" came Mike's voice. "Something... Oh god! Something's biting on my stomach!" Another blood curtling scream, then... another sound. It sounded like a crunching noise, followed by a gurgling sound. Algie's flashlight went out completely. But he noted another light flicked on, then he saw... Kyle's body, which had been bitten into, there was a huge chunk of flesh missing from his side. His eyes cold, without life, blood all over his outfit and what was left of his body. The light hit the floor, and Algie saw a shadow, and screamed. The shadow couldn't be human. Algie turned and raced up the stairs, hearing Josh's screams for help. As Algie left the boiler room, he heard Mike's screams now. Josh's had stopped. Suddenly, Mike's stopped as well, and Algie bolted to the car, and drove off into the night. Back in the school, ripping and tearing sounds could be heard from below...

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