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KatieK102 posted on Mar 15, 2013 at 11:03PM
This is a fiction story that I've been forming in my head for awhile and decided to post it.

This is a romance book but hopefully I succeed at making you laugh here and their. The main girl (Ember) is like me from her hair to her odd habbits. Anywho, she's pretty great and she can get along with most anyone... expect Kadin Ski. He's the most annoying, prideful, ignorant, boy she has ever met. She hates him with a burning passion.

And then something happens...

Suddenly, during a dodge ball game, things start to change. Soon she feels venerable, her stomach does cartwheels, she sweats when she hears his name...

And she HATES it. But what can you do? Everything Ember knows is put up-side down and for some reason, it all has to do with that stupid, stupid boy!
And whats worse? She finds out, that she might, just maybe, love him.

So I hope you enjoy! I may not finish this story but if I get enough positive comment I will more then likely keep it going. Anyways, thanks! Please comment :)

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hace más de un año KatieK102 said…
Chapter 1: Meet Kadin Sky

 "Boo-yah!" I shouted as I punched my fist in the air. The kid I had hit with a dodge ball reluctantly sat down and gave me a glare. I returned it with a smirk. My best friend, Samantha King, who had been standing next to me shook her head, making her strawberry blonde hair fly. "Honestly Ember sometimes I wonder if you turn into a boy when gym starts." I caught a ball as it came flying twords me. "Sometimes I wonder if you stay a girl." I joked. Samantha smiled and threw a ball. I put my long dirty blonde hair into a pony tail and picked up a dodge ball as it rolled past me. I looked around and threw it at a girl who had just hit on of my own teammates. This went on for awhile and I managed to hit the backboard of the basketball goal a once. For maybe the third time ever. Give me anything in gym and I can nail most all of it. Expect hitting the backboard. My team mates who had been hit and forced to sit down jumped up and played with a new exciment. I was doing pretty good to. And then suddenly I heard a voice behind me.

"Ember duck!" Reacting on instinct, I ducked. But much to my surprise (and pain) I got hit in the gut with a ball. I looked up in shock and saw the kid I had hit earlier, smirking at me. I glared at him. Then after he turned his attention away from me I glared up at Samantha who was still standing. She looked down and me. "What?" "Why would you do that?" I demanded. Samantha looked confused. "Do what?"

"Yell 'Ember duck!' so that I would duck and get out?!" "It wasn't me!" She protested. I rolled my eyes. "I'm not joking! It wasn't me!" I sighed as Memphis Keller threw a dodge ball at the backboard but missed by an inch. "Then who-" "So, the all powerful Ember got out for once?" A voice from behind me asked. And then it hit me. (And I don't meen another dodge ball.)

Kadin Sky whistled and got some 7th graders attention. "Hey! Hit me!" The 7th grader looked confused but obeyed. Kadin got hit and sat down next to me. I glared at him. "Why would you do that Kadin?!" I asked annoyed. Kadin shrugged. "I thought it'd be funny. I was right." I gaped at the 8th grader sitting next to me. Kadin had made it his personal mission in Kindergarden to make my life awfel.

And I guessed the universe appreciated that mission because he had been in all of my classes since second grade. And in middle school we were assigned the same buildings in 6th, 7th, and now 8th grade. I had assumed he would quit it and mature up once we got to 6th grade but he had only gotten worse. And it didn't help that we were rivels.

I was on the girls basketball team and the star player on the volleyball team. He was the best on the boys basketball and baseball teams. And, to most every girl he knew, he was the best thing since Edward or Peeta.

And though it killed me, he wasn't ugly. But that didn't change a thing. I still wished we never had met.

Anyways, so you would think that we would make an incredible team right?


We both had to be better then each other. We both had to out do each other. Even whenever we were out on the same teams, we couldn't work together. But this was a new kind of low. Even for Kadin! "This is a new kind of low! Even for you Kadin!" I said angrily. Kadin laughed only fueling my anger and annoyance.

I sighed as Memphis missed the backboard again. He never missed yet this was the third time since I was out. "Hit the dang thing Memphis!" I shouted. Memphis turned around and was about to say something when he saw why I wanted him to get it. He smiled at his Kadin (Who happened to be his 'best bud') and rolled his eyes. "I'll try!" He hollered. Then he went back to the game. I looked around for Samantha but saw she had left me to talk with her boyfriend Daniel. I glared at the back of her head.

Kadin sat next to me in silence for a minute or so before saying, "Nice weather were having." I looked at him like he was stupid. Nice weather were having??? Really? Kadin saw my face and smiled a goofy smile that I guess was supposed to 'melt my heart'.

"Yea. Not to hot not to cold."

"Kadin your crazy."

"So are you."

"I'm the good kind of crazy."

"What kind am I?"

"The creepy annoying kind."

"Thanks for sugar coating that."

"Anytime. Now leave me alone."

"How? Were both out." I was about to come up with some kind of remark when Memphis hit the backboard. Everyone cheered and stood up. I leaped to my feet. "Not anymore!" Not wanting to be with Kadin any longer and ran over to Samantha. "You left me!" I said. Samantha looked at me and smiled. "Sorry. Daniel was just asking me something." I glared at her boyfriend who smirked.

Me and Danial had hated each other ever since 5th grade when he had stolen my puppy (long story) and held it for ransom. But what were you supposed to do when your enemy starts dating your best friend? My only comfort was that it wasn't Kadin. "Well I hope it was important." I muttered. Danial shrugged. "Na. Not really." Samantha smiled at my face. "I still don't get why your dating him." I said to Samantha. Danial rolled his eyes. "Maybe she likes me?" He suggested.

"Or she's just: blind, dense, and deaf." I said liking my theory much more. Samantha shook her head, used to mine and Danial's arguments. Suddenly Coach Green blew his whistle. "And the Fierce Wolves win!" I sighed with relief, as I, was a horrible looser. "Fierce wolves... I still don't get that." Danial said. Coach Green had decided that to make gym more fun (as if it wasn't already), that naming our teams would help. The 8th graders were the Fierce Wolves and the 6th graders with the Killer Bears.

"Well I don't get your face." I said earning me a glare from Danial. I cheerfully grabbed Samantha by the arm and pulled her back to the locker rooms. But not before Kadin caught my eye. He smiled and mouthed 'Duck!' I ignored him. It was the only thing I could do.

So thats my first chapter! Please comment with suggestions if you have any or if I should keep writing :) Thaksn!
hace más de un año Amynawaz23 said…
IT IS SO AWESOME!!! Where's the 2nd chapter? There are a few spelling mistakes too, though but I know you can correct them.
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