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katniss311 posted on May 22, 2012 at 09:49PM
So I'm writing a story deviantART using (for those of you on dA) I know what I'm going to call it already:
On the Edge: A Tale of Silence and Freedom
It's about a girl named Freedom and a boy named Silence. They will switch off narrating a story set in a futuristic earth (kind of dystopian but not really) I think that the girl is nicknamed Free, but i need a nn for Silence. Si? Len? Should i stick with his real name?
Please, fellow fanpoppers, i totally need you help and guidance!
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hace más de un año Caleigh210 said…
If you want it directly taken from the name, you should totally use Len =D it sounds cool
hace más de un año katniss311 said…
cool, thanks!
hace más de un año wildcannabis said…
I think if you're going to have Freedom's nickname be Free, which is a natural and good nickname for her, you should make up a nickname for Silence that isn't derived from his given name. It would sound a little cheesy if your main characters are names Freedom and Silence, and then their nicknames and Free and Si. It sounds lazy if both of them are like that, but just one is natural.

Maybe pick a nickname for Silence based on his personality? Like, I have no idea what he's like, but I'm assuming he's quiet, shy, etc. so maybe a sacrcastic/ironic nickname like "Tongue" or "Loudmouth", something that's unexpected or funny.
hace más de un año ShadowYJ said…
Use 'Len' Its good and easy to say and remember-well thats what nicknames are.
hace más de un año ZekiYuro said…
I think I like "Siren",it means"sound" and quite opposite with"silence"
hace más de un año flabaloobalah said…
what about sil?
i know its lame but when girl are named jillian their nickname is usually jill or when a boy is named william they are called bill or will.
sorry if im no help at all.
hace más de un año katniss311 said…
all of these are really good- must think on it more- probably Len or Siren.
hace más de un año ZekiYuro said…
Yay you should try Len or Siren-they are cool name for Silence