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Why should the bully hate the main character?

One story of mine m takes place (somewhat) in a high school setting. There is obviously a bully who always picks on the main characters and her friends. But, I want her to have a reason to hate them, and not just be rude because she's the bully. I'm thinking they accidentally did something to them when they were younger, but I can't think. Any ideas?
 WritingBookWorm posted hace más de un año
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Karoii-chan said:
hola there! <3

Here are a couple of ideas that tu can entertain:

1) Childhood Trauma = This one could work with your 'accidentally did something to the bully when they were younger' theory. tu could have the bully develop a phobia of some sorts (like a phobia of deep water, heights, fire, etc.) because of a past incident in which the protagonists kinda... coaxed her, o something similar, and this resulted in a traumatic experience for the bully (getting burnt, drowning, falling off and breaking a bone, etc.) for which she hates and blames them.

2) Family Troubles = What if their families are rivals? Engaged in a quarrel of sorts due to their businesses, companies, o something like that? Or, perhaps, it could be a betrayal/crime sort of thing, which either family committed against the other, for which the bully resents the protagonist and vice versa, and would now like to exact revenge for the ancestors' sins. (This route opens up an access for Angels, Demons, Mythology, etc. xD)

3) Jealousy = This one is a bit hard to explain... for example, there's a cute guy who seems to have harboured feelings for the protagonist, but the bully had been in amor with him first- therefore, naturally, she'd get envious and loathe the other girl. Or, if the bully had been at the parte superior, arriba of the class with her grades, then got shoved aside por the smarter protagonist, that would also be a good base to spark a rivalry.

I hope this helped! There are countless options to choose from, so don't stop brainstorming and researching. >__0
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posted hace más de un año 
WritingBookWorm posted hace más de un año
You're most welcome. No problem. Also, I'm sorry for the late response. =)
Karoii-chan posted hace más de un año
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