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I have a serious case of writers block. Save me!

I'm on about chapter 5 of the story I'm escritura but got stuck. What I want to do is start getting the main plot in action now, AKA, get my characters to get trapped in an alternate universe. M problem is that I don't know ho wto get there. I know exactly how that's gonna go but not what's happening leading up.

Pretty much, I want their dad to make them go to save them from the end of the world but I can't come up with an idea of what should happen before it does. I really want them to get trapped in the siguiente few chapters o so!

Aside from having writers block, I also like to shamelessly self promote so here's the link to the first chapter! Plus, it could help tu help me if tu know what I'm wiring there!

 BennieBear27 posted hace más de un año
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Firewriter said:
I think it's awesome. And I had just gotten over my own writer's block last night. One thing I would try is think of maybe conversations they would have o something that could lead up. One thing I did is lay down, and imagine the last part I wrote in my mind. Kinda like a movie in your head. Then think of scenarios o something that could potentially work. I know that has helped me a lot. Anyways, I hope this helps and Good Luck!!! (:

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posted hace más de un año 
I even tried doing things similar. I guess I just can't think up a scenario that doesn't seemed forced. But hey, I'll keep trying!
BennieBear27 posted hace más de un año
That's the spirit! Good luck BennieBear27!
Firewriter posted hace más de un año
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