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The Perfect Recipe?

I amor lectura and writing, as I know most of tu do too. Now I am wondering, what is your perfect recipe for a story? Do tu want a cup of fantasy, o only a teaspoon? Here is where tu can share your recipes!
Here is mine:
2 cups of fantasy
1 1/2 cups of adventure
1 teaspoon of romance
2 pinches of comedy
1/2 cup of witty/interesting characters
1/2 cup of creative storyline
1/3 cup of hilarious villains
2 tablespoons of secrets, plot twists and cliffhangers
1 tablespoon of anger at the autor for being so good at their job, and not letting me stop lectura and go to cama at night.
I'm sure there is more. I probably forgot something, since It is so incredibly difficult to make a perfect recipe. Now it's your turn to try!
 WritingBookWorm posted hace más de un año
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BennieBear27 said: do have a good recipe, there. But is it perfect?

1 1/2 cup of horror
2 tablespoons of comedy
2 cups of originality/creativity etc
3 tablespoons of suspense
2/3 a cup of amazing characters
2 cups of everything and anything else

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posted hace más de un año 
i c u everywhere i cri
crustydoodoo posted hace más de un año
All according to plan...
BennieBear27 posted hace más de un año
666demon said:
4 cups of horror
3 cups of romance
1/2 cup of creative storyline
2 cups of suspense
3 tablespoons of drama
2/3 cups of fleshed out characters
Bake til protagonist falls in amor with the antagonist and you're done

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posted hace más de un año 
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