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Need good book ideas guys.

 sorbay posted hace más de un año
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BennieBear27 said:
Have tu ever heard of the game Exquisite Corpse? If tu don't, it's really simple. Just open a dictionary and flip through the pages quickly, stop, then use the first word tu see o your finger lands on. Then do it again until tu have another word (ex: helpful igloo) and write a story about it. That's what I do when I'm blanking on ideas.
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posted hace más de un año 
WritingBookWorm said:
I can't really help much, since stories should come from yourself. If someone hands tu an idea on a silver platter, it is hard to make it your own and amor it. On the other hand, I know it's difficult to think up a good storyline. It always seems when I want a story idea, they run away, and when I want to keep focus on one story, I am flooded with inspiration.

That is the point. I think that ideas know when tu are looking for them, and they want to play hide a seek with you. I would suggest leaving it for a while, and not focus your whole attention on finding the right story idea. (Although, tu should always be ready with a paper and pen just in case an ingenious idea hits you.) But tu can still always try game like the person above me described. That always helps too!

Just know that inspiration if everywhere. I literally thought up an idea for a story while I was looking for my shoes.
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posted hace más de un año 
I once thought up an idea when I was brushing my hair.
BennieBear27 posted hace más de un año
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